Differences Between Air Coolers And Portable Air Conditioners.

There are several kinds of gadgets that help to regulate temperatures to the state you desire. They include fans, air coolers, and also air conditioners. Fans are slowly getting faced out because the rest are more efficient. However, both devices get subdivided into further categories making it harder for consumers to buy. The two kinds of gadgets perform more or less the same function. With a lack of information, you can end up settling for one that will not meet your needs. Below is an explanation of the significant differences between the two gadgets to help you know which one is ideal.


Although both gadgets work to alter the air, each work in a unique way. Portable air conditioners perform two functions, which are either cooling or heating the air depending on the temperatures. They change the current air state to a more appealing situation. They are flexible enough to work through all seasons. Evaporative air coolers, on the other hand, only cool the air by reducing the temperatures when they’re too high. They perform well in locations with dry heat and minimal humidity levels. Such an environment is conducive because they operate on the principle of adding moisture to the atmosphere. Therefore, in a case where it is humid then will not function well.

Working Mechanism

Both machines work to cool air, but each utilizes a different kind of formula. Air coolers use water as their primary coolant. They come with water storage tanks of different sizes depending on their capacity. You have to keep refilling it whenever necessary. With the help of a motor, the device pumps water onto the pads then a fan blows air through the pad to release fresh air to the atmosphere.

The process goes on continuously hence the need for the tank being full of water. Otherwise, you get inconvenienced when the water runs out. Its principle of working is energy efficient; thus, investing in it won’t expose you to substantial electricity bills. It is also environmentally sustainable as it does not release any pollutants into the atmosphere.

For the case of portable ACs, they require a chemical coolant to facilitate cooling. Unlike air coolers, they have a control that allows for making the air favorable either in a cool or a hot way. With such high functionality levels, they consume high amounts of electricity for them to be efficient. The conditioning process utilizes refrigerant gases that are hazardous to the environment and can negatively impact your health.


Air coolers are versatile such that they can keep up with your movement. You can position them just about anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor, on condition that you access electricity. Technology has also led to the invention of portable designs that you can carry wherever you wish as long as it has a sizeable water tank. Their counterparts, however, need to stay in one position every time they start functioning. First, you need an opening for letting in the air like a window or a door; hence they are ideal for indoor locations.


Both machines suffer damages like dents when hit by obstacles or wear and tear. However, it is crucial to handle them carefully to ensure they serve you for a more extended period. Air coolers do not require any special attention apart from filling the tank with water. Continuous carrying of water can get tiring, especially on days where you use it the whole day. Air conditioners only require scheduled inspections and services to make them function properly.

With the above information, shopping for ether an air cooler or a portable air conditioner will be a walk in the park for you.

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