Digital Thermometer Malaysia – 10 Best Picks for Baby & Oral in 2021 to get Accurate Temperature

If you are wondering whether your baby is suffering from fever or the food is at an appropriate temperature, then a digital thermometer will solve your problem. What is it? A digital thermometer is a device that is made use to take temperature orally. It has a display window that gives your temperature digitally. It has a thermo-resistor sensor that observes the resistance change that is converted to temperature in degrees. This is a handheld device and very easy to use.

With so many digital thermometers in the market, one must choose the best and reliable ones for your baby and other loved ones. Here we have provided a Digital Thermometer review for the ten best Digital Thermometer Malaysia.


10 Best Digital Thermometers in Malaysia

1. Multi-Function Infrared Digital Thermometer for Baby with LCD Display

Best choice for checking baby’s temperature 

This digital thermometer is an Infrared thermometer with a digital display to note the temperature. This is very durable and easily operable with the touch of a single button.

Why buy this: 

  • 8-in-1 available functions.
  • Forehead and Ambient Ear clock
  • Easy to note temperature with LCD.

Benefits- It can be used to note temperature through the ear and forehead. The LCD is clear and precise. The operation is a single touch of a button. It is convenient for babies in noting temperatures.

Bottom line- This is a convenient digital thermometer, particularly for babies. The digital temperature is precisely displayed in Fahrenheit settings. The price is affordable and the product is reliable.

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2.  Medical Thermometer Baby Infrared Fever Thermometer Kids laser LCD Non-contact Thermometer

A great choice for children & baby

This is a no-contact digital thermometer, and hence there is no risk of cross-infection in multiple uses and users. The measurement is quick and picks the temperature even if the baby is moving.

Why buy this:

  • No-contact thermometer
  • Quick measurement
  • The handgrip is firm and measuring is convenient.
  • It is made of PP material ensuring safety.
  • The distance of measurement 1-15cm

Benefits- The measurement is precise with a large screen and quick (1-sec) measurement. It is safe to use and comes with a firm grip.

Bottom line-This is a warm tip digital thermometer that measures quickly. The material is sturdy, the measurement is precise, and the price is affordable. It’s certainly worth the purchase.

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3. Yongrow Digital Portable Infrared Thermometer

Great accuracy, non-contact 

This is a portable digital thermometer that gives the convenience of using it anywhere on the go. It works on IR technology.

Why buy this:

  • Make of material is ABS
  • It can be used on-ear, forehead, or any hot object to note its temperature.
  • Can be used for babies, adults, and children
  • It has a digital backlit LCD with a 3-colour functioning alarm.
  • It comes in gun shape for a good hold.

Benefits- It has34-data storage in the memory. It provides non-contact temperature detection. The display can be noted even at night with backlit LCD. It comes with an accurate measurement with switch modes for measurement.

Bottom line- This is one of the best IR non-contact digital thermometers. The material is sturdy with a sturdy grip and an affordable price-an all-in-one thermometer purchase.

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4. PISEN LED Digital Non-Contact IR Forehead Body Temperature Infrared

Easy set-up and usage 

This is a non-contact digital thermometer that notes the temperature through the forehead in a second. It is accurate and safe.

Why buy this: 

  • Quick and accurate measurement
  • Non-contact and safe
  • Easy to note numbers with LCD that is backlit for night time.
  • Stable temperature with IR technology
  • Measuring range: 34-43 deg C
  • Application temperature range 10-40 deg C

Benefits- It has four buttons for easy controls and offers a 3-5cm detection range. It has a buzzer alert and is nicely designed for a good grip.

Bottom line- This digital thermometer has a good detection range and is neatly made for easy access to the user. With different buzzer beeps, the respective indication is made of temperature value or error-worth the purchase and easy usage.

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5. Thermofast Digital Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Accurate in detecting fever 

This is the best IR Ear and Forehead digital thermometer. It is ideal for all age groups.

Why buy this: 

  • It comes with one year warranty
  • Dual-mode for temperature: 32-42.9 deg C
  • Reading is precise in a fraction of second
  • Automatic shut off
  • Alarm for detecting fever
  • US FDA registered
  • ±0.2 deg C precision of measurement

Benefits- It is switchable from deg F to deg C and has data memory storage and recall-32 sets.

