Energy Saving Hacks With Water Heater

Buying and having a water heater installed in one or two of our bathrooms is one of the best treats we can give ourselves. Going home with the assurance of a hot shower within minutes is definitely a welcome upgrade. Not until we see that drastic change in our electricity bill a month later.


This is a common experience among water heater owners that we’ve heard of. Despite all the comforts that a water heater provides, without conscious efforts to use it efficiently, it can really consume too much energy. Fortunately, most of the recent models of water heaters are now made to be more energy saving. This, combined with these energy saving hacks will help you enjoy your hot water minus the guilt and worries.

1. Draining the tank

This may sound counterproductive, but one of the reasons why water heaters suddenly take more time to heat is the sediment build up in your tank. For new water heaters, this could happen within a year of consistent use. This may be tricky to do all by yourself, so it is best to simply ask a plumbing service to do this for you the first time. For instant water heaters, it is important to clear the pipes of sediments, as well. However, once you see how it’s done, then this could be something that you can do at least quarterly.

A clean water heater is more efficient, and will thus require less energy to produce hot water.

2. Find a consistent thermostat setting

It is totally normal to constantly change the thermostat setting of our water heater during the first few months of using it. However, it is this behavior that usually causes a spike in the electricity bill. Most water heaters have a maximum temperature of 140 degrees. However, our skin does not necessarily need a temperature this high, and may even result in scalding. Ideal temperature is 120 degrees. However, for those who only have the low-high setting, it is best to test in one instance your ideal temperature and keep in that way in the succeeding usage. Turning the temperature lower will already reduce to 5%

For those who regularly leave the house for an entire day, it is will also help reduce the energy consumption of your water heater if you turn it off completely the entire day.

3. Keep Your Water Pipes and Tank Insulated

If for some reasons your water heater tank is directly exposed to the sun, it is important to find a way to insulate these parts. By doing this, you are able to prevent energy loss, which means you get hot water faster. There are a lot of affordable insulating blankets that are also easy to install. When installing insulators, it is important to not block the exhaust or thermostat.

It is also important to remember that electricity is not the only energy that should be used wisely when using the water heater. We consume multiple gallons of water by merely showering, which could have been used for potable water. With this, the responsible way to use water heaters is to use less water by adjusting your water flow.

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