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About Corvan

Corvan® was established in year 2000, focusing on the best home appliances to help busy families with their house cleaning chores. their objective is to improve consumers’ lifestyle by helping them save a significant amount of time while ensuring a clean living environment.

They have been working with reputable technology partners globally to apply advanced technology in some of the best-selling products in Malaysia.

Corvan’s products are designed based on the principles of:

  • Performance
  • Ease of use and upkeep
  • Reliability and durability

Another little known fact is that their designs help to avoid muscle aches and back pain associated with prolonged cleaning action that require excessive force. 

The two qualities that set us apart from their competitors are:

  • Practicality and quality of their products
  • Exceptional before-, during- and after-sales services 

Brief story of Corvan products

Since launching the popular picaBot eVo2L in year 2007, Corvan, one of the pioneers in robotic floor cleaners, has been working relentlessly to launch the ground-breaking 4th generation picaBot AI (Artificial Intelligence) series in the 4th quarter of 2019.

Equipped with the latest class 1 laser mapping technology, the autonomous robotic floor cleaner performs serious cleaning in a systematic human-like manner like no other. The new picaBot is the first robotic cleaner that vacuums, mops, disinfects and sweeps the floor concurrently, saving users much effort and time.

Users can customise the robot to suit their personal preference and lifestyle, and check and control its status from anywhere in the world. The self-learning picaBot AI series will also get “smarter” over time with free upgrade via app updates. 

Other than the award-winning picaBot, Corvan is also the sole distributor of the world number 1 Neato robotic vacuum in Malaysia, since 2012. Neato was the first robotic vacuum from USA to use the most advanced laser mapping technology in the market. Both picaBot and Neato are compatible with virtual assistants including Alexa and Google Home.

In 2008, the idea of a domestic mopping device that can achieve the cleaning effects of a commercial scrubbing mop was first mooted. The first model of picaMop was launched in 2014. 

In 2017, picaMop became the best selling cordless mop in Malaysia when the current model T7 was launched. The result of painstaking development to achieve the optimum pressure, speed of scrubbing, density and strain of mopping material is the picaMop T7 with the best mopping/waxing pads. Some users have commented that their floors look shiny simply by using clean water to mop.

picaMop is designed to work on various types of hard floors including tiles, marble, wood, laminate and parquet. One of the picaMop’s unique features is the freedom for users to add any brand of floor cleaning solution, including floor disinfecting solution, to clean and disinfect at the same time. This feature is much loved especially among users who have used other electric floor cleaners that insist on using their dedicated floor cleaning solutions. Users who need to wax their solid wood and natural marble floorings can simply add any floor cleaning solution with wax formulation to clean and wax concurrently. 

Many homeowners struggle to remove tough stains and mold in toilets and outdoor areas, which typically require hard scrubbing. To make matters worse, the surfaces are made of different materials, making it difficult to find a one-size-fits-all cleaning device. A device cordless, high torque, and waterproof with an IPx7 rating, was thus designed and born in 2018 to resolve this pain point. 

 The Corvan team continuously interact with tens of thousands of end users to gather feedback and work non-stop to address their pain points.

The Corvan Power Scrub comes with various cleaning tools to clean anything from painted surfaces to glass panels, wood, bricks, tiles and marble. With the Power Scrub, the dreaded chore of cleaning the toilet, glass roof, water tank, even the swimming pool, become almost effortless.

Due to its cordless convenience, many users are also using Corvan Power Scrub as a car polisher/buffer with glowing comments. 

Floor vacuuming has been one of the most common chores in most homes. For those who want complete convenience, the new picaBot is a no-brainer. For users who prefer to vacuum manually, however, the cordless type has always been their number 1 choice.

The Corvan Cordless Vacuum is designed with the latest technology in cordless vacuuming. It incorporates the ultra-efficient brushless digital motor, 4-stage dirt separation system with HEPA filtration, and motorised anti-hair tangle brush head. This energy-saving cordless vacuum is designed to be light, with ultra-strong suction power on par with wired conventional vacuum cleaners. 

The array of Corvan’s cleaning tools makes cleaning various locations and situations convenient and easy. It has helped countless homes stay clean, with the users themselves oblivious to how much time they have saved as compared to when they were using other types of cleaning tools. 

Today, Corvan serves hundreds of thousands of happy and loyal customers.

