3 Best Tsunami Water Pump You Can Get in Malaysia – 2021 Tsunami Pump Reviews

best tsunami water pump malaysia

Tsunami is a Malaysian (1)  local brand that specialises in water pumps (2) and water boosters for homes, offices, and industries.

While relatively new in the industry, established only in 2007, this local company has strived to focus on advancing its technologies to ensure durable and reliable products for their clients.

Tsunami Pumps are made from the highest quality of materials and have its own safety controls to prevent hazards and accidents while using the water pump.

With this Tsunami Pump, Malaysia has become one of the most renowned names both in the country and even internationally.

We have scouted the top three recommended Tsunami water pumps (3) to narrow down your options.




For No. Room


Tsunami CMH2-30K


0.5 HP



Tsunami CMH2-40K


0.75 HP



Tsunami CMH4-40K Home Water Pump 1.0hp

Tsunami CMH4-40K


1.0 HP



1. Tsunami CMH2-30k Home Water Pump (0.5hp)

Best for small house

Promises a safe water pump that comes with its own fire-fighting system, the Tsunami home water pressure pump is ideal for every residence.

You can enjoy a seamless water flow without worrying about the safety of your water booster pump.

This maintenance-free automatic water pump also comes with its own thermal control system. It can be used for homes with up to two showers.

Tsunami water pumps also guarantee consistent water pressure even with multiple taps open at the same time.

Why buy this:

  • Efficient, energy-saving
  • Voltage :240V 50Hz 1Phase
  • Multi-stage pump
  • Splash Proof Protection IP55

You can get this water pump at a discounted price here!

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2. Tsunami CMH2-40K Home Water Pump (0.75hp)

Best of the best

For houses with more bathrooms, this model of Tsunami Home Water pump is for you.

Experience uninterrupted water stream in your entire home with up to 5 bathrooms with this CMH2-40k model of a home water pump.

Tsunamic water pumps are also easy to install. They are made from non-flammable materials ensuring the safety of homes in mind.

Why buy this:

  • Compact Design
  • Dry-running protection feature
  • Low-noise and vibration
  • Single-phase with thermal protector from T1

Buy this 0.75hp Home Water Pump here.

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3. Tsunami CMH4-40k Home Water Pump (1 hp)

Tsunami CMH4-40K Home Water Pump 1.0hp

High Power and Capability

For larger properties, this model of Tsunami Water Pump is the more practical choice. Comes with more boosting power, but also built with similar durable materials, this home water pump is a worthwhile investment.

This is a trusted water pump for houses with 4-5 bathrooms. There is no need to worry about water interruptions even when taps are simultaneously running.

Key features:

  • Quiet Operation, less vibration
  • Comes with mechanical seal to prevent water leakage
  • Thermal protector
  • Made of cast iron for inlet and outlet

Check out discounts for this water pump here.

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Should I get a Tsunami Water Pump?

If you are looking for a reliable local brand of water pump (Pam air untuk rumah) that guarantees value for money, the Tsunami water pumps are for you.

To get the most suitable horsepower, make sure you assess your home’s needs ahead. The right model is usually determined by the number of bathrooms in your house or property.

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Our Top Recommendation

Here’s our top recommended water pump for your home:

Tsunami CMH2-30k Home Water Pump (0.5hp).

You can get this at an affordable price but with reliable power.



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2 – What is Water Pump (http://www.crankshift.com/water-pump/)

3 – Tsunami Pump (https://www.tsunamipump.com)


❓Is Tsunami Water Pump a good brand? 👍

Yes. They are made from the highest quality and has its own safety controls

❓How much does a Tsunami Water Pump usually cost?

The price of a Tsunami Water Heater starts at 700 RM, depending on the model

❓What are the top Tsunami Water Pump?

- Tsunami CMH2-30k Home Water Pump
- Tsunami CMH2-40K Home Water Pump
- Tsunami CMH4-40k Home Water Pump

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