Bread Maker Malaysia – 7 Best Bread Baking Machines in 2021 You Should Know

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I admit it, I never fancied myself as an impressive baker and especially not in the confines of my well-organized home. Homemade bread seemed to be too complicated of a kitchen t task for me.

Nevertheless, thanks to an awesome contraption called the bread baker machine, delicious freshly baked bread is now a reality in our home. With a simple and direct bread baker, this is actually a reality for everyone. Bread maker Malaysia has turned out to be one of my most recent searches in the past months.

If you are interested in having top-quality and nutritious bread in your home, read on to learn about the best bread makers available here in Malaysia.

#1 – Kenwood Bread maker BM450

Best for constant bread making

Kenwood is a notable manufacturer of bread maker machines and has something for every level of bread making mastery. This option is even fitted with a convection fan, which ensures that the hat is distributed evenly across the loaf.

See below why its a best bread maker for us:

Why buy this:

  • Create different loaf sizes
  • Viewing window with the oven light
  • An intuitive, touch interface system
  • 15-hour delay timing
  • Keep warm function

We really like the high-tech design of this bread maker along with its efficient functions. You can have your bread completed in under an hour if you so desire.

The non-stick bread pan and inner pot are also added points for us. You can order this top-of-the-line bread maker Malaysia machine here.

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#2 – PerySmith Bread Maker – Ecohealth Series PS3500

Best bread maker for beginners

Bread baking with a quality bread maker is already an easy task. But, with an especially easy-to-use option like this bread baker from PerySmith, the task is streamlined and simplified even further. After setting your bread baker with all the proper ingredients, you can set the timer so your bread will be ready in time for breakfast.

This allows your fresh bread to be perfectly aligned with your busy schedule. More details below why we picked this a best bread maker:

Why buy this:

  • Best for different loaf sizes
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • 15 hours programmable delay timer
  • Multi-function, touch sensor control
  • With viewing window

Another nice feature you will find here is that you can set the depth and quality of your crust. This is the baking assistant you have been looking for from a bread maker. You can find Perysmith bread maker here here at the best price available.

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#3 – Pensonic Bread Maker & Sandwich Maker

Best portable bread maker

If you are making your bread at various locations, you will need a bread baker that can be easily lifted, packed up and moved around. You should consider this excellent option from Pensonic.

While it is small and light bread maker, it is still capable of delivering top-quality bread. You can also safely make gluten free recipes using this best bread maker.

Why buy this:

  • Features 15 minutes of backup power in case of interruption
  • Removable Non-stick Bowl
  • Comes with Measuring Cup, Spoon, Hook
  • 19 preset programmes

One thing you will love is the brilliant non-stick surface that facilitates easy cleaning. Clean up has always been the toughest part of making bread, so it is nice that Pensonic bread maker thought of making this task easier. You can buy this compact, best bread maker machine here.

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#4 – Electrolux EASYLINE™ Bread Toaster ETS1303W

Best low maintenance bread maker

Imagine a bread-making machine that ensures no crumbly crumby mess to clean up afterwards. This is what you can expect from the impressive Electrolux Bread maker. It’s one of the underrated options out there, but the fully functional feature is one of the reasons why its our best bread maker of 2021.

Why buy this:

  • Auto bread centring function
  • Integrated bun warmer
  • Defrost and reheat function
  • Removable crumb tray

This is one of the most well-designed bread makers on the market, and it is certainly the right choice for a bread maker. This however does not come with the usual inner pot of a traditional bread maker. You can find this convenient option at a great price here.

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#5 – Panasonic Bread Maker SDP2001

Best for professional baking

This next option is what you would call a professional bread maker with top-notch results. It has everything you will ever need to make a wide variety of bread, including a raisin/nut dispenser. You can now make all types of bread easily.

Why buy this:

  • Includes 13 menu options
  • Can make Large and Medium Loaves
  • Diamond fluorine inner pan
  • Especially easy to use and clean
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#6 – Philips HD9015 Bread Maker HD9015/30

Best beginner-friendly bread maker

If you are not 100% sure about bread making yet, we understand. Here is a great entry-level model that can show you what bread-making is all about for a suitably low price. You can make loaves that are about a kilo in weight.

Why buy this:

  • 13-hour delay timer
  • 12 programme selection
  • 1-kilogram capacity
  • Three browning levels for the crust

We like the fact that it is a small enough option to take with you anywhere you go. It has an especially convenient timer that will allow you to set all your ingredients ahead of time and then program your machine to have your bread ready by dinner, or breakfast or whenever is convenient for you.

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#7 – Pensonic Bread Maker

Best for advanced baking

A sleek design and the attractive looks of this bread maker machine from Pensonic are the initial selling points, but there is more. This machine is also an upgrade from the previous Pensonic bread makers and features a nice window that allows you to view the bread-making process.

Why buy this:

  • 15 automated programs
  • Large viewing window (2.8 inches) and an LCD display
  • Adjustable crust control: a light, medium and dark colour
  • 15 hours programmable delay timer
  • Non-slip bottom feet, bread pan included

If you are looking for a new model and want to take your bread making to another level, this is a good option for advanced bread makers and beginners alike.

It has a wide range of safety features that make it especially well-suited to new bread makers.  You can find this top-rated option here.

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Why I Should Buy a Bread Maker

A Bread maker is not always the first appliance you have in mind when going appliance shopping, but they are worth your time. Not only will you be able to craft bread to your exact specifications, but you will have a blast doing so.

Rapid bake features of some bread makers also match those with hectic lifestyle. You can have your bread every time you want, without waiting for hours.

What you will find is that the bread maker will take a large portion of the work out of the bread-making process. As a matter of fact, beyond getting the measurements just right, your involvement in the process is ultimately “set it and forget it”.

If you are the type that consumes a lot of bread or has a family that does, you may even find that making your own bread cuts down on this regular expense. You can also greatly enhance the nutritional value of the foods you are regularly consuming.

If you have special needs in your food or are following a special diet like whole wheat, your bread maker will allow you more control of special ingredients. Want to add more flavors? You can also include your favorite dried fruits in your bread dough!

They are also exceptionally easy to use and come in a wide range of designs and sizes to suit all types of kitchens and purposes.

Here are the best bread makers in Malaysia:

  1. Kenwood bread maker BM450
  2. PerySmith Bread Maker – Ecohealth Series PS3500
  3. Pensonic Bread Maker & Sandwich Maker


What are Popular Bread Makers in Malaysia?🍞

Kenwood, PerySmith and Pensonic are the popular brands for bread makers in Malaysia.

Why I Should Buy a Bread Maker

Bread makers are not always the first appliance you have in mind when going appliance shopping, but they are worth your time. What you will find is that the best bread makers will take a large portion of the work out of the bread-making process, while leaving less room for errors.

How much are bread makers in Malaysia?

It depends on the brand, features and model. A bread maker usually costs from RM 500 onwards.

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