Great Malaysian Deals In The Lazada 12.12 Sale 2021 – Top 17 Huge Deals & Credit Card Promo Code

Christmas is coming up again, and that means it’s time for another big Lazada sale. Lazada’s sales are always tremendously popular; this one is packed full of steep discount offers on a wide range of attractive goodies.


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Lazada Top 17 Huge Deals You Should Never Miss in 12.12 Sales from Lazada

#1 – Trapo Automative Deals

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#2 – Russell Taylors Deals

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#3 – Wipro Unza Health & Beauty Deals

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#4 – Hush Puppies

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#5 – Baseus Electronics Deals

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#6 – Smart Phone Deals

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#7 – Althea Korea Discount

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#8 – Mamypoko Deals

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#9 – Roborock Vacuum Cleaner Deals

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#10 – Jaya DIY Mart

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#11 – Wardah Health & Beauty Deals

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#12 – Corvan Deals

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#13 – Purple Cane Deals

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#14 – Clinelle Health & Beauty Discount

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#15 – Poney Fashion Deals

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#16 – Roscani Watch Deals

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#17 – Skincode Deals

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Lazada 12.12 Bank Credit Card Promo Code & Voucher

Partner NameOfferClaim It
Aeon CreditRM35 min spend of RM250Get It
Aeon CreditRM12 min spend of RM100Get It
Aeon Credit (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
Alliance Bank15% off min spend of RM100Get It
Alliance Bank (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
AmBank (Credit Card)RM30 min spend of RM 200Get It
AmBank (Credit Card)RM30 min spend of RM 200Get It
Ambank (Debit)RM12 min spend of RM120Get It
Ambank (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
BigPayRM12 min spend of RM 120Get It
BigPay (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
BSNRM12 min spend of RM 120Get It
BSN (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
CIMBRM15 off min spend of RM150Get It
CIMB (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
CitibankRM 18 min spend RM 100Get It
Citibank (Free Shipping)RM 6 min spend RM 50Get It
Citibank NCRM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
Citibank-Co brandRM 22 min spend RM 100Get It
Citibank-Co brand (Free Shipping)RM 8 min spend RM 50Get It
Hong Leong BankRM12 min spend of RM 120Get It
Hong Leong Bank (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
HSBCRM20 off min spend of RM150Get It
HSBC (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
Mastercard12% off capped at RM12Get It
MaybankRM15 min spend of RM130Get It
Maybank (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
OCBCRM12 min spend of RM 120Get It
OCBC (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
Public BankRM12 min spend of RM 120Get It
Public Bank (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
RHB BankRM20 min spend of RM 150Get It
RHB Bank NCRM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
Standard Chartered (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It
Standard Chartered Mastercard Credit CardsRM20 off min spend of RM150Get It
Standard Chartered Visa Credit CardsRM15 off min spend of RM150Get It
UOBRM12 min spend of RM 120Get It
UOB (NC)RM12 off min spend of RM12Get It

* NC = New Customer


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If you’ve been putting off your Christmas shopping, Lazada’s online sale may be the answer to your prayers. If you miss the Lazada 11.11 big sale, here is another one. Plan for a big spending spree during the 12.12 sale; you might be able to wrap up all of your holiday buying in a single day!

The many different opportunities in Lazada’s 2020 year-end sale are getting plenty of media attention both within Malaysia and in other countries. We’ve put together a guide to inform you about the best offers, discounts, and opportunities available in this huge sale.

Which Deals Are MUST BUYS?

To qualify as a MUST BUY, a product generally needs to have such a significant discount applied to its price than buying it seems practically irresistible. Products from Kinohimitsu, FitFlop, and Clarks will all have significant discounts in this sale. Discounts range from RM20 to RM80. And some lucky buyers will encounter flash sales where product prices can drop as low as RM0.50!

