10 Best Dash Camera Malaysia – 2022 Review

Admittedly, we are one of those people who took a while before giving in to the need of installing a car dashcam. Traditional and old-time drivers have long been using cars without the need for a dashcam, so why buy now?  However, the convenience and protection that dash cameras provide are simply hard to resist. We have rounded up the best dash cams readily available here in Malaysia.


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Best Dashcam Comparison Table

    1. With Anti Glare: South Ocean Full HD 1080P
    2. Built-in GPS: 70mai Dashcam Pro Plus+ A500S
    3. Compact Design: Xiaoyi Yi Compact DashCam
    4. With Time Lapse: IROAD NX-7
    5. 3 Lens Camera: GOQ D90 Tricam 3 Lens
    6. With Driver Assistance: South Ocean Dual Lens
    7. Realcube Image Technology: DDPAI Dash Cam Z40
    8. Slim and Elegant: Xiaomi Mijia Dash Cam 1S Starvis
    9. Discreet Dashcam: Garmin Dash Cam 46
    10. Touch Screen: GOQ D200 Touch Screen D
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  • Why Invest in A Dash Cam?
  • Conclusion
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Dashcam Comparison Table

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1. South Ocean Full HD 1080P Car DVR Double lens Dash camera


With Anti Glare

Among the features that we love about this dash cam is its anti-glare effect, which makes it easy to see the details even in high noon clearly. One of the best advice we got when we were new to looking for dashcam is to pay more attention to the lens quality, which will is not necessarily reflected on the resolution details. This camera has one of the best lenses that we’ve tried. 


  • Seamless loop-cycle recording function
  • Motion detection function
  • G-sensor function


  • Only one display
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2. 70mai Dashcam Pro Plus+ A500S

Built-in GPS

Looking for a reliable dashcam that can also keep you safe on the road? Look no further than the 70mai Dashcam Pro Plus+ A500S. This top-of-the-line dashcam comes with built-in GPS and Glonass tracking, so you can always keep tabs on your speed and location. It also features ADAS safety warnings, which will help you stay aware of your surroundings and avoid accidents. And if anything happens when you’re not driving, Parking Mode* will kick in to automatically record any hit-and-run collisions. With the 70mai Dashcam Pro Plus+ A500S, you’ll have 24/7 protection while on the road.


  • Driving Safety with ADAS
  • 1944P Super High Resolution
  • Stunning Shots Day & Night


  •  Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems needs about 5 minutes calibration
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3. Xiaoyi Yi Compact DashCam

Compact Design

Some people may not be huge fans of those overbearing dashcams, so we are glad to have found this compact design, without compromising the quality of images. Introducing the Xiaoyi Yi Compact DashCam! This full HD car camcorder is perfect for capturing high quality video footage while you’re on the road. With a 130 degree angle and Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone, it’s easy to keep an eye on what’s happening both in front of and behind your vehicle. Plus, with its compact size, it’s easy to install and take with you wherever you go.


  • Full HD 1080p Car Camcorder
  • 2.7″ inches Color LCD
  • 130 Degrees Angle
  • High-quality image and voice recording


  • Suction mount not very sticky
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4 . IROAD NX-7

With Time Lapse

Iroad’s NX-7 is the perfect dash cam for ensuring that all events are captured while driving. The CMOS image sensors provide stunning 1080p front and 720p rear recording, even in low light conditions. Plus, the 140-degree wide angle lens gives you a clear view of what’s happening around your vehicle. Plus, with the automatic event recording at 30fps, you’ll never miss a moment of your journey.


  • With hyper-lapse 
  • Road Safety Warning System
  • Intelligent Night Vision


  • Installation can take timee
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5. GOQ D90 Tricam 3 Lens 

3 Lens Camera

Here’s another 3-lens camera that we love. Regardless of the lighting, you are still sure to get the best view and images, with broader coverage, as well. Plus, it comes in a really elegant packaging so you would not regret including this in your car’s interior.  Xiaoyi Yi Compact DashCam is the perfect addition to your car. With WDR technology, you can take pictures and videos in all kinds of light. The Screen Saver Support feature keeps your screen from turning off while you’re driving. The G-Sensor helps you to record information about any accidents that occur. And finally, the Motion Detection Support makes sure you capture every moment on video.


  • Picture In Picture Mode (PIP) 
  • Motion detection Support
  • Parking detection Support
  • Waterproof Review Camera


  • Buttons can be a bit hard to press
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6. South Ocean Dual Lens Car Camera Dash Cam

With Driver Assistance

South Ocean is always generous when it comes to the features of their dash cams. One distinct feature that we highly recommend is their advanced driver assistance system, which can readily detect lanes, sending out warnings when the car is off lane.  This camera has one of the best lens that we’ve tried. 


