6 Common Juicing Mistakes that You Are Most Likely Making

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Juicing has gained so many raves from celebrities and event fitness personalities in the past years. While there is really nothing new about drinking our nutrients via juicing, it was just recently that juicing gained full attention in the context of weight loss and overall wellness.

Fortunately, we can now conveniently make our own juices at home, and get to decide that kind of flavours we’d want for the day. To get the most benefits out of juicing though, try to check your usual routine if you are not making these common mistakes:

Drinking juice after meals

We’ve gotten so used to drinking our refreshments after or during meals, but when it comes to healthy juicing, it has always been recommended to take it with an empty stomach. This follows the almost similar concept of eating your fruits and vegetables first, before taking any meal. Drinking your juice before meals will allow your body to absorb the nutrients efficiently, and will likewise prevent indigestion. Whenever you can, make it habit to have your fresh juices for breakfast.

Too many sweet fruits in one bottle

When we first tried detox juice, our first complain “it’s too bland.” When you’re too used to those quick smoothies and fruit shakes, tasting healthy juices can be quite an adjustment. The bland taste actually comes from a great combination of the juices, which often just contain one sweet fruit, and neutralized with other fruit/vegetables. This is to reduce risks of insulin spike, especially when this is the first thing you take during the day.

Too many greens

It’s confusing. It’s ironic. Weren’t we told to eat more greens? However, some people tend to stick to the green juice routine because of its declared benefits, especially on weight loss. Greens are no doubt healthy, but when drank as juice regularly at high concentration may also be too much for the body. Other colourful vegetables do not fall short in nutrients, so it is advisable to diversity your choices of ingredients across the week. This is not only safer for the body, but also makes juicing more exciting and appetizing.

Letting the juice sit for too long

Apparently, your juice is not like your coffee that will still serve its purpose after quite a chit chat. Fresh pressed juices are meant to drink fresh, as well. This means drinking it 15 minutes right after the juice is produced. The longer you wait, the higher the chance of losing the nutrients in the juice. Other people store their juices in an air-tight container away from direct sun exposure to preserve it for at least 24 hours. To prevent waste, make sure to only juice when you are sure to have the chance to drink it right away.

Gulping Instead of “Chewing”

While you are not supposed to make your juice wait, you are also not expected to gulp it right away. Not only is this counterproductive, but this may cause stomach problems, especially when it’s the first thing you drink in the day. Enjoy your juice, sip by sip, allowing for the enzymes in your saliva to absorb the nutrients better.

Using Centrifugal Juicer for Too Long

It is understandable for first-time juicers to choose a centrifugal juicer. It produces juice faster and easier. However, there is definitely no reason for you to stick to this type of juicer, because cold presses have been proven to be better in preserving the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. This blender may be a bit expensive, but the long-term use will eventually lead to better ROI.

These are small things that often get overlooked as we live our busy lives, trying to juggle work, responsibilities, and consuming healthy food. Juicing is a quick way to do this, and avoiding this mistake will make the process more worth it since you are consuming more nutrients with lesser efforts.

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