The Vacuum Features that You Should Really Care About

If you have tried shopping for vacuums recently, you will be amazed by the many variations and models already available. We now have robotic vacuum cleaners that basically do all the cleaning for you. However, for a regular household, investing in a totally automated vacuum may not be necessary. Focusing on the essential features of a vacuum cleaner will not only save you money, but it will also guarantee that you get the most out of your purchase.


Here are the top five features to look out for in comparing vacuum models.

Suction Power

Do not be fooled by aesthetics and those wattage figures and focus instead on the suction power of the vacuum that you are considering. Different brands may use different units on their packaging, but you will usually see it labelled with “Pascal” or “AWS”. Basically, the higher the figure, the better. Vacuums with 1000 or more suction power can already cover both hard floors and fabric surfaces.

The main goal of buying a vacuum cleaner, apart from thorough cleaning is to get the job done faster. This will primarily depend on the suction power of your vacuum cleaner.

Noise Level

For a time, we have actually gotten too used to hearing that familiar vacuum sound. But, as years passed, and more innovations started to come in, it already seems unreasonable to still tolerate loud vacuum noises. With this, it is crucial to buy vacuums that have excellent noise reduction feature. There are actually some brands that offer “sleep” or “quiet” function, for during those times when you just need to clean but do not want to disturb other people around the house. If you are buying your vacuum from an actual store, make sure to have this feature tested. However, if you will buy your vacuum cleaner online, the buyers’ reviews are pretty good reference already.


This refers to the ability of the vacuum to be manoeuvred in all sorts of direction possible, allowing you to clean even the hard to reach areas of the house. With this, your vacuum cleaner should at least come with wheels and a long power cable. Also opt for vacuum cleaners that include nozzle accessories that you can switch up, depending on the area that you are cleaning. It is even better if you can find one with a smooth glide and rotatable wheels. You would not want the wheels on your vacuum cleaner to mess with your floor. This factor is, of course, a non-issue if you decide to go for a robotic vacuum.

Dust bin

Whether you are choosing a bag or bagless vacuum cleaner, it is crucial to check the dust bin type and size. This will significantly determine how convenient your vacuum will be in terms of long term and frequent usage. Find dust bins that are large enough to accommodate your regular cleaning. Also, check for the quality of these dust bins to make sure that it safely stores even the tiniest particles gathered.


Finally, check for the support required by the vacuum cleaners. You will usually find this in the packaging, or you can ask the accounts specialist of the best way to maintain the vacuum cleaner. Look for vacuum cleaners that are easy to clean and store. A vacuum cleaner that requires so much of your time for maintenance is not worth it. Newer models of vacuum cleaners now come with auto-clean features, so this would be a good investment, as well.

All other features that you may see in your vacuum cleaners are a great bonus already. But make sure to check these five features and whether they work best for your household before buying.

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