What is Air Purifier Necklace?

Home air purifiers have become a popular way to keep your home clean and safe from harmful allergens, bacteria or viruses. They continuously draw in fresh outside ambient noise through an internal fan while also trapping any microscopic particles that may be present on their filters – all without taking up much space!

Wouldn’t it be great to carry your air purifier wherever you go without taking the bulky machine? Small, wearable air purifier necklaces are becoming popular to protect against viruses and other pollutants. They’re lightweight yet powerful enough for an entire day’s worth of use on your way home from work or school! A personal air purifier necklace can come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular design is small enough to wear on your neck.

How Do Wearable Air Purifiers Work?

Necklace air cleaners are a great way to get fresh air in your home. The latest technology in home purification is a HEPA filter, which captures and traps all of the potentially harmful particles before expelling them back into your room. However, it is different for air purifier necklaces. They typically use ionizers or technology that filters out pollutants from the atmosphere through an electrical process called ‘ionization’. Mini necklace air purifiers work by emitting a great number of ions into the atmosphere. These emitters then attach themselves to any airborne pollutants giving them positive charges, which in turn attracts more negatively charged particles around it!

Benefits of Wearable Air Purifiers


Wearable air purifiers are the best choice if you’re looking for an on-the-go option. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket or bag and can be worn anywhere, which means they’ll always have clean filtered air with them no matter where life takes us!


Unlike traditional options, these wearable air purifiers can be recharged with ease, thanks to their rechargeable batteries! This means you won’t have any wires hanging off your neck, nor will it obstruct movement while wearing one – making them perfect for busy people on the on-the-go who want an easy way to maintain good health at all times without having too much trouble doing so.

Temporarily Gets Rid of Particles

Airborne particles and viruses can be removed by wearing a wearable air purifier. The effect is only temporary, though, which won’t be a problem if you are using it outdoors while on the move.

Do Air Purifier Necklaces Help with Covid-19?

The answer to this question is both YES and NO. Wearable air purifiers can be effective at removing airborne pollutants, including COVID. Viruses rely on other objects or particles to live, so they will not survive without being attached. Necklace air purifiers work by emitting ions that airborne charge particles, and then these charged droplets fall onto surfaces. Without any virus-infected host molecules to attach themselves to, viruses will soon fade away without objects for them to parasitize! A wearable air purifier is a great way to keep your home safe from COVID-19. They will not remove viruses, however; they just reduce the chances that airborne particles parasitize other objects instead of being wiped out completely like with an actual personal air purifier system with HEPA filters in place!

What to Look for in Wearable Air Purifiers

Purification Technology

Ionizers are a far more effective option than HEPA filters for personal air purifier necklaces. They also don’t need to be replaced as often, which can add up in cost if you’re looking at buying multiple units of this type of purchase prices will vary depending upon where they come from!

Avoid Ozone

When shopping for personal air purifier necklaces, make sure to avoid any that rely on ozone. This gas is dangerous and can come with side effects like skin irritation or allergies! Instead, look into negative ion air purifiers, which will give you fresh air without affecting you in negative ways.

Battery Life

Part of the beauty of portable air purifier necklaces is that they’re so easy to carry around, but there’s no point in getting one if your favourite feature requires constant charging or frequent replacement. The battery life on a portable air purifier necklace is important to consider. You might not want one that needs charging or replacement constantly, so make sure you look for something with long-lasting power!


While it is true that ionizing air purifiers have been linked to many health benefits, there are still not enough scientific studies which support the claim that they can protect against Covid-19. There are no health risks associated with this product, but you should still buy from credible sources since there have been reviews of cheaper variants releasing mild buzzes when they touch the skin.

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