Tips For Maintaining Portable Air Conditioner

Have up you invested in a portable air conditioner? Do you want to know how to take proper care of your portable air conditioner unit? If the answer to these questions is yes, this is the article you should read. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your portable air conditioning unit.

The most important that matters when it comes to service lifespan of your portable AC is its location. Dust is the biggest enemy of any air conditioner unit and you should try to find a location that is relatively free of dust or dirt. If it’s in a location full of dirt, the fine dust will get into the fan motors, the winding, the bearings and can lead to electrical as well as mechanical failures.

In case you are in a situation where it is not possible to avoid dusty areas, use a microbial filter to prevent dust from getting into the unit. You will need to place the unit near a window for venting. If a window isn’t available nearby, you might want to consider a ceiling tile or a sliding glass door as a venting outlet.

An air-conditioner will also collect a lot of water and that water needs to be thrown out. You have the option of installing a separate drain tube at the back of the unit. The drain can be emptied into a bucket or you can take the unit outside to drain. Make sure to supply optimum power to the unit if you want to enjoy cooling for many years. Ideally, a minimum of 15 amp circuit is needed for an AC unit. It will ensure that there is enough power for the fan motors and the compressor. Consider investing in an electrical surge protector to save your unit in case of a power surge.

One of the most common mistakes made by people when it comes to the installation of the exhaust pipe of a portable air conditioner is they either bend it or use the maximum available length. Try to keep it as short as possible and try to avoid any kinks or bends. In case there is moisture present in the exhaust pipe, it might get back into the unit and potentially damage the unit.

Just like other air-conditioners such as a window air conditioner or a split air conditioner, you will need to regularly clean the filter of your air conditioner to ensure a long service life. It will also help in maintaining good air quality inside your room where the air-conditioner is installed. If the AC has a washable filter, wash it regularly to keep the dust and dirt away.

If the dirt keeps accumulating, it will eventually form a crust on the coil which will affect the efficiency of your AC unit. The vents at the back of the unit should also be kept clean as this where the unit pulls in air to cool the compressor. Once the need for the AC is over, and it’s time to store it, you should first run the unit in fan mode to dry it completely. Once the unit is dry, cover it with a plastic sheet and store it in a dry place.

To conclude, you need to take proper care of your portable AC to enjoy its cooling for many years to come. The above mentioned tips should help you with that.

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