Best Coffee Machine Malaysia Review – 11 Picks for Coffee Lover in 2022

Nothing makes a coffee-lover happier and more fulfilled than being able to make their own coffee at home. While there is a great sense of comfort from also getting our lattes from our favourite café, having a reliable coffee maker at home and in our office simply gives us that convenience of enjoying quality coffee for less.

We listed the best coffee machines in Malaysia today. Some of these have been widely advertised lately, and we checked if they indeed live up to the hype.

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11 Best Coffee Machines in Malaysia

1. Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker HD7431


Best for small amounts of coffee

The Philips HD7431 Drip Coffee Maker for Homebrews rich, flavorful coffee every time. The 700 W power ensures quick, hot coffee, while the drip stop feature allows you to pause the brewing process if you need to step away. The detachable filter holder and water level indication make it easy to fill and operate, and the dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze. Plus, the aroma twister system circulates air through the coffee grounds to optimise flavour extraction.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for those who only want to make small amounts of coffee at a time
  • Circulates coffee for optimum taste


  • Only create small quantities at a time
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2. KONKA Home Office Special American Coffee Machine

Novel Appearance 

This American Coffee Machine is ideal for the home office with its attractive design and efficient functionality. This machine extracts the coffee bean at any temperature between 37oC and 65oC using nylon netting to avoid them from spilling or clinging to the machine, making it an excellent present for anyone who needs their fix of coffee!

Protect your counter space by having a machine that conducts all the steeping jobs without taking up too much room. In addition, you’ll like our four-minute extraction period, which ensures that you get lovely coffee every day!



  • Brews coffee evenly 
  • Cafe experience at home
  • Every drop tastes mellow and delicious


  • Hard to make custom coffees
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3. Gemilai CRM3605 – Commercial Coffee Machine

Perfect for commercial usage

One pull of the Gemilai CRM3605’s lever is all it takes to produce a perfect cup of coffee, thanks to its 58 mm professional filter and 1.7 L capacity. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your morning caffeine fix or cater for a significant event, this machine has you covered with voltage options for 220-240 V countries and 1450 W of power. Additionally, the device boasts a pre-soak function that allows you to prepare your grounds before brewing and a pressure pump of 15 bar for an intense flavour profile.


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4. Breville BES500 Espresso Coffee Machine for Home

Professional Coffee at home

If you are in the search for a professional-grade Espresso machine that will help you get your caffeine fix at home, then look no further than the Breville BES500. This machine is packed with features that will make your morning cup of Joe extra special. Automatic microfoam milk texturing ensures that your coffee has a rich, creamy texture, while a faster heat-up time means you can start sipping sooner. Plus, the low-pressure pre-infusion provides an adequately extracted Espresso, giving it a delicious flavour profile. And if you’re in a hurry, no problem – the automatic purge function takes care of purging the heating system after steaming so you can enjoy your next cup right away.



  • Reaches optimum temperature within 3 seconds
  • Even extraction of flavour
  • Perfect espresso shot each time


  • Harder to get used to at first
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5. Delonghi Magnifica S ECAM22.110.SB Automatic Coffee Machine

Brew the perfect cup of coffee every time with this DeLonghi ECAM22.110.SB automatic coffee machine, whether for your home or commercial use. Choose from one of 13 different grind settings to customise your coffee just the way you like it, or use one of the two pre-programmed buttons for a quick cup of espresso or cappuccino. The removable drip tray makes cleanup a breeze, and the energy-saving function means you can enjoy a delicious cup of joe without breaking the bank.


  • Features to make the perfect cappuccino
  • 13 grind size settings
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires a bigger space
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6. BS BOSS Espresso Coffee Machine

The BS BOSS espresso coffee machine is a one-of-a-kind device from the makers of BS FACTORY! This coffee machine is made with 20 bar pressure, so you won’t have to use the extract to dilute your espresso shots. Simply boil some water and allow it to do its thing. Simply use the built-in stainless steel wand to steam milk for a latte or cappuccino – excellent for those mornings when you need caffeine quickly!


  • Can create two espresso cups at a time
  • Visual temperature so that you would know what temperature the coffee maker is in
  • Cup warmer so that the cup keeps warm when having coffee


  • More ideal for commercial use
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7. Pensonic PCM-1902 Coffee Maker for Home

Going back to drip coffee machines, this Pensonic PCM-1902 can be your perfect match. The Pensonic PCM-1902 is a high-quality coffee maker that allows you to make delicious cups of coffee quickly and easily. This appliance has various features, including an aroma control system, a rapid steam function, and a silent grinder with 13 different settings. The drip tray is also removable for easy cleaning.



  • Easy to measure water levels
  • Can make up to 10 cups at a time
  • Warming plate to keep the coffee warm for a long time


  • Not as versatile 
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8. Giselle Espresso Coffee Machine KEA0330RD

The Giselle Coffee Maker Machine 800W (KEA0330RD) contains an automatic filter to brew your coffee. It uses an adjustable steam nozzle to make fine milk foam, strong steam, and coffee following the machine’s brew button. Before brewing, the stainless steel filter prevents any beans or grounds from getting through, making it easy to whip up some lovely milk froth if desired—and it comes in dazzling black! This Giselle also has a built-in safety relief valve in case things become too hot, but with its 1200w power rating, you won’t have to worry about that.

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9. Delonghi EC685R Dedica Coffee Machine


With the DeLonghi EC685 Espresso Maker, you can add a bit of Italian heritage to your morning coffee. In addition, the Delonghi EC685 has an extra-long brewing arm that can hold most mugs and cups, including Starbucks Grande-sized glasses… This espresso maker has a proper flow stop function that allows you to set the amount of coffee you want to produce, which is ideal for when you’re only craving one cup of coffee or when you’re having guests. There’s also a double drip tray on the DeLonghi EC 685, making it easier to brew for more than one person at a time while still getting excellent flavour with every drink.


