Things to Consider When Buying a Stand Mixer

Mixers come in all shapes and sizes, but if you need to mix up heavy ingredients like dough or batter then a stand mixer is perfect for your needs. These stationary stands feature bowls that can hold more than just eggs – they’re also great at anything you want to prepare. From baking to preparing your meals.

Stand mixers are the best choice for anyone who has ever had to do a task alone, like prepare ingredients or make something special. You can start by combining some dry goods in your bowl while you go gather others and then come back without having any interruptions!

So you’re looking to buy the best kitchen mixer? Well, there are a few things that will help narrow down your choice:

Type of Stand Mixer

There are two common types of stand mixers, the tilt-head and bowl-lift.

Tilt-head – The tilt head stand mixer bowls are a great option for those who have limited counter space or storage options. They typically attach to the base of your appliance, making it easy and quick when you need something from one spot during cooking time!

Bowl-lift – The bowl-lift stand mixer is perfect for those who want to mix large batches and heavy ingredients. The sturdy arms provide stability, while a lever smoothly lifts the bowls into position under your beaters, so you don’t have any spilled batter! This model also comes equipped with larger capacities that can handle dense mixtures like cookie dough or cake Mixer deliciousness without spilling anything on either yourself or counters below

Cooking Needs

This is an important question to ask yourself before you purchase your new mixer. Think about what kind of recipes and quantities are going into the mixers, because if they’re more specialized than typical pastries or desserts then it might not be worth spending extra money on one that can handle those types only when really needed


The heavier your stand mixer, the more durable it will be. On one hand you want this to remain sturdy so as not bounce around on countertop but at same time easy enough for daily use- which means weighing less than other models available! Mixers with a heavy weight will be more stable while mixing thick dough. If you need to get it out of your cabinet every time go for a lighter model to make it easier for you. If your stand mixer stays on the countertop go for models that are 20 pounds or above in order not have any movement around the countertop!


There are many different types of stand mixers on the market, with prices varying depending upon size. If you’ll often be baking for large groups and have the space, then investing in a larger kitchen mixer will likely make your life easier. Even if you’ll only be cooking for your own small family though it’s possible to find a model that will work just fine – medium or smaller sized appliances should suffice!

Speed Settings

Make sure your mixer has a “slow start” setting so you can add ingredients like flour without making too much of a mess. Most models also come with fast enough speeds for making meringues and other soft substances, but if you’re want more precision then going after one that offers more speed options may reward positively! Mixing different types of foods will require a mixer with variable speeds. Most models offer 3 to 12 options in this category, depending on how fast you want your batter or dough mixed!

Available Attachments

The list of attachments for your stand mixer will help you create a variety of new foods. But it’s important to buy a mixer that will work with all the attachments you want. That way, if and when new ones come out in future years then your current one is ready!

Noise Level

 Standing mixers can be a fairly large and loud appliance, so it’s important to keep that in mind when looking at them. Some models seem louder than others though- if you’re sensitive about noisy appliances then try checking out those with quieter specifications!


Mixing is all about power! Make sure you get a stand mixer with at least 250 watts of hooked up to your kitchen appliances because anything less and the thickest batter will still seem like thin watery liquid.


If you’re looking for a little color in your kitchen, there are plenty of options. You can go with something simple like white or black – just be aware that if this is going into an updated space it might not fit quite as well with other colors already present! For those who want more vibrant hues however- many top brands offer colorful choices so finding one should not prove too difficult at all./

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