Best Pressure Cooker Malaysia Review – 10 Picks for Busy House Chef in 2022

If you’ve ever been to Malaysia, then you know that the country’s obsession with food has made it a hot spot for culinary goods. It’s no surprise why pressure cookers in Malaysia is gaining popularity of late. This is all thanks to the increasing number of cooking shows on TV and even in magazines, where famous chefs teach people how to make their favorite dishes using one pot or pan.  Many people remember it as the shrieking cooker that wakes them up in the morning. Pressure cookers have undergone substantial improvements over the years, so they are perfect for homes looking for more diverse food preparations that take less time and effort.

Also, a pressure cooker has all the important safety features that help avoid the dangers associated with using it, such as splatters and injuries. If you’re interested in buying a pressure cooker but don’t know what type will work best for your needs, this guide can help!

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Pressure Cookers Comparison Table

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Here are the best 10 pressure cookers in Malaysia that we have tried and tested.

1. Philips Electric Pressure Cooker HD2139

Digital Display

The HD2139 from Philips is a modern multitasking pressure cooker that brings innovations for time-saving and convenience. You can do more than one cooking process in the same device, with 9x safety protection systems to provide peace of mind during operation, and an easy-clean inner lid, which saves on washing up afterwards!


  • Preset-timer for 24 hours
  • It is a fast, convenient way of cooking healthy meals
  • Its large screen digital display is easy to read
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2. Russell Taylor Pressure Cooker 

Easy Cleaning 

Russell Taylor 6L electric Electric Pressure Cooker is made for this era with its easy-to-read controls and large screen. With its programmable timer, sensitive touch sensor panel and power-efficient Automatic cooking functions meaning you can enjoy delicious food right when it’s ready. For cooks who like healthy, quick-cooking, what could be more convenient than having a pot that does all the work for you? The modern 6L electric pressure cooker is one of our favourites because it is easy and safer to use.


  • It is easy to program its timer
  • It has an innovative design        
  • Nutritional keep warm, child lock system
  • Automatic pressure release function

This pressure cooker from Russell Taylors is easy to wash because its inner body is made of non-stick pot, so you will never have to worry about the mess after cooking. Get the best price here.

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3. Philips Pressure Cooker HD2136

Different Cooking Functions 

Owning this Philips pressure cooker 5.0L is like never having to worry about what to eat ever again. With its sizeable digital screen display, fast convenience and easy no-screw function, not only will you come up with tasty meals on the fly, but you’ll also be able to make them healthier through this efficient cooking process. It comes in a stunning stainless steel finish so that your kitchen’s aesthetics won’t suffer either!



  • Perfect for those who live alone
  • Occupies a small space
  • Smaller, however, the functionality is not compromised
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4. HM10 Electric Pressure Cooker

Multiple Pressure Cooking Settings

This 8L to 6l electric pressure cooker allows you to easily expand your normal recipe serving. This is because the package comes with two sizes. It also comes with pre-programmed cooking settings, but you can still manually set the cooking settings to your preference; however, this depends on your recipe’s requirements. 



  • Time and Power Saving
  • 24-hour delay timer
  • Five safety features are built-in (Temperature Limit, Ultra-High Temperature Safe, De-Pressure, Pressure Auto-Relief, Lid Auto-Lock)

You can buy this package online; get it here.

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5. Panaletrik Pressure Cooker 


This is a revolutionary electric pressure cooker from Panaletrik. It takes less time to cook healthy meals, plus you also have the option to slow cook your food through this cooker. Their plug-heads is compatible with Malaysia’s. This makes it perfect for Malaysian buyers. Panaletrik Pressure Cooker is the best choice to save money and time while cooking delicious food. You can cook healthier meals due to less leaching of vitamins when water isn’t present in the cooking process.  



  • The non-stick and durable inner pots
  • It offers a crispy taste because of the nutritional baking feature
  • Keep warm rice fresh for 12 hours because of its nutritional keep
  • Keep Warm Function

This pressure cooker has user-friendly features that include a large digital display. Get this pressure cooker online here.

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6. Birkeshire  Pressure Cooker COMBO PC-260-M

Effortless Functionality

Introducing the Birkeshire Pressure Cooker COMBO PC-260-M! This top-quality pressure cooker is certified for use worldwide and boasts an impressive range of features, making it an excellent value for your money. Seven layers of safety protection keep you safe while cooking, and 36 easy preset combos make creating delicious, healthy meals a breeze. The Keep Warm function keeps your food hot for up to 12 hours, so you can come home to a meal that’s ready to enjoy.


