Top 10 Best Body Scrub Malaysia – 2022 Review

Does your skin feel rough even if you put on all sorts of lotion everyday? We’ve all been there, trying different moisturizers just to achieve that baby smooth skin, only to be frustrated with the results. If you have been moisturizing regularly, yet still experience rough or patchy skin, then you may need to focus more on exfoliation. What better way to exfoliate the skin than investing in a gentle but effective body scrub.

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Here’s a list of the hottest body scrubs that you can find in Malaysia both in-store and online:

1. Scarlett Whitening Body Scrub

Relaxing Feeling

This Scarlett Body Scrub is a little different from your typical scrub. For one, it’s white in color and has smooth granules instead of the more traditional looking jagged bits you find on most body scrubs!. The consistency is quite dense and it takes some time for this scrubbing paste like product on your body part go away but once there its gone! It leaves you feeling refreshed with no residue left behind


  • Great scent
  • Smooth and not grainy 
  • Affordable


  • A bit slippery to rinse 
  • Dense consistency may not be for everybody
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2. Shinzui Body Scrub

Multiple Choices for Your Needs

Looking for an effective body scrub that can help lift those pesky wrinkles? Look no further! Shinzui’s Body Scrub is here to save the day – and your skin! This scrub is fragrant and textured, making it perfect for buffing away dry skin. Plus, it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky-smooth. Who doesn’t love that? So what are you waiting for? Give Shinzui a try today!


  • Lifts wrinkles 
  • Gives you smooth skin 
  • Fragrant smell 


  • May not be for sensitive skins
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3. Odeon Face and Body Scrub

Best for dry/flaky skin

If you constantly end up with chalky skin especially after washing, you’ll find this body scrub a joy to use every day. Aside from gently whisking away dead skin, it also moisturizes the skin. In fact, it is gentle enough to also use on your face if you are already used to exfoliating.


  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Tiny exfoliating bids so it does not feel harsh on skin
  • Can also help with pimple marks and acne
  • Great value for money


  • Not as fragrant as other commercial body scrubs
  • Does not necessarily brighten skin
  • New version may come in chunkier exfoliating beads
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4. St. Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub

Best for all skin types

St. Ives is one of our favourite pharmacy brands for beauty products, but they really do excel when it comes to different types of scrubs. This one has an irresistible scent that makes taking a bath even more luxurious. This also comes in a smaller size, if you want to try it out for your skin first. But, we can guarantee that this scrub really does work wonders for your dull skin.


  • Really pleasant scent
  • No issue with restocking, highly available in shops across Malaysia
  • Formulation helps brighten skin


  • Can be a bit harsh to be used on the face
  • Some may find the smell too strong for regular use
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5. Sumber Ayu Lulur Mandi Whitening Body Scrub

Best for Hyperpigmentation

Exfoliation has never been this relaxing. This local body scrub comes in different scents best suited for a spa setting. You can even use this for massage because it is moisturizing and gentle enough. All variants of this body scrub have a whitening effect.


  • Easy to rinse off, no problem with scrubs left all over your body
  • Long lasting fragrance, it easily doubles as your new perfume
  • Non-drying scrub, leaves skin feeling moisturized


  • This is more of a once a week scrub meant for a more indulgent shower time.
  • Takes a few more minutes before you can actually feel your skin feeling clean and renewed.
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6. St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub Invigorating (283g)

Sulphate free

This is one of the St. Ives’ flagship products. Apricot is a popular exfoliating ingredient and St. Ives has certainly achieved a great formulation that works for any skin type. A great bonus for this scrub is that it comes in a jar packaging making it easier to indulge in your scrub for the whole body.


  • Leaves skin fresh and dewy
  • Oil-free so it does not feel too heavy on the skin but remains moisturizing enough
  • Great value for money


  • The walnut shells included in the scrub can be irritating for acne-prone skin
  • Sometimes leaves skin feeling tight, it’s best to start using this on your body first prior to using on your face
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7. Cosway Alzara Natural Dead Sea Salts 500g

Best for sensitive skin

This is one of our best online finds from Cosway. It’s not like your physical exfoliator. It is best used in a warm bath and experience a totally relaxed body and mind. The supple skin is already a bonus from the whole experience. The key ingredient here is the lavender oil, which is known for its relaxing effect and healing properties for the skin.