Buyers may also discover deep discounts offered on limited edition products from major brands. These deals occur across every category in the Lazada store. Look for unmissable deals on merchandise from Direct Sports, iPhone retailers, muslimah fashion clothes, and even Nestle.

In a major online sale, the increased amount of consumer traffic heading into the website can sometimes be a problem. Our recommendation is to freely add items that appeal to you to your shopping cart as you explore the site the first time around. Merchandise stocks may well run out while you are shopping for other items; you don’t want to miss the big discounts available on the items you pick out early on!

Computer Sales

Even in a major sales event like the Lazada Malaysia year-end sale, surprisingly few consumers check out the pages for laptops and PCs. Prices for major electronics like these remain high, even in 2020. But in this particular Lazada sale, top computer brands will feature significant discounts. RM50 vouchers will be common on portable and desktop computers from manufacturers like Apple, HP, Asus, and Lenovo.

During the Malaysia sales event, you can get a cutting-edge laptop for just RM849 — an absolute steal. The total price for a popular 13-inch Macbook Air is set to be discounted by 19 per cent. The ASUS Vivobook is going to sell for 18 per cent off its regular price, and the gamer-friendly Lenovo Legions models will be discounted by up to 27 per cent.

Tech-savvy buyers stand to save an impressive amount of money in the Lazada Malaysia sale. There are shocking discounts to be found on all sorts of electronics, including mobile phones as well as laptops and PCs. This is your chance to jump your gear forward by light years before 2020 is over!

Fitness Brands At Lazada

Sports products from global brands like Nike and JD Sports can be tough to find in Malaysian stores at any price, but you’ll find them online and sharply discounted during the Lazada sales event. If this 2020 sale is your first experience shopping with Lazada, you can get an RM11 voucher from Splurge to extend your fitness gear savings even further.

When you check out the fitness category, don’t hesitate to look for all of your favourite prestigious brands. Lazada is a clearinghouse for fitness products of every sort, from shoes to leggings. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or picking out that perfect gift for a loved one, you’ll find what you’re looking for during this sale.

Skin Care Products At Steep Discounts

Skincare products are perenially popular, but they can often be quite pricey. The event of this sale is the perfect time to check out your favourite skincare brands (including Estee Lauder, the Body Shop, Skin Food, NYX, Urban Decay, Maybelline, Biotherm, and more) because there are likely to be big discounts on some of their most popular products.

You’ll have access to a vast range of premium products from many different brands. There are going to be thousands of eager shoppers looking to take advantage of skincare discounts during this sale! This is the perfect time to stock up on your favourites or perhaps try out something new.

There are going to be lots of different deals available to customers during the 12.12 sale. Discounts of up to 50 per cent may be applied store-wide to certain brands. There’s also an RM29 voucher available for the sale itself, and many Lazada stores will be offering free gifts throughout December.

In the wider category of health and beauty products, you can score further discounts by getting an RM18 voucher. This Lazada Malaysia sale will feature big savings on some of the world’s finest brands in the health and beauty category.

Kitchen Appliance Sales

Fitting out a Malaysian kitchen in 2020 can get pretty expensive if you insist on the best brands. A big sale is a perfect time to round out your cookware supplies by buying those last key appliances and sets. The upcoming Lazada December sale is the ideal time to score those premium products, some of which will be on sale for as much as 90 per cent off.

The Lazada sale includes great deals on Russell Taylors’ 2020 stand mixer. Premium pressure cookers will be available at prices reduced up to 42 per cent. These are just two of the almost countless appliances that will be deeply discounted during the Lazada Malaysia sale.

Any homeowner will be able to find great deals on kitchenware during this sale. Whether you need pots, pans, knives, or tongs, you’ll find them available from multiple sellers at terrific prices during the Lazada sale. Make this sale the one that completes your perfect kitchen!

Discounts In-Home & Living

Products that make day-to-day living in the home more convenient are a tremendous boon. The low prices in the home and living category will make it particularly attractive during this sale. You can expect significant discounts on premium brands like Philips, Bosch, Tefal, Thermos, and Akemi.

