Shopee 5.5 Sale 2021 – Jualan Raya Hebat

Did you miss the Shoppe 4.4 sale? Well, here is your chance again as Shopee is back with the 5.5 sale. We have been using Shopee for the past month and we have noticed considerable improvement in inventories. We are sure that you will find some exciting and unique deals this May when you check out Shopee shopping. In addition to the existing brands, we expect to have some exciting new local brands.


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About the Shopee 5.5 Pre-Hype Season

As the term implies, you can now start shopping early. You don’t need to wait until May 5 to take advantage of those exciting deals. In this pre-hype season, you can take advantage of a variety of voucher codes as well as promotions to get some great deals. 23rd April is the opening day of the sale. Here is what you can expect during this sale:

  • Daily free shipping.
  • RM 10 Off Min. Spend RM 20 – In other words, it is 50% off if you buy a RM 20 items!
  • Up to 50% Off voucher.
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21 Popular Stores with Huge Saving for Shopee 5.5 Jualan Raya Hebat

No specific thing to buy yet? Why not get some idea from monthly hot selling products in Shopee? There must be a reason why all these products are selling like a hot cake. Don’t miss the deal and check out these hot deals in 5.5 Jualan Raya Hebat.

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Special Coupon Code for Shopee 5.5 Sale

Besides the standard voucher offer by Shopee which often redeem by others quickly, we also secure special voucher code for our reader.

#1 – New Customer: 23 April until 5 May2021

  • Type: For new customer only
  • Voucher Code: IA55NC
  • Offer: Free RM 10 with minimum spend RM20.
  • Validity: Storewide discount
  • Not Valid for Top-ups, Tickets & Vouchers, One or Not by Shopee Store products, PETRONAS Fuel Cards, S-Mart Milo, MMA Foundation Store, Gift Cards, and E-Voucher
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What is Shopee 5.5 Sale?

It is also known as the Juala Raya Hebat. Think of it as the monthly promotion and shopping day for the month of March. Shopee offers amazing deals during the month of May. Click here to find out more.

What are the top products in Shopee 5.5 Sale?

We regularly compare and review a variety of deals to help you get the best deals. Here’s a list of the top 15 deals. Don't forget to check these deals before parting with your hard earned money.

How Much Of Discount ✅ You Can Get From Shopee 5.5 Sale Event ❓

There is no limit to discounts. In fact, 70 to 80% discounts are common. The discounts typically start at 20%. Click here to know more about discounts on Shopee. more discount on Shopee here.

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