How To Choose A Hand Mixer: Things To Consider When Choosing A Hand Mixer

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Baking cakes, cookies and muffins has never been more fun now with the available array of kitchen appliances from brands kitchen brands.

These days even home cooks want to make the best use of the limited space in their drawers and cabinets by stocking up only on cooking items that they will really need. A hand mixer can be an ideal choice for a busy homemaker or a working woman who still wants to enjoy baking her favorite goodies! But when you are out there shopping for this exciting gadget, choosing a hand mixer becomes quite difficult as you have so many models to choose from! Here we look at some of the must-know factors before you buy:

Speed Settings

Make sure your hand mixer comes with multiple speed options for different kinds of recipes.  This will help you create the perfect texture and consistency of your favorite dishes without spending too much time whipping because of the limited speed options available.

Power Mixing

Apart from the standard speed settings, another thing to look out for is great power mixing ability. Your hand mixer must have good wattage or horse power as it comes to be known, so that it can cut through mounds of dough without any fuss! A high wattage model also means lesser time spent in preparing your recipes!

Durability and Quality of Materials

While this applies to basically all appliances you will get, this is crucial for baking appliances as it deals directly with food. Check whether they are made with molded stainless steel which is rust-free and durable material. This way you would be using them for long and worry about replacements hardly ever! And if they come with additional accessories like dough hooks and batters.

Weight of the Handmixer

It is important to keep in mind the weight of your hand mixer before you make a purchase. Since it will be used almost every day, go for an easy-to-move model which won’t give you any pain while using it! There’s a lot of manual work involved when using hand mixers so it should not be something you’d dread using for your next baking session.

Ease of Use

A truly great hand mixer must be extremely user-friendly, so that anyone can use them even if they have never seen or used one before! A simple and easy to follow instructions manual will help you use it better too!

Other Things to Consider

Also, make sure that the attachments provided with your new hand mixer are dishwasher safe as this will ease up the cleaning process! There are some models which come with non-stick coating making them more durable when dealing with heavier doughs. Although it may not always be declared on the product packaging, it is also important to ask if the hand mixer has overheating protection. There have been a lot of cases with cheaper hand mixers that tend to overheat when set to high-speed settings.

Stand Mixer vs. Hand Mixer

Which one should you choose?  This really depends on the kind of cooking you generally do.

Stand mixers are more versatile appliances and can function as a whisk, mixer, or food processor. These work better with larger quantities of ingredients at a time when compared to hand mixers. So if you are looking for something that will offer ease-of-use with variety and performance in mind, choosing a stand mixer is your best bet! However, if all you need is just some basic mixing done every now and then for small recipes like muffins and cupcakes then a hand mixer will be more than enough. It is important to decide what exactly it is that you need before splurging money on an appliance that won’t suit your needs!

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