Things To Take Into Account When Shopping For A New Fridge

Purchasing a new fridge can be a daunting task for any homeowner. Firstly it can be a very expensive investment and secondly it is one of the white goods that can make a real difference to the quality of life for those in the home – and it is an appliance that is quite simply part and parcel of modern life. However, given the number of different makes and models on the market the decision can be a complex and sometimes confusing one.

If you are in the market for a new fridge, here are some factors that should be considered.

One of the first decisions that the buyer faces is whether to opt for a top or bottom freezer style fridge. Traditionally the freezer was located at the top of the unit as cold air sinks and this law of thermodynamics allowed for the fridges to be more energy efficient. However – there were potential problems. Strong smelling foods stored in the top freezer can spread throughout the fridge. Newer models have solved this problem to a certain extent. The other option is the bottom freezer. this allows the fridge section, which is accessed far more frequently to be at eye level.

Obviously, the size of the fridge is going to have an influence on the final decision to purchase. Fridges can vary from around 14 cubic feet of space all the way up to around 30 cubic feet (although double door fridges can offer significantly more space and there are also single door models that can offer up to 40 cubic feet). The smaller sizes are ideal for singles or couples, while the larger sizes are suitable for families of four or more.

It is always going to be take off between the size of the kitchen and the fridge that will be purchased. you may have to settle for something slightly smaller than is ideal if you live in an apartment or smaller space – but that simply means trips to the grocery store will happen more often. The alternative is to purchase a fridge that does not have a freezer section and purchasing a stand-alone ‘chest’ type freezer. however, again that will depend on the space that you have available.

Technology is also having an impact on fridge design and functionality. Water and ice dispensers are so 80s – there are wi-fi enabled fridges that will tell you (via an app) whether your fridge is at the optimal temperature, or even if you have left the fridge door open. There are models that feature LED lighting and temperature settings for different parts of the fridge, ensuring that food stays fresh for longer. One of the more innovative technological developments comes courtesy of LG with their InstaView feature. A darkened ‘door-in-door’ feature becomes transparent with two simple knocks – allowing users to view the inside of the fridge without opening the door – saving time and maintaining temperature, allowing for cost savings on energy.

The choice of which fridge to purchase can be a complex one. The guiding principle should be a careful evaluation of the needs of the household – and sticking to a budget. That’s the cool approach. To learn more on how to choose a fridge then click here!

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