Cosway Alzara Natural Dead Sea Salts


  • Aids the healing of skin acne, eczema, psoriasis and vaginal scars
  • Soothes and relieves stiff muscles and joint pains
  • Promotes smooth, beautiful skin


  • The only issue with this product is its price, but it’s definitely worth the plunge.
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8. Watsons Naturals Argan Body Scrub (200g)

Best for dry skin

If you live in colder places or if you are constantly suffering from dry itchy skin, you’ll be pleased to know that this body scrub is just waiting to be picked up by you in the nearest Watsons store. Sometimes, the way these drug store finds deliver is just surprising and satisfying. Skin feels moisturized and even glowy after consistent use.

Watsons Naturals Argan Body Scrub


  • Mild exfoliating beads, gentle on skin
  • Made from 100% natural exfoliators
  • Affordable and accessible


  • Those who are used to exfoliating already may find this way too gentle
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9. St.Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

Best for any skin type

This is one of St. Ives’ flagship products. Apricot is a popular exfoliating ingredient and St. Ives has certainly achieved a great formulation that works for any skin type. However, this variant is specifically formulated for face suffering from acne and blemishes. You can also use this for other parts of your body, especially if you are suffering from acne on those areas, too. Otherwise, you can pair this with the Apricot Invigorating Scrub.


  • Oil-Free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made from natural ingredients


  • Not ideal to fight acne
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10. DOVE Ice Cream Exfoliating Body Polish Seeds Scrub


Best for dry and aging skin

This is called polish for a reason. Dove has been known for its moisturizing products and they have remained consistent with their exfoliating line. We highly recommend this for those suffering from dry, dehydrated skin. It gently exfoliates while protecting your skin’s natural moisture.


  • Creamy and smooth texture, you won’t even feel the tiny beads
  • Every variant smells so good
  • It’s so moisturizing you sometime won’t even need to apply lotion especially on a humid day


  • It’s a great body scrub for everyone who enjoys fragrance and gentle exfoliation.
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Top Body Scrub Brands in Malaysia

St. Ives

Whether you have acne or just want to clear up your skin, St. Ives body scrubs are a great way of doing so! The product will clean and moisturize while also leaving it healthy looking – with no more flaky patches in sight.


Dove is a company that makes sure to take the needs of their customers into consideration. They create high-quality beauty products, but they’re also gentle enough for those with sensitive skin and won’t cause irritation or breakouts!


Cosway is a multi-brand retail store that distributes products such as health and beauty care, household appliances like refrigerators or dishwashers (among other things), cosmetics including fragrances for men & women alike!

How to Choose Body Scrub

With so many body scrubs in the market these days, including local and international names, it can be quite challenging to find the right match for you. Regardless of the brand, it is crucial to know what you want to get out of your body scrub, aside from the exfoliation. A lot of body scrubs are now infused with other ingredients to boost skin’s state.

There are those formulated to whiten, remove blemishes, and reduce inflammations. So, know what you need from your body scrub first. Second, stick to natural ingredients. This is not only beneficial for your skin but for the environment, as well. Using products with synthetic scrubs can pollute the waters because these particles are not known to decompose right away. Lastly, make sure that you go for body scrubs with moisturizing factors as physical exfoliation can be drying to the skin.


So, if you’re still experiencing rough or patchy skin, despite your best efforts to moisturize regularly, it may be time to invest in a body scrub. A good body scrub will gently exfoliate the skin and leave you feeling soft and smooth. We’ve rounded up our favorite gentle but effective body scrubs, so check them out and let us know which one is your favorite!


What are some of the best body scrubs in Malaysia?

Odeon Face and Body Scrub
St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub Invigorating (283g)
Skrub Badan ‘Coffee Spa Salt Scrub

Can body scrubs whiten my skin?

There are body scrubs that are formulated with brightening ingredients, as well. These should be the product to look out for if you want to brighten your skin while getting rid of dead skin.

How do I use body scrub?

Use your body scrub after washing with your soap or body wash. Make sure to moisturize your entire body after a scrub to prevent irritation and drying.

How much does a body scrub cost in Malaysia?

Depending on the size and brand that you will choose, a decent body scrub will cost around RM60.00 - RM200.00

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