Popular Corvan Products

ALL NEW 2020 MODEL Corvan Cordless Vacuum

  • Super light weight Brushless Digital Motor
  • 100,000RPM
  • Ultra strong suction power at more than 17,000pa
  • Long run time of more than 40min to clean large space
  • USA engineered
  • Cyclonic dust separation system
  • User replaceable Li-ion battery pack
  • High brightness LED headlight – cleaning dark area is a breeze
  • 2-speed Normal and Turbo suction mode – to suit various need
  • 3-stage HEPA filtration – stainless steel, HEPA and sponge filter
  • Washable 3-stage filter set
  • Ergonomic handle and grip – stress free vacuuming
  • 1 press operation – no more continue pressing the trigger to vacuum
  • Lowest profile among cordless vacuum at 11.8cm – to clean under tight space
  • Light weight – Machine weight only 2.15Kg
4 cleaning head:
  • Anti-tangle soft fluffy floor brush – no more hair wind up on the brush
  • Bed and fabric cleaning tool – for mattress, sofa, soft toys
  • 2-in-1 crevice tool – for car, narrow space and corners
  • Swivel head dusting tool- swivel for wall and ceiling

Corvan picaBot Pro+ AI series

The newly launched picaBot AI Series robotic vacuum and mop is setting a new benchmark. It has the best mapping and navigation technology matched with a very impressive dirt pick up performance. As the pioneer robotic vacuum brand in Malaysia since 2007, Corvan has spent 6 years to develop this amazing autonomous LiDAR mapping floor cleaner for the oriental living style.

  • The Best Navigation
  • Excellent dirt removal
  • Effective Mopping and Disinfecting
  • Cleans The Largest Area in 1 Charge
  • Highly Customisable App Control
  • Extra Long Twin Side Brush
  • 3-stage HEPA filtration system
  • Voice prompt
  • Reliability and Durability
  • Strong Local Support

Established in year 2000, Corvan is the sole distributor of picaBot, a pioneer robotic vacuum brand in Malaysia since 2007. picaBot comes in 3 models; Lite+, Elite + and the flagship model Pro+.

Corvan picaMop

The world's first cordless electric scrubbing mop since 2014 from the USA. Thousands already in use in Malaysia. The HOTTEST selling floor mop in Malaysia.


  1. Stress-free mopping ; NO MORE back-stress and aching muscle 
  2. Save 60% time in floor mopping 
  3. Save average 10 litre water 
  4. Eliminate the use of floor cleaning chemical 
  5. Provide polishing effect as the floor gets to be superbly cleaned 
  6. Easiest to upkeep. Absolutely NO clumsy cleaning after use.


  1. Powerful Twin Rotor - Optimum spinning speed of the twin rotor and pressure from the ideal weight of the machine emulate the best manual scrubbing. - This cleaning effect is easily achieved with picaMop and is virtually effortless. - Clean 215 sf/min - 250 rotations per minute 
  2. Swivel-Handle - The specially designed swivel-handle gives you frontal and side tilting. - This allows you to clean hard-to-reach places, such as under beds or tables. 
  3. Large Water Tank - The large water tank fills up to 330ml of water, liquid detergent or waxing liquid of your choice. 
  4. High Density Microfiber Mop Pad - The ultra-fine microfiber mop strands at less than 10 micron ensure exceptional dirt removal and liquid absorption, yet gentle to the floor. 
  5. One-Button Operation - Mop, scrub, wax, or polish all at the push of a button. 
  6. High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery - Fast Charging, Long Running - Enough to mop more than 4,000 sqft. in one charge. - High quality Li-ion battery lasts 2 to 4 years under normal use. 
  7. Cordless, Safe and Tangle-Free - No more struggling to look for electric outlets or getting caught in a tangle. Run on 14.4V DC, it could not be safer than that. 
  8. LED Light - Light your way through the dark areas such as under the bed or table. 
  9. Wet or Dry, Just As Easy - Disperse floor detergent, waxing oil or water while mopping or waxing with a single press.

Corvan Power Scrup

At Corvan, they ensure every product that you purchased is of superior value. ** A cordless scrubber for smarter living

Key Features

  • High and Consistent Torque Motor -remove stains effortlessly
  • Multiple accessories -clean your entire bath area -car washing and waxing -bathtubs and shower panels
  • Waterproof (iPX7)
  • Cordless and Tangle-Free
  • Adjustable Length - 49cm (Without handle) - 132cm (Full length with extendable handle) -extended handle to reach up to 10ft.
  • Other Special Functions - Anti Slip Handle - One Step to Remove and Install Various Cleaning Tools - 60 degree Tilting Angle for Better Control - Intuitive Waterproof Charging Port

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