6 Common Types Of Locks.

There are a number of locks that have been in existence from the beginning of time.  Locks are an essential part of any residential place and form part of safety and security.  The various types of locks include;

1.            Dead bolts

These are one of the most common and popularly used locks. Majority of people prefer using dead bolts because they are easy to use.  They are mostly used to secure exterior doors however they can also be used in inside spaces.  These locks are also very secure since they do not use spring loaded mechanism to work. 

The main types of dead bolt locks are single cylinder deadbolt and double cylinder deadbolt.  The distinction between these two types is that the single cylinder variety has a keyed cylinder on the side while the other one, double cylinder has two sides as the names suggests. 

Most homeowners prefer double cylinder deadbolts since they have an added security benefit.  However these double cylinder locks limit the chances of escape in case of an emergency.  In addition to these two types there is a jimmy proof deadbolt which is mostly found in apartment buildings.  Unfortunately the jimmy proof deadbolt lock is not as secure as the other two types.

2.            Door Knob Locks

Door knob locks are very easy to find and are mostly used in interior spaces however there are door knobs which are used for exterior purposes.  Door knobs have a limited amount of security hence are not highly recommended for exterior spaces.  They also buckle easily when force is exerted on it.  For instance it can easily be destroyed by banging a hammer on it.

 Once a door knob is destroyed one can have access to the place being secured.  The only way door knobs can be efficient is if they are combined with deadbolt locks.  Door knobs allow easy passage from one room to another and also do not pose a threat to safety in the event that an emergency occurs.  This makes them ideal for interior use.

3.            Cylindrical Lever Locks

These locks are somewhat similar to deadbolts.  Cylindrical lever locks are mostly used in commercial settings and residential settings.  Cylindrical lever locks are very easy to use as compared to door knobs because its structure makes it a bit less challenging to use. 

As much as these locks are easy to use and are ideal for residential settings, they are not recommended for exterior doors that tend to provide access to your room or home.   This is because cylindrical lever locks can be easily bypassed without much effort thus posing a threat to your internal security.  Thus the reason why most owners may prefer to put door knobs in their homes.

4.            Mortise Locks

These are very similar to cylindrical lever locks since they are mostly used in commercial properties.  These locks are mostly found in older homes. A mortise kind of lock is comprised of hardware that is usually mounted on the door. 

The most important parts of these locks are the cam which is responsible for engaging the lock and the other part is the lock cylinder.   These locks are very strong hence their popularity.  These locks are commonly found in apartments and are very secure.

5.            Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro cylinder locks are mostly used in European countries as the name suggests however you can still find them in other countries.  These locks are commonly used to secure patio doors and also for interior double doors.  This lock is easily prone to damage and wear and tear since their strength is not as high as other locks. 

They can also be easily snapped thus leaving your house exposed to security threats.  The bright side of these locks are that they are self-contained devices therefore can be easily installed. This is however not the right option for your home as it is not very secure and comprising it can be very easy.

6.            Electronic Locks

Electronic locks and smart locks are mostly used in homes and apartments.  Using electronic locks in your home usually implies that there is a high need for security in that particular area.   These locks are also very hard to compromise with since they have to receive instructions from and authorized device so that one can lock or unlock it.  

They can also depend on wireless communication protocols so as to be engaged.  It is highly recommended that if one understands how these locks work before you can actually install them because these locks also tend to have vulnerabilities. This therefore means that understanding these locks will enable you to deal with any vulnerabilities that may occur. Electronic locks also make use of other types of locks such as deadbolts, mortise locks and euro cylinder locks

These are the various types of common locks that are available and what you should know about them.

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