9 Best Dishwasher Machines in Malaysia for Busy Mum – 2021 Reviews

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If there is one extra appliance that I splurged on with no regrets, it would be our dishwasher at home. If you’ve spent most of your life manually doing the dishes, an additional dishwasher machine may seem unnecessary. However, once I finally gave in to owning one, there is just no going back to manual dishwashing.

The key is to find a reliable dishwasher with great consideration for your kitchen space. This way, you are guaranteed to be able to make the most of out of your purchase. Here’s a quick guide to the best dishwashers you can find in Malaysia.

9 Best Dishwashers in Malaysia

1. Beko Dishwasher Review of DFN05R11W

Energy Efficient

This dishwasher is on top of our list mainly due to its energy efficiency. One of our main considerations prior to switching to a dishwasher is its impact on our electricity and water consumption, and fortunately, Beko fit these qualifications.

Why buy this
  • A+ Energy Efficiency
  • Clean & Shine™ Programme
  • Salt and Rinse Aid Indicator Lights
  • Folding Cup Racks

Another benefit of this dishwasher is that you do not have to try to hard to clean its filter since its easily accessible. There are over 10 washing settings in this dishwasher so you are guaranteed that all your dining ware are covered.

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2. Panasonic NP-TR8HQMY Dish Washer Machine

Compact Size

Panasonic has always been an easy brand to trust when it comes to durable and functional appliances. This dishwasher certainly did not fail expectations, either.

Why buy this
  • Big capacity within a compact size
  • Standard storage capacity: 45 items
  • Water Consumption Approx. 11L (standard washing program)

It’s definitely also really compact in size so you can easily place in your kitchen counter without sacrificing too much space.

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3. Giselle Dishwasher KEA0205

Best Heating System for Dishwasher

Here’s another cute but incredible dishwasher we love. It has a transparent glass window so it makes it even more fulfilling to have your greasy dishes being washed.

Why buy this
  • 38 Minutes (Normal Wash)Capacity
  •  6-8 sets tablewarePumo Lift
  • 7 meters of Heating System
  • Dual Heating SystemTemperatur

Giselle offers one of the best heating systems for dishwashers. So easy to set according to the types of dishes that you want to be cleaned up.

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4. Toshiba Dishwasher Malaysia Model DWS-22AMY – Countertop/Table Top Design

Ventilation Effect

Even if you are living in an apartment, it does not mean you cannot own a dishwasher. Doing the dishes alone can be exhausting so you will find this tiny dishwasher as a huge help.

Why buy this
  • 22 washing capacities
  • 360 degree of upper and bottom water spray arm
  • Drainage pipe
  • Only 5-litre consumption

It comes with a ventilation effect too ensuring that dishes are free from germs and moulds that commonly accumulate in a moist environment.

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5. BOSCH Dishwasher SMS46GW01P

Large Capacity

Here’s a great bet for family homes. It’s a durable and large capacity dishwasher. It is designed for long-term and heavy use without consuming too much electricity.

Why buy this
  • High energy efficiency and low water consumption
  • SuperSilence: Low operating noise at only 46 dB(A).
  • MachineCare: Maintains the wash quality and reliability of your dishwasher throughout its lifetime.

This dishwasher comes with a high-pressure sprayer for optimum yet safe cleaning of your dining ware.

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6. Electrolux Dishwasher Malaysia Model ESF6010BW Compact

Anti-Leak Feature

It looks like your typical dish rack that can easily fit your kitchen counter, but this is one of Electrolux latest dishwashers that come with powerful and functional features to make sure your dishes are squeaky clean.

Why buy this
  • 6 automatic washing programmes
  • LED indicators
  • Anti flood and leak device

No need to worry about the mess caused by water droppings due to the anti-leak feature. It also dries using residual heat drying for a more hygienic finish.

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7. Kelvinator DishWasher KDW728JW

Anti-Flow Sensor

This is one of the most premium dishwashers we have found in the market. It really feels like one of those you see in the movies. The external and internal packaging of this product screams of great quality.

Why buy this
  • 6 Wash programs
  • Electronic soft touch
  • Digital Time Remaining Display
  • Water Flow Sensor
  • Independent anti flow sensor
  • Conceal heating element

One of the best things about owning this dishwasher is how safe it feels – both for your dishes and for the user. It is also being sold at a steal-worthy price online.

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8. Teka Free Standing Plate Dishwasher LP2 140

Best for Small Space

Another great dishwasher finds for small spaces. It fits enough dishes but does not consume your entire kitchen space.

Why buy this
  • Freestanding compact dishwasher
  • Electronic control panel
  • Digital display
  • Place Settings: 6
  • Washing programs: 6
  • Adjustable water temperatures

This compact dishwasher is certainly packed with lots of features that are present in its larger and more expensive counterparts.

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9. Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M Dishwasher

Doubles as Sterilizer

Xiaomi has recently been expanding their line of electronic appliances and so far, their dishwashers are among the most trusted products from the brand.

Why buy this
  • Sterilization&disinfection dual-effect clean, 99.99% sterilization rate
  • 6D double spray system
  • Support Mijia APP and Xiaomi voice control
  • It can be used for dishwashing, sterilization, disinfection, drying and storage

Once again, Xiaomi delivers more than what you pay for. We love how this doubles as a sterilizer but at a much lower price point.

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Important Benefits of Owning a Dishwasher

One of the most surprising things I discovered about dishwashers is that they actually use less water than how we manually do things. When I first saw how it works, I was worried about the water waste but based on our bill and a bit of research, dishwashers are designed to be more water-efficient.

Apparently, it saves you so much time in washing your dishes, while also being assured of thorough, germ-free cleaning. The washing settings are totally customizable depending on the dishes you are dealing with.

Check out our best dishwashing machines in Malaysia and its price here:

  1. Beko Dishwasher DFN05R11W
  2. Panasonic NP-TR8HQMY Dishwasher
  3. Giselle Dishwasher KEA0205


What are the best brands of dishwasher in Malaysia?

Beko, Panasonic, Giselle, Toshiba, and Bosch

What is the advantage of owning a dishwasher?

High quality dishwashers ensures thorough yet gentle cleaning of your dishes, not to mention all the time and effort you save from no longer doing it manually.

How do I know which items I can put in the dishwasher?

Most high quality dining and cooking ware are now made to be dishwasher safe. Nonetheless, make sure to check with the product label if they are safe for dishwashers.

How much does a dishwasher cost in Malaysia?

Dishwashers cost around RM 1,500.00 in Malaysia.

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