Best Food Steamer Malaysia – 2022 Review of Top Brands

When it comes to shifting to a healthier lifestyle, nothing beats reducing fats and oil in our overall diet. While frying things seem like that fastest way to prepare food, but it does not have to be the only option. With a reliable food steamer, you can start preparing healthier yet tasty steamed dishes minus the hassle.

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Best Food Steamer Comparison Table

    1. Best for Dumplings: Trio 2 Tier 10L TFS18
    2. With Aroma Infuser: Philips Daily Collection Steamer HD9104
    3. Insulated and Anti-Skid: AKIRO Big 30cm 3 Layers
    4. Best for Chicken and Vegetables: Morgan Steamer 2 Tier 28L Nutristeam MFS-29
    5. Multipurpose: Panasonic SR-Y22FGJLSK/RSK
    6. Space Saver: Tefal Minicompact Steamer
    7. Plug and Use Food Steamers: Tefal VC1401
    8. Detachable Parts: Milux MFS-8001
    9. Time-Saving: Hesstar HFS-3M
    10. Best for Large Groups: Elba 10L EFS-G1035
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  • What to look for in a food steamer?
  • Conclusion
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Food Steamer Comparison Table

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It’s one of your best investments if you want to eat healthy, without really sacrificing food quality. Fortunately, food steamers are not that expensive to buy in Malaysia. Here are your best choices of food steamers in Malaysia:

10 Best Food Steamers in Malaysia

1. Trio 2 Tier 10L TFS18

Best for Dumplings

If you are fond of dumplings and buns, you need to get your hands on this food steamer. This means unlimited access to your own homemade steamed dishes, without the need to make major re-arrangements in your kitchen because it is compact enough. It’s best to go for food steamers with a double heating system since it is more time and energy-efficient.


  • An external water-fill system with see-through reservoir
  • Fully collapsible steaming trays
  • Double Heating System- for rapid heat


  • Not ideal for small servings 
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2. Philips Daily Collection Steamer HD9104

With Aroma Infuser

With the Philips steamer, you can now add delicious aroma of your favorite spices and herbs. Simply pop them into one of these special vessels for some serious kitchen magic that will make even more taste in food! The heat from boiling water releases all those delicate aromas right onto whatever it’s cooking; giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy themselves with mouthwatering flavours at every bite they take.


  • With Aroma Infuser
  • Easy to fill with water
  • 2 baskets to steam with


  • Plastic case may not be for everyone
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3. AKIRO Big 30cm 3 Layers 

Insulated and Anti-Skid

For those in a bigger household, it is best to invest in a larger food steamer to save more time and energy. Ideally, go for those from 28 cm or more such as this one from Akiro. Akiro really ensured to pack this food steamer with handling safety, making the product family-friendly.


  • Stainless steel structure double boiler capacity 
  • Vented hole lets steam escape preventing boiling over
  • The filtered water is convenient and the large capacity 


  • Not ideal for large servings 
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4. Morgan Steamer 2 Tier 28L Nutristeam MFS-29

Best for Chicken and Vegetables

Whether it’s a whole chicken or just some steamed vegetables, this food steamer is reliable enough to thoroughly cook your food. It heats rapidly and consistently making it suitable for serious meal preparations. Having this at home proves that frying is not the only option when it comes to fast and easy meal preparation.


  • Come with double heaters
  • Exterior water refill funnel with water level indicator
  • Anti-dry thermostat protection


  • Takes time to steam due to large size
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5. Panasonic  SR-Y22FGJLSK/RSK


The Panasonic SR-Y22FGJ is a perfect choice for those who want to make their meals more special. With easy cooking and cleaning features, you can cook up 2 different dishes at once! You won’t even need another pot when it comes time eat your delicious meal – just put some rice in this guy then wait until its done before adding anything else on top (or inside). The durable exterior means that no matter what happens during transport or storage–the hardiness will stay ut intact so long as they’re taken care off properly


  • Dual Purpose
  • Non stick coated pan
  • 5 hours of keep warm function


  • Small steamer capacity
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6. Tefal Minicompact Steamer

Space Saver

With the Tefal Minicompact Steam Cooker, you can cook tasty and nutritious meals without any of the hassle. It’s an ultra-compact format that frees up space on your countertop for other things in life while still delivering healthy cooking results with 2 bowl multi tier steaming capabilities which let cooks utilize their time more efficiently by cooking different ingredients at once – all powered through BPA free bowls!


