Best Microwave Oven Malaysia – 9 Best Models in 2021 for Master Chef

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Who does not love the convenience and warm food facility? For a modern and efficient kitchen, a microwave oven is one of the essential home appliances. Microwave ovens are very quick to use, and give you so many benefits such as defrosting the food, heating, and cooking various recipes in healthier ways.

Depending on your power setting, you might even be able to save up to 45% in energy costs compared to other cooking methods. For those who are trying to avoid fried dishes, having a microwave at home is also a convenient addition in the kitchen. 

There are so many popular brands and models of microwave  oven Malaysia. To get the best one, here is a full list of top 9 best microwave ovens in Malaysia.

1. Sharp Microwave 20L R207EK

Best for Low-Fat Menus

Sharp is a reliable brand for microwave ovens. If you’re looking for cleanliness, convenience and power in the kitchen, look no further than Sharp’s Microwave Oven 20L R207EK. This microwave features a new hairline design and comes with two auto menus to streamline your cooking process. Moreover, it is energy-saving and has a large 20l capacity.

Cooking expert or not, you’ll find that cooking has never been easier with the Sharp Microwave oven. With 2 Auto Menus, this microwave can accommodate any dish you’re cooking. 

This particular model of Sharp is very much efficient and convenient as well. You can eat the low-fat menus with this microwave oven. The convection cooking facility can give you a uniform result. It can replace your need for a traditional electric oven

Why buy this

  • This microwave oven has a steam menu facility.
  • Time defrost key is there.
  • Weight defrost key is there.
  • Smart touch screen panel.
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2. Samsung Microwave Solo 23L

Convenient and Faster

It is one of the convenient microwave ovens.  It can defrost and cook  20% faster than other appliances. You can get a durable ceramic interior. The interior is scratch-free and easy to clean as well. This microwave oven has so many advanced features.

If you need to thaw your turkey in a hurry, the Quick Defrost setting is here to save the day. It’s also great for reheating leftovers, and if you need to cook something from scratch, you can easily program it with the touch of a button.

And when it comes time for cleanup, the Deodorization setting can help freshen up your kitchen with a light scent that lingers for hours.

Why buy this

  • Quick and fast automatic defrost option.
  • Long-lasting and durable ceramic interior with bacteria protection.
  • Deodorization setting to remove the bad odour from inside of the microwave oven.
  • Comes with high-tech features.
  • Child safety lock feature 
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3. Sharp Microwave Oven with grill 20L

Best microwave oven for easy grilling

It is quite different and unique as per the look. The attractive silver design of this microwave oven differentiates it from all other microwave ovens in this list. It comes with the 20L facility. This microwave oven is best for a 4-person family.

This product is very easy to use. But our favorite feature is the “Eco-Save” function that automatically adjusts the cooking time depending on previous use to save you energy.

Why buy this

  • This microwave oven comes with 20L capacity.
  • Looking very much stylish and perfect for modern kitchens.
  • Different 5 power levels with maximum 35 mins setting.
  • The weight guide can help the user to set the time of defrosting.
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4. Toshiba Microwave 21L


Toshiba is one of the trusted companies for electronic appliances. This all-black colour microwave is very much popular in the market. This is perfect for those who want to prepare healthy meals in a hurry. The 21L capacity makes it easy to cook food without the need for constant monitoring while its end cooking signal makes it easy to know when food is done.

The oven also has slip-proof oven feet and a quiet operation to keep the noise down while you enjoy your meal. You can get a 1-year warranty with this microwave oven.

Why buy this

  • Pull handle type open system for easy usage.
  • 5 power settings.
  • High-tech mechanical control type.
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5. Midea Microwave 20L

Affordable and Quality

Midea is another popular company of electronic products and their microwave ovens gathered great reviews so far. It is very much simple to use as it has only two control dials of power and time. For its price, this is one of the best microwave ovens for anyone looking to save power while cooking.

The new and improved Midea Microwave 20L has a timer that automatically shuts off the microwave when your desired cooking time is reached. The thermostat controls allow you to customize your cooking temperature from low to high, and the push button door allows for easy access.

Why buy this

  • This microwave oven is a solo countertop type.
  • The output power of this particular microwave oven is 700W.
  • Comes with defrost function.
  • Timer function facility.
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6. Electrolux Microwave 20L

Easy Usage 

Some things are just better when they’re easy. Like microwaving your favorite frozen dinner. The Electrolux Microwave 20L does it all with a one-touch defrost and easy to clean enamel coating for quick and easy cleanup. Plus, with the Auto-Off Timer and room to fit a full-size dinner plate, you’ll be spending less time in front of the microwave and more time at the table.

