The Differences Between Digital Thermometer and Mercury Thermometer

Thermometers come in many different forms, with a thermometer being one of the most important tools for maintaining healthy living standards. When choosing which type to use however there is more than just preference at play; their individual benefits can vary depending on what you need them too! In order to help you stay as healthy and comfortable as possible, it is important that everyone have access at home with a reliable medical thermometer. Being able determine if someone has a fever gives the person insight into what they should do next for their care package or treatment plan- like any other device in your house!

Two of the most common types of thermometers are digital and mercury. Listed below are the difference between the two and what would be better for you.

The use of digital thermometers has been on the rise in recent years, and for good reason. With many advantages over traditional mercury ones- which we’ll explore below!–this new type is quickly replacing its predecessor!

Digital Thermometer

Fast Results

Digital thermometers provide fast results as opposed to mercury ones whose readings are slower because you have wait for the mercury heat up and then slowly rise. However, these new digital models use advanced technology that enables them show temperatures on spot- no more waiting around while your drink or pan boils over!


Mercury thermometers have been known to be a hazard for both the user and those around them. They can easily break, releasing toxic mercury into your body which would contaminate you as well if released from its container or surroundings. The old-fashioned mercury thermometer is becoming a thing of the past, as countries around the world phase it out due to its dangers and difficulty in cleaning up. The digital thermometer is a much more reliable and accurate way to measure temperatures. The metal components of these instruments ensure that they will not break or release dangerous chemicals, making it safer for you as well! There are even models available which can be used far above either mercury’s boiling point and below its freezing point. The device uses tiny electronic circuits that help gauge the temperature. As it gets hotter, more energy flows and these sensors register your desired measurement into an indicated value on their screen or keyboard depending how big of a change you want to see happen with this new technology!


The accuracy of a digital thermometer is higher than that found in conventional mercury models and they’re quickly replacing them because their technologies provide better reading, even making this popular choice amongst professionals. Some even include Thermocouple sensors on probes which have been measured at very high levels to deliver pinpointed readings.

How Does a Digital Thermometer

The Digital Thermometer relies on the effectiveness of microchips. In fact, it’s mostly based off metal’s resistance to heat and how that varies with temperature; an electromotive force streams through one electrode while calculating current which translates into readings within a digital readout.

Mercury Thermometer

The mercury thermometer is a great tool for measuring temperatures of all kinds. It’s also easy to use and has an accurate range that goes between -37 degree Celsius (low freezing point) and 356 degree Celsius.

The advantages of using a mercury thermometer are that it is an excellent conductor, giving fast response time and accurate results. One big advantage over other liquids such as alcohol or water for example, which may boil at different temperatures throughout your day (even if you use them equally), will be how much smaller this device can get due to its lack in volume when compared side-by-side with either liquid type! In addition the wall not being wetted means there’s no chance whatsoever they’ll evaporate before we need them too – meaning more durability than even

A mercury thermometer is a great choice for measuring temperature because it does not break easily, has high accuracy and can measure cold temperatures. However its toxic qualities make this device dangerous to use around living beings or the environment if anything were leak from its bulb- which means you’ll need proper protective gear when handling one!

Digital thermometers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits comfortably into your hand. They also take readings quickly, which is important when you have a feverish child who needs an accurate temperature reading right away! If you are looking for a thermometer that can be used for both oral and rectal readings, then the digital thermometer is the best option for you. However, if you only need a thermometer for oral readings, then the mercury thermometer would be better suited for your needs. Whichever type of thermometer you choose, make sure to keep it clean and sanitized between uses to prevent the spread of germs.

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