The Lazada sale is the perfect opportunity to give your home a thorough upgrade. You’ll see top-of-the-line items sold for bargain-basement prices! Your home can be more comfortable, more efficient, and even more attractive if you shop wisely during the December sales event.

Look for attractive bonus offers like free Malaysian shipping; many sellers will be “sweetening the pot” by allowing you to combine multiple attractive deals when you shop in December.

Kids Sales

Lazada is offering big sales on toys and games that will surely be appreciated by both the young and the young at heart. Getting your kids the toys they’re dreaming of can be expensive in 2020; let this blowout online sale take some of the stings out of the prices you pay! This is the ideal time to get Malaysia’s hottest toys at significantly discounted prices.

Toys and playsets from major manufacturers like Hasbro and Lego will be on sale for 15 per cent off their normal prices. You can compound your savings by using the RM1.90 Lazada voucher to reduce the price of your chosen toys even further.

Lazada Malaysia is your all-in-one source for everything kids are craving in 2020: scooters, Hello Kitty, Monopoly, and so much more.

Follow your heart and check out the terrific toy savings Lazada has to offer in December, even if you’re not buying for your own child. Adults stand to gain just as much as kids from this massive sale!

Merchant-Specific Offers

The Lazada sales event has a huge number of surprises to offer every shopper. There’s a lot of value in browsing widely around the site; you never know what kind of sweet deal you’ll encounter. Some stores will be offering reliable and attractive offers that deserve special attention, though. Here are some merchant offers for the final Lazada 2020 event that cries out for your attention:

* Xiaomi: Discounts of up to 50 per cent on gadgets
* L’Oréal: Prices reduced by up to 50 per cent when you shop through the Lazada app
* Ecovacs: Discounts of up to 50 per cent plus vouchers for additional savings
* Drypers: New 2020 products with prices reduced by as much as 50 per cent
* Unilever: Discounts of up to 80 per cent and RM50 vouchers for added savings
* Royal Canin: 10 per cent sale plus free shipping anywhere in Malaysia

The sellers listed above have impeccable reputations for offering premium products. This is why all of them are hugely popular with Malaysian consumers. Check out their Lazada sales offerings today!

Rebates For The 2020 Sale

Lazada has universal rebates to offer Malaysian customers that can reduce their bills even further. For example, there’s a 12 per cent across-the-board rebate available if you sign up for a Lazada wallet for your sales shopping. Existing Lazada wallet customers can still get a 5 per cent rebate during the year-end sale, and all wallet users are eligible for an RM10 rebate.

The Lazada 2020 sales event offers a 20 per cent discount in every category and 75 per cent redemption. Home delivery throughout Malaysia is available at significantly reduced prices — sometimes even free!

Start saving up now for the 12.12 sale. There are so many great discounts on so many great products that you’ll want to do as much buying as possible when the big day rolls around!

Note that we also have sale tips available for the Shopee 12.12.

December is always a season for great deals on great products, and the star of the month this year is undoubtedly the Lazada 12.12 sales event. Have your credit and debit cards ready and be prepared to save!


What is Lazada 12.12 Sale ❓

12.12 Sale is Asia’s Black Friday Sale or another big sale day for those who miss the Single’s Day Sale. Lazada is one of the top participants who offer huge deals every year. Click here to find out more.

What Are The Top 17 Deals You Should Never Miss in Lazada 12.12 Sale❓

We compare and review more than hundred of offers to sort out these top 17 deals in Lazada 12.12 sale. Click here to find out the deals before you spent your hard-earn money in Lazada.

How Much Of Discount ✅ You Can Get From Lazada 12.12 Sale Event ❓

You can expect a huge discount from the sellers up to 70-80% discount. Most sellers provide discount starts from 20% discount. You can find out more discount on Lazada here.

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