Knowing More About the Mechanism of Sofa Bed

Sofa bed is one of the most convenient items to add to your home. It is space-efficient, so even small houses and apartments can easily welcome an additional sofa bed, whether to add as a new lounge area in the living room or simply as a back-up bed for guests.

One of the factors that make the sofa bed is its mechanism to be compact when needed. In fact, you can easily store it under your bed or on top of your cabinets when not in use. This is all thanks to the different mechanisms behind the opening and closing of sofa beds. Apart from the usual folding type, which is very common in the market these days, there are still more types of sofa bed mechanisms to fit your needs.

First one is the Pull-Out Opening Mechanism. This is a great choice for those who are renting out their apartments or condominium units. You get to maintain a tidy exterior while also having more space for extra people when needed. Pull-out sofa beds come with metal frames, which makes it more compact. You simply need to pull the mattress out from a “folded” position, and you get a fully functional bed. Note though that for this type of mechanism, the mattress for the rest of the bed is thinner, but you remain well-supported by the metal frame.

A more popular and accessible option for a sofa bed is the easy-open mechanism. It literally is easy to assemble and change into either a sofa or bed because the mattress is already securely attached to its frame. This type of sofa bed also comes with a metal frame, making it lightweight and durable enough even with consistent opening and closing. The mechanism is meant to convert the sofa into a bed within seconds with minimal effort. The best part about choosing this type is the designs mostly look sophisticated enough, it doubles as décor and a really functional part of your house.

Finally, we have the other crowd favourite, the click clack sofa bed. It is one of the most affordable ones in the market, and it literally derived its name from the sound it makes when you try to open or close it. When unfolded, this easily functions as a sofa. It comes with a secure lock after folding or unfolding, and this means that the sofa bed is already stable enough to carry more weight. You’ll often find click and clack sofa beds to have an extra soft and thick mattress.

The decision which type of mechanism to choose from all boils down to your budget and types of usage. However, all of them have a compact look that makes them ideal for small spaces. The only difference is in the convenience of opening/closing, as well as the aesthetics. If you are looking for something that will look elegant enough for your living room, the easy-open sofa is your best choice. For small bedrooms, both click-clack, and pull-out sofa beds work great. Check out our other guide on how to find the right sofa bed.

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