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Welcome to, a portal about shopping guide, review and local services that make everyday day life. Our team are all local Malaysian and love to share all the hacks and tips to make your life easier. We focus on helping people transform their ordinary house to a loving home. And this is not only limited to the home appliances, electronics, fitness,  kitchen appliances & lifestyle in terms of materials and equipment, but this also includes good local services, health and beauty tips that help to maintain your house and lifestyle.

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15 Of The Top Water Heaters In Malaysia

Although Malaysia is a tropical country, there has been a steady increase in demand for water heaters. Since there are many expats living in Malaysia, water heaters are now considered to be an essential element of the shower area in in residential properties. A number of different brands such as JovenAlpha & Panasonic have been introduced into the market.

The Top 8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Available in Malaysia

Robotic vacuum cleaners have revolutionized the way that people clean. Thanks to this technology, maintaining a clean home is easier than ever. Vacuum cleaners like these take care of all of the work so that you can focus on other things.

14 Top Vacuum Cleaners In Malaysia

A vacuum cleaner might not be at the top of your list when it comes to buying new appliances when you move into a new home. But, you will soon realize that owning one of the best vacuum cleaners can make it a lot faster and easier to keep your home clean and hygienic.

12 Of The Best Water Filters In Malaysia

Water filters have slowly become very necessary in the majority of Malaysian households, due to the fact that a few of the latest property developments have not necessarily guaranteed whether the tap water is safe or not.

10 Of The Top Portable Air Conditioners In Malaysia

Portable air conditioners were one of our discoveries that we recently found in our quest for cooling living areas in KL. They make it possible to enjoy the comforts that an air-conditioned room provides, but are less of a hassle compared to needing to have an AC installed.

12 Best Smart TV in Malaysia for TV Movie Fans

You will find a wide variety of options available at the appliance centre in your local mall. Online options are also available in vast amounts but can be harder to choose from. To make sure you get the most from your online shopping, we have taken the time to research the 12 best smart TV in Malaysia available to you.

Secret Lab Gaming Chair Malaysia Review: A Look Into the 2021 Gaming Series

Since its 2014 launch, Secretlab has garnered a reputation as a provider of super durable chair models with quality features. The company released their latest offering last year with the 2021 series. Many regard the Secretlab gaming chair line as one of the best in the current market.

13 Best Android TV Box in Malaysia for Sport Lover & Drama Queen

Home entertainment is now more fun with so many upgrades on televisions, including Smart TV. However, the popularity of Android TV box in Malaysia has also made it possible for non-Smart TV owners to make the most out of their television.

best house water pump malaysia

7 Best Home Water Pump in Malaysia

Nothing is more stressful than dealing with low water pressure in your area for a prolonged period of time.

With the increasing population in Malaysia, this certainly is not a new problem among households, anymore. One of the best solutions to this struggle is buying your own water pump. The popular options in Malaysia include Tsunami & Grundfos water pump.

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