Importance of Children Car Seats

Having and wearing seatbelts is one of the primary requirements when riding a car. Seatbelts as we all know it, protects us from strong impacts and crashes in the car, seat belts can save lives in the car because during a crash that is more than 30 miles per hour can cause the passenger to be hurled forward 30-60 times its body weight. What we fail to see is that seat belts only work for adults, most, if not, all seat belts are too loose for toddlers and kids.

In the US, the leading cause of death and injuries for children aged 1-13 are car crashes. This is why car seats for children are essential for every car that will carry children, especially infants. Some might argue that it would be safer to carry the infant in their laps rather than spending money on car seats, but this too is dangerous as the infants can still launch forward during an impact or get crushed between the limbs of the adult carrying. Choosing the proper car seat is also essential to ensure the child’s safety. There are three types of car seats.

Rear-Facing Car Seat

Rear-facing car seats are the suitable car seat choice for infants and babies at around 10 kilograms. This is because the shape of the seat perfectly encapsulates the infant’s body. During a crash, the seat also cradles and during a crash on moves with the baby protecting the baby’s spine.

Forward Facing car Seat

It is like a mini car seat in which your toddler can comfortably sit in it also restricts the movement of the child which prevents the child from hurling forward during a crash. This is most suitable for those above the age of one and over 9.1 kilograms

Booster Seat

Booster seats are made to be able to lift the child up so that the seat belt will fit properly around the children’s body. This is suggested to be used when the child is too big to be placed in a car seat but is still too small to get perfectly protected by a seat belt. Average age suggested to use booster seats are from 4 to 6 years old. 

It is important to note that the seats will also have different variations in it’s sizes and weight capacity, it is important to always check with the manufacturer to identify which is the limit of the weight the purchased car seat will be able to hold. This way you would also be able to fathom that it is time to purchase a car seat suitable for your child’s needs. As parents, the children’s safety should be placed as the top priority. Especially nowadays that cars are being seen as one of the important purchases in life, it is still important to recognize the responsibility there is. If we are very careful and are always meticulous when it comes to wearing seatbelts as adults, it is time to be keen in doing the same for the kids. 

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