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10. MORGAN Coffee Maker MCM NB12C

Who needs a litre of coffee? We do! Even in our tiniest offices, coffee is essential. We highly recommend this no-fuss coffee machine to individuals who work in small offices. The fresh brew is kept here instead of having people make it one at a time, and it stays warm for hours for everyone to enjoy. Not only is this drip coffee maker perfect for offices, of course, one can use this for the ideal at-home coffee!



  • Very easy to clean
  • Non-stick heating plate
  • Ergonomically designed to avoid burns


  • More suitable for significant portions
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11. OSUKI Capsule Coffee Machine HCM3N

The Osuki 3 in 1 coffee machine is the ideal combination of functionality and flavour for those who prefer capsule coffees. This one-of-a-kind device makes brewing lattes and tea on the move simply because of its modern, elegant design! We also love that it gives complimentary capsules for two popular reusable coffee brands: Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. This device has got you covered if you want to make a cup of joe while travelling or use fewer pods to reduce the load on your washer and dryer (or plan on hosting more parties!).


  • Friendly user with only one button to press before starting
  • Very quick and easy to create
  • Three types of capsule sizes


  • Capsules can be pricier than purely grind/whole beans
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How Do I Pick a Coffee Machine?

There are a lot of coffee machines out there at different price points. It is worth noting that every price point has its pros and cons. However, the safest way to get the most out of your coffee maker of choice is to consider the following:

  1. Your space – how much space do you have left in your pantry? There are a lot of compact coffee machines, often drip type. They are no bigger than your usual jug of water, so they are pretty easy to incorporate into your available space.
  2. Coffee preference – Brewed? Lattes? Espresso shots? There is a specific coffee machine for each, and it’s essential to make sure you buy the perfect match for you.
  3. Overheat protection – we cannot stress enough the importance of this feature, given that we usually just leave our coffee flowing for hours.

Types of Coffee Machines:

(And which ones are perfect for you!)

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers essentially are the easiest way to make brewed coffee at home! Although it is not as versatile in personalising your cup of coffee, it is easier to make the amount of coffee you need since you can either make just a cup or up to the limit your drip coffee maker provides in one go! This coffee maker is perfect for those who want to create a lot of coffee at once!

Capsule Coffee Makers

This type is perfect for ready to drink flavorful coffees. Unlike drip coffee machines, this requires a particular kind of ground coffee in a pod with the ideal amount for a cup and the machine also only ever dispense the perfect amount of water for the pod. This type of coffee makes it an excellent option if you want a fool-proof cup of coffee every time. Many brands also offer pre-made coffees through pods, so you can easily have your cup of latte or even PSL with one appliance. 

Espresso Coffee Maker

An espresso coffee maker is your perfect option when you want that cafe feel in your home and for commercial usage! As this type dispenses a concentrated shot of espresso each time, you can easily make your signature coffee; whether that’d be a straight-up black Americano or even the prettiest latte, this is the kind of coffee maker that is perfect for you! It is pricier though, so purchase when you are sure this is what you want, but we can assure you, this is worth the investment. 

Read further on the types of coffee machines here!

Top Coffee Machine Brands In Malaysia


For the primary drip-coffee machine, Philips got your back! With years and years of experience being founded in 1891, their expertise in appliances is unmatched. It is the functionality they focus on and the user convenience.


For espresso coffee machines, we couldn’t just pick one. Firstly, coffee machines from Gemilai are designed to provide you with the perfect professional tasting coffee. Their coffee machines are more than suitable for commercial use because of their convenience.


When you think of coffee machines, you think of Delonghi. They offer a small but also can compete with full-on espresso machines. They specialise in kitchen appliances, but most importantly, they are experts in everything coffee. They offer a wide range of accessories to help get your daily dose of caffeine.


Osuki’s expertise is in home appliances; this includes their very easy to use and household-friendly 3 in 1 capsule coffee machine! Because they focus on home appliances, they design their coffee maker to be highly suitable for every home.


So if you are looking for a new coffee maker, make sure to take your time and read through these reviews! If you want a simple drip machine or one that provides concentrated espresso shots, there is always something perfect for everyone on this list. If you need initial help in order to know how to chose a the coffee machine for you then make sure to check out buying guide too! We hope we can help narrow down the search process for you by providing our honest assessments of each product. Happy shopping!


Is a coffee maker worth buying?

Making your coffee at home is not only cheaper, but it's also faster and more convenient than going out to a local cafe. What do you have to lose?

How long does a coffee maker last?

On average, a coffee maker usually lasts up to 5 years, but if you want your coffee maker to last for more than five years, be sure and clean it regularly. In doing so, it could last until ten years, but it is a good idea to get rid of that earlier.

How do I pick a coffee machine?

the safest way to get the most out of your coffee maker of choice is to consider the following:

Your space – how much space do you have left in your pantry? There are a lot of compact coffee machines, often drip type. They are no bigger than your usual jug of water, so they are pretty easy to incorporate into your available space.
Coffee preference – Brewed? Lattes? Espresso shots? There is a specific coffee machine for each, and it’s essential to make sure you buy the perfect match for you.
Overheat protection – we cannot stress enough the importance of this feature, given that we usually just leave our coffee flowing for hours.

Can I put hot water in a coffee maker?

You might be tempted to fill your coffee maker with hot water to speed up the brewing process. However, as it turns out, you shouldn't do anything like this. Coffee machines are intended to heat cold or room-temperature water to reach that perfect temperature for brewing.

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