Pros And Cons Of Top Loading Machines Vs Front Loading Machines

Both top loading and front loading washing machines have their pros and cons. The biggest difference is the method in which you load and unload the machines. If you are buying a washing machine anytime soon, you are likely going to be faced with the task of choosing between them. In this article, we will be going over some things to consider when looking to pick one.


  1. Accessibility

There is no doubt that a top-loading washing machine is going to be easier to use for those who are taller with longer arms. For those who are shorter and don’t require so much bending, a front loading washing machine might actually be more accessible. Therefore, this is going to come down to a matter of preference.

Winner: Tie

  1. Performance

There are different kinds of top-loading washing machines that you can choose from. There are high-efficiency models without agitators and there are models that feature agitators. Even more, there are two distinct types of agitators that you can purchase. There are single-action and dual-action options. Dual-action agitators are going to do a much better job.

Whereas, a high-efficiency model is likely to not have any agitator at all. Instead, it will have something known as an impeller which effectively spins to throw the clothes around the drum much more efficiently. High-efficiency models are much more gentle wit your clothing and will likely limit rips, tears, or stretching. Whereas, front-loading machines don’t use agitators whatsoever. Typically, front-loading machines are not going to require the same level of water and energy to complete a full cycle. Therefore, they tend to be inherently more efficient by their very design.

Winner: Front-Loading Washing Machines

  1. Capacity

When it comes to capacity, front-loading machines are going to take the cake. Typically, you will find a lot of the front-loading machines on the marketplace offering a lot more capacity than the top loading machines. This is primarily because the design of the front-loading machine affords it the ability to fit in a much larger barrel/drum which can help maximize capacity. Likewise, there is absolutely no agitator in the machine which means there is nothing taking up space in the machine. Whereas, a top-loading machine is going to have an agitator taking up a lot of the space in the drum and the drums are already inherently smaller. Therefore, you can expect to have a lot less capacity with a top-loading machine.

Winner: Front-Loading Washing Machines

  1. Price

You will generally find that front-loaders are the more expensive option of the bunch. While they have come down in price in recent history, they are still going to be more expensive on an individual basis. You can find a lot of good models that are affordable for each. Likewise, a lot of the affordable models are packed with a lot of useful features. Therefore, either one is going to be a good option. You really just want to find one that fits within your budget range if you are looking for a washing machine.

Winner: Top-Loading Washing Machines

The bottom line is, you will want to purchase the one that makes the most sense for your use-case. If you are someone who doesn’t like to bend down, it might be in your best interest to get a top-loading machine. As basic of a task as that sounds, you need to think about how much you will be doing the laundry. However, for the majority of the other things including power, capacity, and efficiency, front loaders are generally the better bet. Therefore, if possible, you will probably want to stick to a front-loading machine. Find out more about washing machine buying guide.

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