Folding Bikes Buying Guide

Folding Bikes Buying Guide

Today’s foldable bikes come in a variety of wheel sizes, folding methods, and colour options to meet a variety of cycling profiles and needs. You’ll need to do some research, which you can do on the internet. In this blog, our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide so that you’ll know what to look for in a folding bike.

What to look for in a Folding Bike?

These are some questions to ask yourself as well as things to consider if you are trying to get yourself the perfect folding bike.

Wheel Size

There are multiple wheel sizes that one can choose from. A few ones can choose from is a 14”, 16”, 20”, 22” or 26”. The ride characteristics and mobility of your bike will be influenced by the wheel size. The availability of inner tubes and a tire repair is a critical factor.

16 – 17 inch wheels might be too good for you but these wheels are hard to find spare parts and replacement in case of damage. So, does a smaller wheel mean a rougher ride? The simple answer is yes, but only if you have to ride a long distance every time with uneven terrain. However, if your rides are normally shorter and involve a lot of turns and stops, smaller wheels will suffice.


Some models are quicker to fold in comparison to others. Only if you fold and unfold your bike several times per day is this a significant consideration. The fastest folding bikes take around 10 seconds to disassemble, while some of the slower folding bikes take up to 10 minutes. Other than the speed in folding and unfolding, some bikes are also more compact when folded in comparison to others. Most options are portable even in public transport though, but it is still important to look into this aspect especially if you only have a small place to store your bike in. 

Gear Ratios

When compared to a traditional bike, folding bikes have fewer gears. Depending on the type of riding you’ll be performing, this will be more or less important. Because not every location is flat, your bike should have some low gears to assist you in climbing hills. For the city, top gear of roughly 70 inches is sufficient, but for a better-performing folding bike, you’ll need more than 100 inches. 


The tyres are the greatest place to update your foldable bike. If you acquire something that can withstand punctures, you’ll be able to travel without having to worry about upkeep. In the smallest sizes, Schwalbe has a superb selection of touring tyres.


Of course, an important aspect that you should look for is the pricing and ensuring that the price is okay for your budget. You can get away with a folding bike Because you’ll be travelling shorter distances and carrying less stuff, even a cheaper flooding bike is a good option. In general, spending more money leads to a bike that is lighter, more compact, and performs better.

Frame Size

The frame size of the bike should be the first item you consider. It’s important to remember that these bikes are only available in one size. It has a low seat, similar to that of children’s bikes, but it can be adjusted to allow taller people to ride it as well. In terms of frame size, there isn’t much to check. You should, however, see how far the seat and handlebars can be adjusted to fit your height.


The smaller, flimsier bikes will suffice if you’re only going for short journeys and leisure riding around town. Longer rides and more difficult rides necessitate larger wheels and stronger frames. If you want to take your bike on public transportation or internationally, you’ll need a bike that can be easily packed. Your personal preferences will influence the type of bike you choose, but most experts recommend choosing one that best suits your needs and lifestyle rather than buying one only for its looks.

Always remember however, no matter how perfect the foldable bike you get is, you need to be able to maintain it properly to allow you bicycle to serve you for a long time too!

How do you narrow your options?

Compromise is the name of the game when it comes to folding motorcycles. There is no one-size-fits-all folding bike, just as there is no one-size-fits-all regular bike.  For example, having a bike with a larger will provides better stability, however, this would result in a bigger fold which means that this would not be as portable, especially in public transport, the opposite could be said when it comes to bikes with a smaller wheel. If you think you are now ready to choose your perfect foldable size, be sure to check out list of the best foldable bikes you can get now!

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