Drone Buying Guide – All the Features to Look Out For Before Buying

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If you are new to drone technology, choosing the right drone can be both overwhelming and confusing. The technical terms all sound the same, but there are actually features that you need to pay more attention to if you want to get the most out of your drone.

This drone buying guide will not only help you to choose the right drone, but it will also make sure that you get the most out of your purchase. Features like flight time and video resolution are important for every user, even if they are not using their product as a professional.

The range of drones on the market is huge today. There are high-end models for professionals or first-time users, wanting to experiment with this advanced technology. These devices come with multiple features such as GPS, automatic return home and astonishing HD cameras. At the same time, these drones can literally cost up to a thousand dollars and more.

To find out which is the best type of drone for you, we’ll list some of the essential features that you need to look for:

1. Camera

When buying a drone, it’s important to note that the camera quality involves two different aspects: Optical resolution and video quality. The first one is just as simple as it sounds. It refers to the number of pixels in your camera and how clear the image will be when you capture it. If you consider yourself an aspiring photographer or even if you are a professional already, then this aspect should be at the top of your list when shopping for a drone. Since drones with cameras can range from $100 up to $1000+ depending on their capabilities, we’ll mention another feature that is worth looking into – camera gimbal stabilization.

2. Flying Time and Battery Life

The second obvious feature is the flight time. It refers to how long your drone can stay in the air before needing to be charged again. When buying a drone for outdoor use, you definitely want to pay attention to this aspect. Just like any other electronic device on the market, battery life varies from one brand and model to another so it’s important that you know exactly which type of batteries are required and how many of them you need. On top of this, try looking up some reviews on specific brands or models and make sure that it has good overall feedback regarding its flight time capabilities.

3. Range

Another important feature to look for is the flying range. Most drones can fly about 100 meters in open space, but if they are used in an urban environment or even just at home, this range will not suffice and you’ll probably end up losing your drone. To avoid this situation, check how many walls or other obstacles can be crossed before having to lose control over it. Most drones have a return home function that allows them to come back autonomously when the signal between the physical controller and the device gets lost. While some users call this “great,” we would still recommend monitoring its distance from time to time and know exactly where it is every minute of its flight.

4. Speed

This may not be on top of your consideration when first buying a drone, but long-time drone users swear by the importance of finding a drone speed that matches your needs. Higher speed drones will naturally cost you more but will prove to be a convenient option when you are constantly covering mobile objects.  While it can be annoying to constantly have to readjust a slower-moving drone, faster models will require more skill in order for you not to crash into anything along the way. If you’re new to this technology, then we would recommend starting out with a slower model and work your way up when you get better at flying drones.

The best drones for first-time buyers are a perfect blend of affordability and features. Consider these important factors before buying your new drone to ensure you get the one that suits your needs: size, camera quality, battery life, flight time per charge, range/distance from controller.


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