  • Ultra Compact Storage
  • Auto shut off timer
  • BFA Free Bowls


  • Small steaming space 
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7. Tefal VC1401 

Plug and Use Food Steamers

Make sure that great flavours are properly infused in your food with this portable food steamer from Telfal. You can prepare your favourite meals conveniently from anywhere with this plug and use food steamer. It is also safe to use even for those new too cooking with its consistent temperature and timer.


  • Easy cooking with a mechanical timer
  • Automatic stop after cooking
  • Visible water level


  • Tray can be a bit flimsy
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8. Milux MFS-8001 

Detachable Parts

Rapid steam release plus a boiler function. You get your money’s worth with this steamer. All parts are detachable as well giving you more cooking options. No need to worry about the possible burning of food, too. It comes with auto dry protection, which means it officially shuts off when the water runs out.



  • Timer setting, No need to look after the fire (traditional)
  • Easy to clean Design
  • Double tier steamer basket 


  • Container is a bit small
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9. Hesstar  HFS-3M


Steaming may not be as fast and easy as frying, but with multi-tasking food steamers like this one from Hesstar, you still can definitely save more time, but with more food prepared. The design ensures that food is cooked fast and thoroughly no matter how many dishes you are trying to cook.


  • 3-tier storage
  • Keep Warm Function
  • Faster Steam Production


  • Some users report one side steams faster
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10. Elba 10L EFS-G1035

Best for Large Group

For those who find themselves preparing food for a large group of people, you can now showcase a variety of healthy meals with fewer efforts with this large capacity food steamer. It is made from the high-grade external body so no need to worry about it getting rusty over sustained use.


  • Capacity: 10L 3
  • Detachable Baskets
  • Stainless Steel Body


  • The plastic material is not as thick
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Top Food Steamer Brands in Malaysia 


Trio is a company that has been around for years and they still make great products. They use high quality materials, durable designs so you don’t have to worry about breaking them anytime soon (or ever), user friendly functions.


With their attention to design and continuous pursuit of excellence, Elba appliances have always been known as a brand that showcases the “Made in Italy” style. Now they offer their customers access too excellent quality at surprisingly great price tags!


The brand Panasonic has been producing high-quality products for over 100 years. They are known to be durable and affordable, which complete the house of their consumers in line with what they promise–to give happiness!

What to look for in a food steamer?

Food steamers are undoubtedly a great investment for better and healthier food. So, now that you decided to buy yourself one, what exactly should you look for?

One of the most important features to look for in food steamers is multi-functionality. It just makes it more worth it to have new cookware that can help you prepare two or more dishes in one go. You also need to know whether the size of the pot of the food steamer matches that of your existing stove.

You may also opt for electronic food streamers if you do not want any more pots in your kitchen. Finally, it is better to find a food steamer with rapid heating and steam release feature to ensure that your food is cooked well every time.


If you’re looking for a healthier way to cook, a food steamer is the perfect option. They’re affordable, easy to use, and can help you prepare delicious and nutritious meals in no time. Have you chosen the food steamer for your kitchen? If not, be sure to check out our selection – we have something for everyone!


What are the best food steamers in Malaysia?

Pengukus Steamer Cookware Pot Periuk Kukus Steam Pot 2 Layer High-Quality Stainless Steel
Trio Food Steamer 2 Tier 10L TFS18
Stainless Steel Food Steamer Cooking Pot 28cm 2 Layer

Can I use my rice cooker as a food steamer?

Yes. Most rice cookers now come with a steaming tray for added functionality.

How do I choose a food steamer? ❓

One of the most important features to look for in a food steamer is multi-functionality. It just makes it more worth it to have new cookware that can help you prepare two or more dishes in one go.

How much does a food steamer cost in Malaysia?

Food steamers cost around RM100.00 - RM 150.00

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