Bottom line- The sensor probes are high in precision and safety. It has light prompts with a data memory of 32 sets. Reading is quick, and silent backlit LED displays. It’s an affordable, sturdy, and all-in-one thermometer purchase suitable for all age groups.

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6. XIAOMI Mi Home iHealth Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

Best home thermometer

This digital thermometer is a non-contact thermometer that takes the temperature of the forehead and displays the reading on the LCD.

Why buy this

  • Forehead measurement for temperature
  • 3 cm and less for detecting temperature
  • +/- 0.2 deg C precision of measurement
  • Quick measurement in 1 sec.
  • Vibration enables for completion.
  • Detects in deg F and deg C modes.

Benefits- It ishygienic and safe, unlike mercury thermometer, where there’s a chance of glass breaking and danger of swallowing. The measurement is reliable and precise with the inner hyman german sensor. It is quick and convenient.

Bottom line– This digital thermometer is non-contact and so no risk of infection. It is suitable for all ages and detects in both temperatures of deg F, and deg C. It is quick and affordable.

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7. LEPU Infrared Thermometer forehead Body Temperature Measuring Tool

Reliable temperature reading

This IR technology-enabled digital thermometer comes with a copper probe for sensing temperature.

Why buy this:

  • LCD
  • Copper probe
  • It assesses both body and material temperature
  • It has data memory storage of up to 99 sets
  • It has alert in fever
  • It recalls 99 sets of readings
  • It has a fever alert
  • It is high in quality.
  • It is quick.

Benefits- It provides high precision readings for temperature. It is reusable at home or in clinics and is ideal for all age groups.

Bottom line- This is an ideal digital thermometer that is suitable for different age groups and uses IR technology.

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8. Sunphor BZ-R6 Infrared Thermometer Temperature

Great for home and clinical use 

This is a non-contact IR digital thermometer that suits both home and clinical use.

Why buy this: 

  • Deviation of precision measurement of lesser than or equal to ±0. 2deg C
  • Measurement is quick in 1 sec.

Benefits: It comes with a single click measurement. It is a non-contact thermometer which is easy to operate.

Bottom line- The make is sturdy, the price is affordable, and usage is simple.

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9. Digital IR Thermometer

Best choice in hospital settings

These thermometers are digital and used in clinics and hospitals. The features and benefits are the same as above. These thermometers are ideal for all age groups and so worth the purchase. The price is affordable.

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How to choose the best thermometer?

A thermometer is selected based on:

  • Convenience of use
  • Accurate readings
  • Time of response
  • Measurement units-deg F or deg C
  • Safety
  • Sturdy make
  • Longevity
  • Price

How to use a digital thermometer?

Follow the steps below:

  • Reset the thermometer with reset button
  • Place the sensor at the detection range.
  • You will hear a beep once done.
  • The thermometer is displayed on the LCD screen.

It is best to take two readings for more accuracy.

Our top 3 picks of Digital Thermometers in Malaysia:

  1. Multi-Function Infrared Digital Thermometer for Baby with LCD Display- for multi-functionality with baby
  2. Medical Thermometer Baby Infrared Fever Thermometer Kids laser LCD Non-contact Thermometer- for Non-contact and durability
  3. Yongrow Digital Portable Infrared Thermometer”- for portability


What are the best digital thermometers in Malaysia?

Multi-Function Infrared Digital Thermometer for Baby with LCD Display- for multi-functionality with baby
Medical Thermometer Baby Infrared Fever Thermometer Kids laser LCD Non-contact Thermometer- for Non-contact and durability
Yongrow Digital Portable Infrared Thermometer”- for portability

How does a digital thermometer work?

Digital thermometers are powered by infrared technology, thus allowing for contactless reading.

How do I properly use a digital thermometer?

Make sure to reset the thermometer after every use, and wait for the beep sound before removing within the contact range.

How much does a digital thermometer cost in Malaysia?

Digital thermometer costs between RM50.00-RM70.00

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