Sharp Fridge Malaysia – 6 Best Sharp Refrigerator in 2021 for Fresh Food

Buying the top-quality and best fridge for your kitchen appliances list is the first choice that you need to go for. It is a valuable investment. There are so many brands of refrigerators. But Sharp is the best of all. So, you need to choose the best Sharp fridge. Do you want to buy the best Sharp fridge Malaysia? Then here is a full list of refrigerators and also a nifty guide for your benefits to know what kinds of fridge suits as per your lifestyle.

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So, here are the top 6 Sharp fridges Malaysia that you need to check.

1. SHARP SJF858VMBK 700L 4 Doors AVANCE Fridge 

Best of all

This SHARP SJF858VMBK 700L 4 door Avance fridge is equipped with their unique, award-winning Actifresh Hybrid Cooling System, which uses a combination of compressor and fan cooling to maintain optimal humidity levels. The Plasmacluster Ion Technology dispels bacteria and odours.

The LED interior lighting casts a natural glow on your food, while the extra cool compartment is perfect for chilled drinks or snacks. And with the Eco Mode, you can save even more energy without sacrificing performance.

Don’t just take it from us – read what one satisfied customer had to say on this refrigerator: “I am so pleased with my purchase. The fridge runs super silently and keeps the temperature perfect.”

Why buy this

  • Low energy consumption
  • Longer lasting food
  • High quality interior lighting
  • Your fridge will be the envy of your neighbours.
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2. Sharp Refrigerator Review SJ285MSS 280L with 2 doors

Spacious Interior

Sharp makes refrigerators with a difference. Unlike other brands, their refrigerators are designed for the user’s convenience. A spacious interior makes it easy to keep groceries and vegetables accessible and organized, with adjustable shelves and compartments to suit your needs.

This fridge comes with the quick freezing facility and it does not sound too loud and the LED light facility inside the fridge will help you to find your things easily.

Why buy this

  • High-quality product
  • It has a quiet operation technology so that you will not be disturbed
  • It has AG CU Nano Deodoriser for better air quality.  It will ensure that the smell of your fridge is fresh and inviting.
  • So much space and separate compartments for easy access
  • The unique convertible shelf can give you fresh room for your vegetables and food items


  • You can get 1 year of general warranty and 10 years warranty on the compressor
  • The gross capacity of the fridge is 280L
  • You can get tempered glass shelf
  • You can also get a fresh case
  • You can get a separate egg tray
  • You can get the essential door pockets as well
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3. Sharp Single Door Fridge 156L SJD190MS

Best for Small Apartments

Do you live in a small apartment and want to have a fridge? Get this single door refrigerator. It is perfect for small spaces and it has a lot of features.

This refrigerator can help keep your kitchen organized. With separate compartments for meat, vegetables, and beverages, you’ll never have to worry about what’s on the bottom shelf! It also has a handy bottle pocket so you can have an easy place to store your wine. 

Why buy this

  • Large compartments
  • Separate meat case
  • Separate vegetable case
  • Bottle pockets
  • Necessary box


  • Direct hybrid cooling system
  • Large freezer compartment
  • Recessed door handle
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4. Sharp Smile Fridge 360L SJ366MSS

Best for a Medium Size Family

This innovative refrigerator from Sharp with the new and improved 360L gross capacity will not only provide you with enough space to store your food, but it also has adjustable shelves that are ideal for organizing your food.

With 360 L of storage space, the fridge can accommodate up to 16 items and comes packed with an eco-mode that saves energy, as well as a J-Tech inverter that operates in a whisper-quiet manner.

The freezer has a space of 160L, which is ideal for storing frozen vegetables and meat. The LED lighting will help you find what you’re looking for with ease. And the “Eco-mode” means that you can conserve even more energy and it also comes with an acti-fresh hybrid cooling system that makes sure your food stays fresher longer!

Why buy this

  • Extra cooling facility
  • Express freezing benefit
  • Adjustable large shelves
  • The acti-fresh hybrid cooling system
  • Saves energy


  • 360 L gross capacity
  • LED lighting
  • ECO-mode facility
  • AG nano deodoriser
  • J-tech inverter facility
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5. Sharp Inverter Fridge 170L

Compact Design

This refrigerator comes with a compact design. It is a simple fridge that you can get at a reasonable price. The capacity of this fridge is 170L with a J-Tech inverter features to help you save more energy. If you have 4 to 5 family members in your house, then this is enough.

Why buy this

  • Compact design
  • Advanced J-Tech inverter facility
  • AG nano deodoriser that prevents bad smell
  • Advanced hydride cooling system


  • This fridge is less noisy
  • Cheap and functional
  • Produce less vibration
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6. Sharp Fridge 2 Door SJ406MSS 400L

Plenty Compartments

Large families may take this fridge. There is enough space for your groceries, food items and raw fish, meat and all. The design of the refrigerator is perfect and you can get the J-Tech inverter facility with this fridge.

Why buy this

  • Large and plenty compartments
  • J-Tech inverter facility
  • Energy-efficient
  • Fresh room
  • Eco-mode
  • Temperature control technology as well


  • 400L capacity
  • 1 year of warranty on the general part
  • 5 years of warranty on the compressor
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Benefits of Sharp Fridge Review

Sharp is one of the best refrigerator brands in Malaysia. This fridge will go with you for a long time. You can also check the Sharp fridge review before buying any particular product from this brand. Here are some benefits of this brand:

  • This fridge is made with an advanced air purifier, and it can freshen the air with the help of negative ions.
  • This fridge can also reduce the growth of viruses with positive and negative ions.
  • Advanced technology can suspend the allergens and floating mould spores.
  • This fridge can give you fresh air as well.
  • This fridge can save your energy as well.
  • Most fridges provide J-Tech inverter function to help you save more electricity bill.

Types of Fridges

There are so many varieties of fridges from the brand Sharp. So, you can buy any one of these as per your choice. You can get so many types such as single door, double door, multiple doors as well. Apart from this, you can get the inverter facility with this brand. You can use this fridge for a long time as it can offer you durable service. You can get high and advanced j-tech inverter technology as well.


What are the best Sharp fridge in Malaysia?

Sharp 280L SJ285MSS
Sharp Single Door 156L SJD190MS
Sharp 360L SJ366MSS

What makes Sharp a good brand for a fridge?

Sharp is one of the best refrigerator brands in Malaysia. This fridge will go with you for a long time. You can also check the Sharp fridge review before buying any particular product from this brand

How much does Sharp fridge cost in Malaysia?

Sharp fridges cost around RM1,500.00 in Malaysia.

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