How to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

How to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Yes, a good car perfume never fails to make your car smell better and cosier; but do you know what simple things can easily elevate your car perfume? An already fresh smelling car. We all love that fresh brand new car smell, but of course a brand new smell only lingers while the car is brand new. Or so we thought. The following are different things that you can do in order to keep that “new car” smell for a little longer. 

Keep Your Car Trash Free

Every time you get out of the car, take out any garbage, food, clothes, or other odour-causing objects. You may either transport a tiny, portable garbage can in your car or empty everything by hand when you get to your location.

Avoid Smoking Inside the Car

Smoking anywhere indoors is a big no, even inside the house, or an office, even if you are alone, including vaping! But especially inside cars because cars are harder to ventilate, compared to houses. The smoke smell tends to stick to any surface in your car, mostly in the seats. Hence, no matter how much you try to chase the smoke smell in your car, it will always linger. There is also a possibility that the smoke will ruin your car’s upholstery. 

Keep the Car Dry

Moisture can cause molding and an unpleasant smell inside your car, which we definitely don’t want. Make sure that your windows are always closed whenever you are not using the car. Floor mats are also a great way to avoid this. 

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum on a regular basis to remove smells that become trapped in carpets and upholstery. The most convenient method is to use a hand vacuum, but you may also park next to a garage outlet at home and use a normal vacuum.

Check Air Vents

The condition of the air vents is one of the most prevalent reasons of an unpleasant smell in the automobile. When they gather dirt and bacteria, the air that enters the automobile begins to stink. To begin, clean up the car’s air vents. You may do this using a tiny, thin sponge or cotton swabs.

Fabric Fresheners

Hang some dryer sheets on the air conditioning vents to freshen them up quickly. The cloth sheets will serve as a vehicle deodorizer. A box of dryer sheets with little holes in the corners will also last longer than standard vehicle fresheners. For a long-lasting scent, place this beneath the seat.

Clean the Mats

Examine the floor and trunk mats; they may need to be thoroughly cleaned. It is critical to clean your carpet-style or rubber mats on a regular basis. Remove them from the vehicle and clean the surface of any visible dirt or dust.

Detailed Cleaning

Give your car a thorough cleaning to ensure that no unwanted odours or bacteria remain. While you can have the local carwash handle it, you may save money by doing it yourself. Get a decent vacuum cleaner with a hose and attachments for cleaning hard-to-reach areas inside the car. Get your cleaner, deodorizer, wiping products, brushes, and sponges and you’ll be on your way to a great-smelling car in no time.

Baking Soda

You might be like “huh?,” but hear us out! Baking soda has several advantages, including its use as a natural deodorizer in automobiles. All you have to do is sprinkle baking soda over the car seats, floor, and mats. You should then let them for a few hours before cleaning them with a vacuum. This will not only eliminate the foul odour, but it will also remove the filth that has become embedded in the upholstery.


There are many ways to keep your car smelling fresh. You can avoid smoking in the car, keep it dry, vacuum regularly, and check the air vents. You can also use fabric fresheners, baking soda, and a detailed cleaning. By following these tips, along with the perfect car perfume, you can keep your car smelling new for longer.

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