Reasons Why You Should Go For Air Coolers Over Air Conditioners.

Air coolers and air conditioners work effectively to maintain the air in a state that you may desire. However, when you start shopping, you will be overwhelmed, considering the many variables. The situation can become tedious, and with a lack of information, you can end up making a poor choice. Although both machines work well, air coolers have consistently gained acknowledgement over time. With the information below, you will know more about them, and in the end, you can decide if they are worth it.

Air Quality

Air conditioners work in a way to either freshen or heat air by utilizing a chemical coolant. It continuously does this by using the same air in the specified location; thus, the quality does not improve but somewhat deteriorates. For the case of air coolers, it pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down using water. The fresh air then gets blown in the room to make you comfortable. Its mechanism of working allows for the wind to have a little moisture. People with medical conditions like asthma and any other allergies can benefit hugely from using this machine.

Environmentally Sustainable

Whether you are environmentally conscious or not, it is always advisable to avoid using machines that release pollutants to the air. Air conditioners work using refrigerants like (Chlorofluorocarbons) CFC and hydro (chlorofluorocarbons) HFC during its operation. Harmful gasses get released into the atmosphere, thus increasing pollution and exposing you to health risks. Air coolers are safer to work with since they use water as their refrigerant. The water gets pumped to the pads, and with assistance from the fan, fresh air gets blown outside. You do not have to worry about your health since the air let out is of the best quality. Also, the temperature outside remains relaxed, unlike air conditioners, where it gets hotter. The situation occurs because the compressor of an AC generates heat to kick start its performance.


The best way to achieve quality heating or cooling using an air conditioner is by positioning them in a room. Such a requirement limits you as you cannot use them in an outdoor location. Although there are portable designs, you will still need a place that is enclosed for them to be efficient. However, air coolers are flexible and can keep up with your movements. You can comfortably use them indoor and also outdoor. The most important requirement is you fill the storage tank with water and also have access to electricity. Some models come with a rechargeable battery for more convenience.


Due to the ability to either cool or heat, most people will opt for air conditioners over coolers. However, if you analyze them in-depth, you realize the benefits that air coolers offer you. First, air coolers are affordable as compared to AC. The pricing aspect not only refers to the purchasing costs but also installation and operations. They consume more electricity resulting in substantial energy bills. Air coolers are affordable, and they work on almost 80% less power than AC. They do not require special skills to make them start functioning. Once you fill the water tank and plug it into a socket, you are good to go. The manual that comes from the manufacturer will guide you on how the controls work when you want to make any adjustments.

The only limitation to air coolers is they cannot work well in humid areas. Any presence of moisture will not leave room for them to blow our air efficiently. Otherwise, as seen above, you have more to gain when using them as compared to an AC.

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