Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight?

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We’ve been told a lot of times how smoothies and juices need to be consumed right away if we want to take in their full nutrients. Realistically speaking though, it’s not always that easy to consume smoothies in one go, thus the need to store them. Fortunately for smoothies, you can prepare them in batches with the right smoothies blender to be consumed during separate times. Ideally, though, the interval should be within 24 to 36 hours.

How to Store Smoothies 

Storing smoothies is easy, which also makes it more convenient for us to add great nutrition to our routine. The most ideal way to do it is to prepare with the right blender for at least two batches, depending on how much you can really consume at a time. Place the smoothie saved for later in an airtight container as soon as it is done. Store it inside the refrigerator, and remember to consume it within 24 hours. We particularly like using clear glass jars with airtight cover for these, so we can easily monitor the consistency of the smoothie. While the nutrients may not be as dense as drinking it fresh, you are still assured that the majority of it was preserved during the short storage time.

Best Time to Drink Smoothies

You may have seen a lot of people having smoothies as their meal replacements. This is definitely possible, but the best time to consume it, especially for fruits and vegetable-based smoothies, is in the morning with an empty stomach. Several studies revealed that our bodies can absorb the most nutrients with an empty stomach. Plus, drinking smoothie right after a meal feels way too heavy and may even lead to some digestion problems. Personally, though, we like replacing lunch with our smoothie of choice for the day. We prepare it in the morning, store it in an insulated container, so it’s still refreshing enough to consume by lunchtime.

Compared to juices made from the juicer, smoothies provide better time flexibility in terms of consumption and storage. This is because we include almost all parts of the ingredients, making it less prone to oxidation and spoiling. We also like to add a few drops of citrus to our smoothies to make it last longer. If you add milk or any dairy product to your smoothie, proper storage is even more crucial, and it is best to consume it sooner.

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