Everything You Need to Know About Demand Water Heater

You may have noticed the rising popularity of the more compact water heaters. Even hotels are shifting to demand water heater. Whether you are still using the conventional water heater or is planning to install a new one, a demand or instant water might be worth your try.

What is demand water heater

Demand water provides hot water without the tank. This is also often referred to as the ‘tankless’ water heaters, which literally means that it totally gets rid of that storage tank yet still delivers hot water. The water simply passes through a pipe, achieving the desired temperature once the water comes out. Demand water heaters are therefore easier to install and maintain.

Will I be using more water?

In terms of water usage, you may be using more, especially because it will take few seconds of water flow prior to achieving your desired temperature. However, there some workaround for a more sustainable and responsible water consumption. One way is to set your shower water flow to low (or light) setting. For a larger household, it is also best to  schedule shower time closer so the heater won’t have to restart and take another time heating the water.

Fortunately, most demand water heaters are already designed to be highly efficient. This means that they use 50 percent less energy, than conventional water heaters. They also take significantly less time to heat the water. You get to save both resources – water and electricity by using a demand water heater.

Advantages of demand water heater

Demand water heater literally only heats water when you use it. With this, you are not using electricity while you sleep or go out of the house to work. Moreover, this demand water heaters already come with their own insulated pipes, which prevents heat loss. As a result, you get hot water fast and consistently.

Space wise, demand water heater is also a great choice. It can be installed even in small apartment and condominium units. As a matter of fact, you can have this installed along with your shower head. It is also easy to maintain. Water heaters are prone to sediment build-up. Once this happens, your water heater will be less efficient, eventually. With storage water heater, you may need to empty the tank in order to eliminate sediment build up. With demand water heater, not only do you need to worry less about sediment build-up, but when the time eventually comes for a clean up, you only need to worry about the pipes.

You may see that demand water heaters are more expensive. This is because of a lot of factors mentioned above, but also mainly because of its durability. A demand water heater can last twice as long as the storage water heater. This can easily be compared through the warranties given. Demand water heaters will have a warranty of up to 20 years! Now, that certainly is a great value for your money.

To sum up, demand water heaters are modern, eco-friendly, and space saving, which makes it a truly worthy investment for every homeowner.

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