The Benefits of Having a Water Dispenser

When the family started to contemplate buying a water dispenser, one of the first questions asked was: “will it not increase our electricity bill?”

Water dispenser have long been associated with additional energy consumption, so not many people and homes find it as a good option. However, those who already have their water dispenser at home will surely tell you that its benefits will easily offset the minimal increase in your electricity bill. Here are the top benefits that you will gain from owning a water dispenser.

Faster and safer storage of water

Water dispenser gets rid of lots of bottles that you need to refill constantly at home. This means more space inside your fridge for other food and beverages. It reduces the risk of contamination from transferring from one container to another. It’s best to keep your water in its original bottle, and having a dispenser conveniently allows you to do this.

Instant access to drinking water

A water dispenser will prove its full benefits in a larger household where a number of people constantly get water. You will never have to run out of cold water from the fridge when you have a water dispenser. Similarly, you also get rid of heating water every time you need one for your tea or coffee. All these can be simultaneously done through your water dispenser. It certainly reduces the energy consumption from the constant opening of the fridge and usage of the water heater.

Better tasting water

We didn’t know there could be varying tastes of water until we got to travel to other countries. Water easily adapts to its environment so where you get it is as important as how and where you store it. Water dispensers, especially the more advanced ones also come with their own filters resulting to crystal clear tasting water each time. This also helps in improving the quality of your coffee. No other taste will compete with the flavor notes of your coffee, as it goes through a thorough filtration process through your water dispenser.

Easy to install and maintain

Unlike other water filters, a water dispenser is easy to purchase and will barely have any installation required. Most water dispensers will only need cleaning and maintenance at least once a month, and this could even be longer depending on your usage and quality of water. Since most water dispensers have vertical designs, it is also easy to fit in your current kitchen set-up. For those who are still struggling with space, there are also counter-top water dispenser options. This is also good for those who have children at home, to make sure they cannot easily reach the dispenser and avoid any hot water accidents.

Ensuring Energy Efficiency with Water Dispenser

The thought of having another electronic appliance plugged in the entire day can indeed be worrying. This is why some people are reluctant to add water dispensers at home due to fears of bloated electric consumption. However, it is actually proven to be more energy-efficient than using your electric kettle a couple of times a day to get your hot water. The water dispenser also has a storage feature, allowing you to have access to hot water for up to 5 hours, without consuming additional energy at all. The same goes for your cold water.

However, if you want to further cut consumption, you may also opt to unplug your dispenser during bedtime or when the rest of the family members are out of the house. Most water dispensers these days are also efficient enough to give you hot and cold water in a matter of minutes. Learn more about the type of water dispenser here.

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