How Do We Choose The Products for Our “Best of” Lists?

At, we take testing and recommending products very seriously. After all, our job is to help you find the best products—whether you’re looking for a new television, a KitchenAid stand mixer, or a pair of noise-canceling headphones. But how exactly do we pick the products that make it onto our “best of” lists? In this blog post, we’ll pull back the curtain and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how our team of experts tests and choose the products that make it onto our site. 

The 6 Factors We Consider

Third-Party Testing

One of the most important factors we consider is whether or not the product in question has undergone third-party testing. Third-party testing is when an independent organization puts a product through its paces to see if it lives up to the claims made by the manufacturer. We only recommend products that have passed this type of rigorous testing.

This is especially important for products like sunscreen, where safety is of the utmost concern. We only recommend sunscreens that have been tested by an independent, accredited laboratory and approved by both the FDA and EWG. 

Quality & Manufacturing Process

The next thing we consider is quality. We want to ensure that the recommended products are well-made and stand up to regular use. To get a sense of quality, we often look at the manufacturing process— where and how a product is made can tell us a lot about its long-term durability.  

Price & Value

Of course, price is always a consideration. We don’t want to recommend a product that’s so expensive that it’s out of reach for most people, but at the same time, we don’t like to suggest a cheap product that’s going to fall apart after a few uses. Striking the right balance between price and value is essential when choosing the consequences for our “best of” lists. 

Product Variety

Another important factor is product variety. We want to ensure that there are enough different types of products available so that everyone can find something that suits their needs. For example, in the category of best laptops, there should be options for different budgets, different screen sizes, and different operating systems (Windows vs. MacOS) 


The reputation of the product and the company behind it is also essential. We only want to recommend products from companies with good track records—companies that honor their warranties, offer excellent customer service, and treat their employees fairly. 

Customer Service

Speaking of customer service—it’s another critical aspect of any product we recommend. If something goes wrong with a product (and let’s face it, sometimes things do go wrong), we want to ensure that you’ll be taken care of by the company’s customer service team. No one wants to be left high and dry if they have an issue with a purchase! 


We based our recommendations on publicly available information from each company, except for the items we bought and tested by a third party. We’re also continually working to improve our product and brand review process, which is why our product suggestions and their evaluation may change over time. However, one remains constant: our commitment to giving you the most accurate, up-to-date information.

There are dozens of high-quality brands on the market, and we’re constantly updating our rankings to make the best possible recommendations. If a product you like isn’t mentioned, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of low quality.

We may not have had a chance to review it yet. So check back often – we’re constantly adding new reviews and updating our existing ones. In the meantime, rest assured that we only recommend products that we believe are worthy of your consideration.


These are just some of the factors we consider when choosing products for our “best of” lists here at Of course, every product is different, so not every factor will be relevant for every product we test—but these are some of the criteria that we always keep in mind as we’re evaluating products to bring you only the absolute best options on the market.

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