4 Type of Water Dispensers & How To Choose the Right One

As the name suggests, a water dispenser is an appliance that dispenses water to provide ease to those who use it. A big reason why it provides a lot of ease is because of the way that it can immediately provide cold, hot and regular temperature water, which makes it so much more convenient especially for offices since the need for a fridge would be lessened and a heater doesn’t need to be used at all times.

Choosing the perfect choice for a water dispenser is especially difficult considering the different types of water dispensers available in the market.

The following are the different types of water dispensers;

Type of Water Dispenser

Table Top Water Dispenser

Table top water dispensers are possibly the smallest and the cheapest water dispenser to purchase. These water dispensers are very convenient to use especially for households as they can easily be positioned on the top of kitchen counters or tables. Essentially, the only water these can provide is cold water and the regular temperature water, most as well are non-electronic, which means the only feature is a regular temperature water. Capacity is up to 5 liters of water.

Top-load Water Dispensers

As the name entails the idea for this design is that the gallon of water is placed on top of the appliance. This is also the most common type of water dispenser. They generally offer hot, chilled and room temperature water, while the newer and pricier models have a built-in mini fridge.

Base-Load Water Dispensers

This water dispenser is essentially similar to the top load water dispenser when talking about the different features and highlights, which means this type of water dispenser generally offers hot water, cold water and room temperature. The only difference is that the water gallon is placed at the bottom of the appliance and connected to a tube, which also provides easier loading and a cleaner overall look.

Bottle-less Water Dispensers

Bottle less water dispensers are generally connected to the main water source of the household or building. This way the water source of the dispenser is unlimited and usually have a filter since this water is coming from the main source similar to the tap water, a filter allows to ensure the water being dispensed is clean

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Water Dispenser

Type of water dispenser

As aforementioned, there are a number of different types of water dispensers, which of each can be perfect for different environments. All types of water dispensers will vary depending on the areas that it will be used, hence why it is essential to look into the different types before deciding.

Water Capacity

Whether purchasing for an office or for a household, it is important to note the general water consumption of those who will benefit from a water dispenser. Having enough water capacity will provide more convenience since this would allow smaller frequency in refilling. The water capacity will also be hand on hand in choosing the types. Since a bottleless dispenser has unlimited water, on the other hand a table top only has a maximum capacity of 5 liters.

 Water Temperature

Some dispensers will only offer room temperature and cold water, others will have hot and cold water while some have cold, hot and room temperature water. In choosing a dispenser it is important to assess beforehand what are the important temperatures that most would use in the place. This should definitely be looked into when searching for a water dispenser to purchase.

Power Consumption

 Taking power consumption into consideration is more essential when purchasing a dispenser for home use. This way the electricity bills will also be taken into consideration and will be realized what impact introducing another appliance. The compressor as well will affect the consumption which is in connection with the temperature a dispenser can provide.

Ease and Maintenance:

It is best to look into the ease of maintenance that goes into taking care of the appliance. Pay attention to the distance between its faucet and the drip tray, there should be sufficient enough space to be able to fill in tumblers and taller glasses. Make sure that the filter is in good quality so replacing it would not be so often. The drip tray would also be better if it is removable, although most dispensers usually have a removable drip tray already.

Water Dispenser Maintenance Tips


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