How to Manage Termite Infestation in Your Home

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One of every homeowner’s nightmares is finding out termites have invaded some corners of the house. This case has never ended well when not treated abruptly and professionally.  We have seen countless instances where homeowners get confused on how to handle termite infestation at home. This article will help you with ways to fight these bugs off your building.

What are termites?

Termites are wood-eating insects. There are over 12,000 different species of termites on the planet now and about three hundred species are currently found in the United States. These creatures cause damage to homes and properties worth more than $5 billion every year.

Termites enter into your home through cracks or holes around windows, doors, and other places in your house that offer possible entry points for these insects. They build nests behind the walls using mud as their main ingredient and food is usually either deadwood from trees or wooden structures inside your home such as furniture and floorboards. This means that your termites can infest not just your home structured but even your precious furniture, as well.

Termite Protection Measures

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Before we get into trying to eliminate termites completely, it is wise that you first check the integrity of the foundation and foundation wall. Check all possible entry points for pesky insects before they can make their way inside your house. Don’t allow them the luxury of destroying parts of your abode by making sure there are no cracks or holes in your walls and foundation. Repair any problem with the roofing material as leaks are also favorite paths for termites to invade your home and start feeding on your wood items.

Ideally, during house construction, consult a pest control professional on how to make your home pest-proof. However, if this was not done prior to the construction, these preventive measures should also save you from massive termite damages.

Solution for Termite Infestation

Now, granting efforts to prevent termite infestation failed to work, here are your quick and reliable solutions to save your property:

Before you decide to hire a professional termite exterminator, you can always try the DIY way. There are available termite treatment products from home tool shops and hardware stores both online and offline. They work by poisoning the insect and effectively killing them instantly or after some time. You could either purchase one of these for immediate use or have it delivered straight away to your home address, depending on whichever is convenient for you.

However, other than buying chemical-based pesticide products, there are ways to ensure that you do not attract further termites and destroy your foundation even more. Learn methods of natural repellent so that your house will repel insects without endangering any lives (including yours).

The safest and fastest way to get rid of termites in your home though is by hiring a pest control expert. This will save you time and effort looking for the right chemicals and figuring out how to apply them. A pest control expert will know which chemicals to use as there are some that can harm and kill humans if used improperly. The professional will have the best ways of eliminating termites without also harming your family and other living things inside your home.

Checking out a list of good pest control services is important so you do not just hire anyone to get rid of your termite infestation problem in your home. Make sure that they are licensed, bonded, insured, and accredited for their services before hiring them. Their reputation with previous clients is something else you should check up on.

Termites have no mercy so make sure that you don’t give them room in your house or property by knowing how to protect yourself from their destruction!

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