The Benefits of Using CCTV Camera for Business and Home Use

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Many people have started to downplay the importance of a CCTV camera, saying that it only informs you that a crime has taken place, but does not necessarily prevent it from happening. While these cases are inevitable, CCTV cameras have so far proven their advantages both for personal and commercial use.

CCTV or Closed-circuit television serve to use video camera technology to do round-the-clock surveillance of the area. These compact cameras have a wider reach than they look. So it can be placed in one corner, and can already cover a huge area of the house of building. Data captured by the CCTV are either transmitted via wired or wireless links.

Throughout the years, the price points of CCTV have also become more affordable, allowing homeowners and small businesses to own one. Still doubtful about the benefits of CCTV?

Here are more things you get from this tiny surveillance camera:

For Businesses

  1. Monitoring Employee and Customer Activities

Preventing crimes is the common reason for installing CCTVs, but it also serves a more practical purpose for business owners. It is one of the best ways for you to monitor your business without needing to spend time there 24/7. Your CCTV can do it for you, apart from your onsite manager, of course. Whether it is to monitor your employees’ productivity or analyze customer behaviour patterns inside the store, a CCTV strategically located inside the store can provide you with such data.

  1. Records keeping

Automate one of the most tasking parts of running the business – keeping records. Your CCTV can help you record the number and even profile of people going in and out of your establishment. This includes customers, deliveries, and employees. You can also record what time your store is getting the most number of customers walking in, and whether they match your sales for that hour.

  1. Evidence on Hand

In case of unfortunate incidents, you are confident that you will have solid evidence with you through your CCTV captures. This can make that investigate run faster and smoother since your CCTV can provide the time, point of entry, and hopefully even a suspect profile. If you strategically place your CCTV at the entrance, it may also somehow discourage crimes from happening.

For Homes

  1. Monitor other family members left at home

Advances in CCTV now allows you to remotely monitor your home, even while you are at work. It gives you a sense of control of what goes on in your house, especially while you are away. This is especially helpful for those who constantly have kids or pets left at home.

  1. Reduced insurance premiums

Did you know that some insurance companies consider the security features of a real estate property in the computation of your total premiums? A CCTV is one of the ways to constantly reduce the cost of your insurance policy. It gives them the assurance that your house is less likely to be subjected to situations that will cause you to process claims.

  1. Increase security

Finally, CCTV increases the overall security in your house. While it certainly cannot stop a thief from stealing things, it can prevent theft from happening in the first place. CCTV creates a sort of deterrent for criminals because it makes it harder for them to invade your property with all the installed surveillance.

In order to make the most out of your CCTV, make sure to also pay attention to other security requirements for your property, including good quality door locks and alarm system. Another budget-friendly item that is best paired with CCTV is a motion-censored light. Find out how to choose the right CCTV camera.

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