If you want to make the family-sized noodles or soup, then this microwave from Electrolux is the best option. You can easily adjust the buttons of this microwave oven as per your convenience. 

Why buy this

  • The mechanical knob can give you an easy usage option.
  • You can get the quick to defrost timing.
  • You can get the 5 different adjustable power levels.
  • The door handle for comfortable and easy usage.
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7. Toshiba ER-SGS20 Microwave

9 Different Auto-Cooking

The Toshiba ER-SGS20 Microwave takes the best of both worlds and combines microwave and grill functions to offer a variety of cooking capabilities. The microwave function offers a variety of speed settings to prepare your food just the way you like it, while the grill function allows you to prepare delicious foods with a crispy crust.

The 9 Auto Cooking Menu system provides a variety of different choices to meet your needs and is programmed to cook your food just right every time. The child lock feature of this model will allow parents to keep their little ones from entering the kitchen while they are making dinner or heating up something on hand in a hurry.

Why buy this

  • You can get the grill function facility
  • You can also get the child-lock facility with this microwave.
  • You can also get the facility to express cooking in 1 to 6 minutes.
  • 9 auto cook features 

Interested to buy this? You can check this out online below: 

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8. Lebensstil combi Microwave

Comes with Grill

This microwave oven is so much more than a traditional microwave. Combining all the features you’d expect from a traditional microwave with some you might not, it has a defrost function and a preset cooking program to help you get cooking quickly.

Our favorite feature is the safety lock, which prevents the door from opening while in use. The digital control panel and LED display are easy to read and use, and your food is cooked evenly thanks to the grill rack that sits on top of the panel. 

And with a stainless steel panel that’s easy to clean, it’s an appliance that will stay looking good in your kitchen for years to come.

Why buy this

  • You can get the grill combi feature with this microwave.
  • You can get 5 different microwave power levels.
  • You can also get the auto-defrost by weight.
  • You can get easy accessibility with a digital panel.
  • You can also get the auto-push door facility.
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9. Morgan Electric Microwave

Best for Baking, Grilling, and Toasting

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use microwave with manual control and a simple design, then look no further. The Morgan Microwave has a sleek, compact design that takes up minimal counter space. It also features easy operation with a defrost function that automatically adjusts the power level for quick and even heating.

This microwave can give you to spice up your cooking skills and inspire you to try new and innovative dishes. You can also check the microwave review of this particular microwave. This microwave is perfect for grilling, toasting and baking as well.

Why buy this

  • You can get six different function selectors.
  • This microwave has a big and convenient capacity to deal with large and more varieties of food items.
  • It is designed with durable stainless steel.
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Choosing the Best Microwave Ovens for your Home

Before choosing a microwave, you need to check some important factors such as follows:

  • Wattage and power consumption
  • Counter-top facility or built-in
  • The capacity of the microwave
  • Various ranges of features

There are some microwave oven features which you may not necessarily need given your cooking routine. So, instead of spending on those features, make sure to simply focus on safety features including end cooking notice and child lock. Size will also matter in terms of storage and usage. We’d personally go for those that can fit up to 10 inches plates for a more convenient cooking. 

Tips on using Microwave

You should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper usage. Apart from this, you need to follow some more tips:

You should always use the microwave-safe containers

Microwaves will heat food up in half the time of a regular oven. When you use the microwave-safe containers, they won’t melt or warp either keeping your food and your microwave safe. 

You should check for  leakage.

You should be checking for leakage at least once every three months to make sure your microwave is safe. This is a simple maintenance task that can really help to keep the appliance running reliably.

You should clean the microwave after usage

Most microwave oven models are now made to be easy-maintenance. Meaning, it is now easier to keep them clean and dry after every use. This is important in ensuring that your oven does not develop any stain and foul smell through time. 

Our top recommended microwave in Malaysia:

If you need the best microwave oven Malaysia, then you can go for these three microwaves. These are top-class products from this list. These top products are:

  1. Sharp 20L microwave 800W R207EK
  2. Samsung 23L solo microwave
  3. Sharp 20L microwave with grill R613CST

These are the top-most products that you can buy online sites or from offline stores. These microwave ovens are reliable and affordable as well. So, if you need one, do not waste your time and go for any one of these.


What are the best brands of microwave in Malaysia?

Sharp, Toshiba, Midea, Samsung, and Electrolux

Factors to consider in choosing microwave?

Wattage and power consumption
Counter-top facility or built-in
The capacity of the microwave
Various ranges of features

What are the safe ways to use microwave oven?

-You should always use the microwave-safe containers.
-You should check for the leakage.
-You should not operate the machine while the door is open.

How much does a microwave cost in Malaysia?

Depending on the brand and type, the best microwave ovens in Malaysia should cost around RM 250.00

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