  • User-friendly touch interface
  • Delay timer for up to 24 hours 
  • Easy  usage and care
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7. Tefal Home Chef Smart Pressure Cooker CY601D


Auto-detects problems

The Tefal Home Chef Smart Pressure Cooker CY601D PC-260-M is the perfect appliance for all of your cooking needs. This appliance can do it all with a powerful 1000 W motor, adjustable temperature, and 15+2 preprogrammed cooking modes! The removable 6.0 L bowl also makes cleanup a breeze. Plus, the built-in timer ensures that your food will never overcook. Thanks to its innovative design and durable construction, the Tefal Home Chef Smart Pressure Cooker CY601D PC-260-M is sure to be a favourite in your kitchen!



  • Auto diagnosis 
  • Fuse protection
  • Up to 80% faster cooking
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Introducing the HIRAKI 6L electric pressure cooker! This fantastic appliance has 12 multi-use programs, making it perfect for various dishes. The high-pressure setting is ideal for stews and roasts, while the slow cooker is excellent for soups and curries. And if you’re in a hurry, the quick cook function will have dinner on the table in no time! Plus, the dishwasher safe inner pot makes clean up a breeze. Make your life easier with the HIRAKI 6L electric pressure cooker!



  • 12 pre-programmed menu
  • Keep warm settings
  • Dishwasher safe for easier cleanup
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9. Primada  Pressure Cooker MPC2550


Best for smaller kitchens

If you are searching for a smaller pressure cooker, then this Primada Pressure cooker is the one for you! Primada’s MPC2550 pressure cooker is fully automatic with ten menu buttons and a one-touch button. You can make Stir Fry with this cooker, Delay Timer of 24 hours keep warm, 2.5-litre Capacity and Multiple Protection. The product will benefit your daily life and especially the Tender & Juicy function, which holds the food moist and juicy. Press the One Button Pressure Release to have a safe cooking experience.


  • Perfect for those who live alone
  • Occupies a small space
  • Smaller, however, the functionality is not compromised
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10. Taii DESSINI 8L 

This electric pressure cooker is a must-have for any modern kitchen! It has a 360-degree heating plate that ensures even cooking, and it comes with ten different functions so you can prepare all your favourite meals. The six-litre capacity is perfect for larger families, and the built-in overheat protection device keeps your food safe. Plus, the stylish design will look great on any countertop.



  • Premium safety features 
  • Energy saving
  • 6 pre-programmed menus
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Best Pressure Cooker Brands in Malaysia


When we talk about household and kitchen appliances, Philips is always on top of that list. Philips is mostly known for the innovations in the electronics they make. This is also true when it comes to their pressure cookers. For example, this pressure cooker comes with a microchip that releases the pressure automatically once the food is cooked. 

Russell Taylor

Since the build of Russell Taylors, they were able to capture the heart of multiple households already. With this brand, you are sure to get the value of what you pay for. They focus on quality and excellence with what they provide on the market.


When in need of top-notch kitchenware, look no further than Tefal. Like what they say on their page “Innovation is in our DNA” and indeed their products, including their pressure cookers are innovatively designed. They are constantly developing to make every common traditional cookware more convenient for everyone.

Benefits of Pressure Cookers

It is easy to think you do not need a pressure cooker because you already have several kitchen and cooking appliances. However, many people decide to buy elegant rice cookers because the benefits of these pressure cookers outweigh their costs. You can prepare all sorts of meals with this one appliance, including classic favorites like meat stew and rice porridge. 

Firstly, it is fast and easy to cook, using a pressure cooker. It also allows you to prepare stew while doing other things, with some models doubling as slow cookers. Pressure cooking pot is made from durable materials making them withstand both the high temperature and pressure required for cooking. 

Secondly, it helps preserve the nutrients because the food takes less time to cook. This ensures your meal tastes tastier.

Thirdly, pressure cookers are energy efficient, so they cannot increase your electricity bills.


Do I need to release steam when cooking with pressure cooker?

This is not necessary. The pressure inside the cooker will be very high but at the same time, it is sealed tightly enough that no extra steam can escape even if you don’t release the steam.

Is it safe to use a pressure cooker?

Yes, provided you follow all instructions and safety measures when cooking with pressure cooker. Always take note of any warning labels on your appliance before using it for cooking purposes.

What are some common things I can cook in my electric pressure cooker?

Zero to hero dishes like soups, stews or meats usually become easier to make using an electric pressure cookers because they come with pre-programmed buttons that allow you to simply set the timer and walk away without worrying about anything else other than flipping on the switch and wait for the timer to go off


So you’ve read through our list of the best pressure cookers in Malaysia and picked out your next one? Hopefully, it fulfilled all the needs that we talked about to make cooking easier for you. We always love hearing from people who have tried these products too! What did you think of yours? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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