  • Seamless loop-cycle recording function
  • Motion detection function
  • G-sensor function


  • Some user reported overheating when used for too long

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7. DDPAI Dash Cam Z40

Realcube Image Technology

The DDPAI Dash Cam Z40 is the perfect way to keep your car safe while you’re on vacation, or just running errands. The built-in GPS makes it easy to find your car in a crowded parking lot, and the 24 hour Parking mode ensures that even if you can’t keep an eye on your car, it’s still being monitored. With the Super Capacitor, you never have to worry about your dash cam shutting down in the middle of a recording. And with the Advance Driving Assistance System (ADAS), you’ll be alerted if there’s danger ahead.


  • Front and rear recording 
  • 1944P Resolution
  • Dual Channel Storage


  • Night vision is sub par
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8. Xiaomi Mijia Dash Cam 1S Starvis 

Slim and Elegant

What attracted us first to this dashcam s its slim and elegant product design. You wouldn’t believe the powerful functions that it can perform round the clock.  It is also already Wifi enabled so you can monitor and store recordings remotely. You can buy this Xiaomi Dash Cam here.  The Xiaomi Mijia DashCam is the perfect choice for drivers who want to have a reliable video recorder to capture any accidents or incidents that happen on the road. The dashcam features 3D noise reduction post processing for super clear low light video, wide dynamic range to capture more detail, and electrostatic sticker mounting for easy install and uninstallation without leaving mark. The dashcam also has collision detection to activate collision video recording then save in a sperate video file to ease of checking


  • 3-inch screen and F1.8 aperture
  • 140 degrees wide-angle and 1920 x 1080P resolution
  • Adopting MSC8328P chip 


  • A bit expensive
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9. Garmin Dash Cam 46

Discreet  Dashcam

The Garmin Dash Cam 46 is a small and inconspicuous camera that mounts on your windshield. It has a high-quality 3.7 megapixel camera that can capture 1440p video, even in low-light conditions. The Dash Cam 46 is GPS-enabled with automatic incident detection, which saves video footage on impact to show when and where events happened.



  • GPS-enabled 
  • With voice control
  • Small and inconspicuous


  • Expensive Model 
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10. GOQ D200 Touch Screen Dual Lens 

Touch Screen

Looking for a reliable and high-quality dash camera? Look no further than the GOQ D200 Touch Screen Dual Lens! This camera not only records in 1080P FULL HD, but also features a 4-inch IPS high definition screen display for easy viewing. Plus, the dual lens allows you to record both the front and rear of your vehicle simultaneously. And for added safety, there’s even a Picture In Picture mode that lets you view both the front and rear views at the same time.


  • Rear Lens is an optional choice for installation. 
  • Picture In Picture Mode (PIP) 
  • 170° Wide Front Lens


  • A bit complicated to install
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Top Dashcam Brands in Malaysia


The Garmin Dash Cams are truly excellent and come with top-quality video that is also super easy for someone who isn’t very tech savvy or knows what they’re doing in terms of coding! It may not have all those bells and whistles at an affordable price point either but if simplicity matters most then this should definitely serve your needs.


IROAD is a premium Korean car camera manufacturer that makes some of the best selling brands in hot and humid climates like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia.


Xiaomi Dash Cams are few of the best in its price segment not only because it has an incognito design and useful features like motion detection, lane driving assistance. It also comes equipped with a de-fog algorithm that captures clear video even when conditions are extreme!

Why Invest in A Dash Cam?

As mentioned earlier, dash cam may not always be one of the first accessories that a traditional driver can think of investing it. However, apart from providing a clearer and safer view of the road, dash cams actually offer a more important element – accountability.

Dashcams are meant to record your car’s activity, and this data can be beneficial in case of road accidents. This also solves the longstanding problems with insurance fraud. Dashcam owners reported having better peace of mind since installing the accessory in their car. Most dash cams come at realistic and friendly prices and are easy to install, so this should not take too many resources unlike other car upgrades and accessories.


Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia, as drivers here appreciate the added security and peace of mind that these devices provide. If you’re still on the fence about installing a dashcam in your car, we hope that our list of the best dash cams available in Malaysia will help make your decision easier. All of these cameras are high-quality and have received positive reviews from users, so you can be sure that you’re getting a good product no matter which one you choose. Have you decided on a dashcam yet?


How long does a dash cam last when recording ?

If you're looking for a way to capture every moment of your day, whether it be an accident or not! A Dash Cam is the perfect investment. This small device can hold approximately up 2 hours worth on one 16GB Micro SD card before overwrite old recordings at 1080p HD recording rate - which will provide enough room when capturing any incidents

Does dashcam work even when the engine is off?

Dash cams are a great way to capture footage of your journey, but many people have found that their camera doesn't work when the car is off. Luckily there's an option for round-the clock protection with some dash cam models coming equipped with fittings which connect directly into battery power and allow them operate even if you don’t have any keys in order!

Do I need wifi or internet for my dashcam?

Dash cams videos are stored on a device's memory, usually an SD card. Some models allow you to wirelessly share the video with others or download it onto your computer for easy access at any time!

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