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9 Best Body Scrub to exfoliate your skin in Malaysia

Does your skin feel rough even if you put on all sorts of lotion everyday? We’ve all been there, trying different moisturizers just to achieve that baby smooth skin, only to be frustrated with the results. If you have been moisturizing regularly, yet still experience rough or patchy skin, then you may need to focus more on exfoliation. What better way to exfoliate the skin than investing in a gentle but effective body scrub.

10 Best Hair Tonic in Malaysia - 2021 Top Reviews

If you check out the hair section of the most beauty and pharmacy shops, it is noticeable that women significantly have more products to help with their hair styling and grooming. This still does not include the other electronic tools that can also be used for hairstyling.

As of men, hair tonic is one of the few staples. Apart from grooming requirements, some men also turn to hair tonic to ensure healthy and lush hair growth. 

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