Types of Stand Fan

Pedestal fans have been around for a long time, and they’re still going strong because of how easy it is to use. Unlike ceiling blades, you don’t need to install them anywhere- just take their portability wherever your day takes you!

What is a pedestal fan? 

The pedestal fan is a great choice for those looking to cool down their home. This handy appliance comes with an adjustable stand that allows it to be placed at different distances from the ground, ranging between 4 and 8 feet tall, depending on what you need! You can adjust its height depending on your needs, and it can be taken anywhere. Stand fans are also known to have less electricity consumption compared to other fans such as tower fans or even compared to your air conditioning unit, making them energy efficient.

Types of Pedestal fans

With technology changing and people’s needs varying, several innovations have happened to pedestal fans over time. They are an essential appliance for any household because of their wide variety with different designs to suit your preference or need! Here are the two common types of pedestal fans that most popular brands offer:

Single Speed Blade

A single-speed standing fan is powered by a single-phase alternating current induction motor. The fan blade is attached to the spindle, which extends into the motor. The motor on this kind of pedestal fan has two parts. First is the rotor. The rotor is what makes an electric motor turn. It’s filled with metal and covered in magnets that keep it spinning freely when you apply power from your wall outlet. When the secondary spindle is extended from its resting place atop your motor, it rests against a worm gear in order to split things up. The stator is made up of two half-shells that hold onto the poles. The magnets on each side attract one another, passing electricity through them both for a more powerful output! This type of pedestal fan is also commonly smaller due to its simpler motor.

Multiple Speed Blade

This type of fan is the most complex type of pedestal fan, with a voltage regulator connected to an alternating current synchronous motor. The complexity of the fan head makes it bulkier and adds to its weight. The CV joint connecting these two spindles is also placed outside, which increases its size even more as well! Instead of just one metal piece, the motor’s rotor is a copper cylinder called a “squirrel cage” that sits within its stator.

Other Types of Fans to Consider

Tower Fan 

A tower fan is a perfect way to cool down your house quickly. They offer sturdy construction and generous sizes that will truly power through a large room with their strength of air circulation, making them great for people who live in hotter areas or want something more suitable than just an average fan size! Tower fans also offer a bladeless design which can make it light with a more slim design. Although, a tower fan can be a bit more expensive than your regular pedestal fan.

Table fans

If you’re looking for a small yet powerful fan that can keep your desk cool and provide fresh air at home or in the office, then consider this table-sized option. It’s perfect because it fits right onto any table with its compact size, making use of all available space without taking up too much room!

Ceiling fan 

The ceiling fan is one of the most common household appliances. It’s easy to install, operates using a low power consumption motor and turns blades which create circulation airflow in your room or space! They also usually come with remote control for much easier control.

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