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10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Earphone in Malaysia For Music Lover – 2021 Review

With everything getting more mobile these days, it makes perfect sense to also have all our other gadget accessories join the trend. Nothing spells mobile more than a wireless connection. We’ve seen a lot of new innovations lately, from wire charging to portable projectors. But what has remained a staple throughout the years is a good old and reliable wireless Bluetooth earphone.

Here’s an updated list of all the Bluetooth wireless earphone in Malaysia that you need to get your hands on this year:

1. Inpods12 12s Wireless Earphone Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Macaron Color

These days, the wireless earphone will literally mean no wire and just the earbuds. The risk though is finding a high-quality version of these ear pods. These eye-candy Inpods certainly pass the quality requirement, too.

  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones
  • 8 colour variations
  • 1-2 hours of playtime

For a minimal price, you definitely get what you pay for with this product. The matte finishing also makes it less prone to slipping.

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2. AMOI V8 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphones TWS Stereo Headset Bass LED Display Touch Control Headset

If you are looking for multi-functional wireless earphones that you can swiftly control, you will love this product.

  • Super mini size, easy to carry
  • With ultra-low latency game mode
  • Graphene bass diaphragm, HIFI high-frequency technology,
  • Touch to summon Siri and Android Assistant to make your life easier.

It’s rare to find earpods with these multiple functions and within this price range. So, don’t miss buying this online for less than RM50.

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3. Wireless Earphone Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Android Iphone Universal

We’re all about versatility these days. You really wouldn’t want to have two separate earphones for each phone. So we picked products with universal connectivity.

  • Longer transmission range and low energy consumption
  • HiFi sound quality
  • Touch control enabled

You can also pick among three colour variations for this earphone, to perfectly match your style and phone.

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4. i12 Wireless Earphone Bluetooth TWS 5.0 Inpods Android Iphone Universal

Another important feature of Inpods is its grip, whether it is in your ear or while you are trying to fix it. We love how stable this Bluetooth earphone is, especially with its matte feel.

  • Automatic pairing
  • HIFi sound quality
  • Touch control enabled

No need to spend too much on quality Inpods and this product is proof. Enjoy your music hands and wire-free for less than RM20.

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5. T&B Professional 3D HiFi Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone TWS Touch Control Sport Earbuds with Mic

This is one of the most affordable Inpods we’ve found that already comes with its own mic. The sound and output quality is great, too!

  • Clear, High-quality audio listening experience and smooth bass response to enjoy all styles of music.
  • Compatible with iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, any other smartphone supported Bluetooth.
  • Light and great for sports, walking, running

Easily take your call or simply enjoy your music while outdoors. This wireless Bluetooth earphones definitely delivers.

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6. AMOI Smart Touch Digital Display F9 Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone True Wireless Hi-Fi Headset

Headphone Airpods 4.8

For a more premier ear pod choice, you will definitely enjoy more of your smartphone’s content with AMOI. It’s got a LED display for all its status and command and it is a wide range earphone.

  • 8D surround sound, 5.0 dual-ear chip, large capacity, true wireless Bluetooth headset
  • Graphene bass diaphragm, HIFI high-frequency technology, 10MM dynamic speaker unit
  • Two connection methods: single/double free to use, single-ear listening to enjoy alone

The best part about this ear pod is that it works on both iOs and Android phones. Great value for money, indeed.

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7. M1 Bluetooth earphone Headsets Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds 5.0 TWS

Comes in cute pastel colours and is safe to use for outdoor activities. We love the wide range reach of this Bluetooth earphone, as well as its stability when worn – all for a budget-friendly price.

  • Portable and small size, easy to carry and use.
  • Bluetooth 5.0, faster and more stable, brings you excellent music experience.
  • HD hands-free call, ensure your safety when you driving or running.
  • With charging box, you can use it as mobile power

One of the main issues of wearing earpods for too long is that they can be uncomfortable. But not this one, with its ergonomic design.

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8. A6X TWS Wireless Earphone HiFi Bluetooth 5.0 Voice control Sport Headset Stereo 4.8

Elegant and high-quality earphones that are now locally available in Malaysia. It’s one of those premier choices that you can find online. Once you start using this, you’d find yourself not needing other wireless earphone, again.

  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Double-eared split design, single and double ears are free to wear.
  • Automatically pair: Will automatically pair, power on after taking out from the 280mAh charging box.
  • One button control

It pairs with almost all types of devices without issue. We’ve even used this for our netbook and it delivers the same sound quality across devices.

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9. Xiaomi HAYLOU GT1 Pro TWS Wireless Earphones Bluetooth 5.0

Xiaomi has always been the best middle ground for quality and affordability. The brand gives you more than what you pay for and focuses on features that matter.

  • Dual-mode function
  • Gaming mode
  • Faster transmission, better sound quality
  • Up to 5 hrs playtime

One of the best features is definitely longer playtime. Most earpods do not exceed 3-hour playtime for both pods so this is a welcome innovation from Xiaomi, as usual.

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10. ZNT N3 Bluetooth 5.0 Auto Connect Single Mini Wireless Earphone – Black

Easy operation and fast connection. It can also remember your device so no need to constantly try to connect after initial pairing.

  • N3 earbud focus
  • Perfect ear fit
  • 8 times faster data transmission

It already has an embedded microphone, as well. It also works for both Android and iPhone.

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What Should I Look For In An Earpods

Earpods now come in so many variation and every price range. You can now buy wireless earphones for less than RM 20 while there are those that still currently sell at RM 50 or more. It’s important to first determine what you will need the earphone for, including the key activities that you will be doing while using it.

This means that you need to consider whether earpods are designed for outdoor use and whether the design is stable enough to not fall off during certain activities. It would also be best to find ear pods with touch control for more convenience, as well as embedded microphones. To date, you should not settle for ear pods with less than Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. You will find this worthy when finally connecting your unit to your phone.

Check out these best wireless earphones available in Malaysia today:

  1. Inpods12 12s Wireless Earphone Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Macaron Color
  2. AMOI V8 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphones TWS Stereo Headset Bass LED Display Touch Control Headset
  3. Wireless Earphone Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Android Iphone Universal

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What are the best brands of bluetooth earphones in Malaysia?

Some of the popular brands for bluetooth earphones in Malaysia are AMOI, JBL,Xiaomi, and ZNT.

How long is the playtime for bluetooth earphones?

It will generally depend on the type of earphone that you have, but playtime is usually between 2-5 hrs.

Can I use bluetooth earphones in flight?

Yes, you can use your bluetooth earphones in flight, as long as it is already declared safe to use your devices.

How much do bluetooth earphones cost in Malaysia?

Bluetooth earphone's price is starts from RM100.00 and can be as expensive as RM1000.00