Shopee 7.7 Sale 2021 – Mid-Year Sale

Shopee 7.7 is just around the corner, so get ready to do some serious shopping! Not long ago, we celebrated Shopee 6.6 with huge deals on everything from fashion items and beauty products to kitchenware – now it’s time for Shopee 7.7 at an even better price point!

Just a few days left before this event ends in order that you can save as much money while stocking up on all of these amazing new goods coming out soon or already available right here online.


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Tell Me About The Shopee 7.7 Pre-Hype Season

Shopee pre-hype season is a time for those who can’t wait to start shopping. Shopees are getting prepared with the voucher codes, promotions and discounts which will be available during this period of excitement from 25th June until 7th July. The best part about it all? It starts on the 25th so there’s no need to worry because you still have some days left!

Shopee has got something great in store for us as we approach their pre-hype season where buyers enjoy vouchers, promotional offers and discount deals that’ll help them get ready for what they want – saving money while having fun online at work or play (whichever!).

  • Free shipping min. spend MYR0
  • 120% coins cashback
  • 7.7 million vouchers up for grab!
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15 Much-Loved Stores Offering Big Discounts For Shopee 7.7 Sale Day

Shopee has the hottest selling items of June and for good reason. These products are so sought-after that they’re being sold out in seconds every day! Check them all out now at 7.7 sale price before time runs up on you too – there’s no better way to spend your savings than with Shopee, after all these amazing deals won’t last forever!

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Special Coupon Code for Shopee 7.7 Sale

Besides the standard voucher offer by Shopee which often redeem by others quickly, we also secure a special voucher code for our reader.

#1 – New Customer

  • Pre-Hype (19 Jun – 6 Jul): RM15 off min spend RM0
  • 7.7 Mid Year Sale (7 July): RM20 off min spend RM0
  • Voucher Code: JOMSHPIA

#2 – Existing Customer

Pre-Hype (19 Jun – 6 Jul):

  • Voucher Value: 9% Coins Cashback min spend RM77 capped at 700 coins
  • Coins Value: RM7
  • Min. Spend: RM70.00
  • Voucher Code: IA77EC

7.7 Mid Year Sale (7 July):

  • Voucher Value: 14% Coins Cashback min spend RM70 capped at 1000 coins
  • Coins Value: RM10
  • Min. Spend: RM70.00
  • Voucher Code: IA77P2EC
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13 Bank Codes to save up to RM 20 in Shopee 7.7 Sale

New Customer Vouchers (Valid on 18 June – 7 July)

AmBankRM15 ms RM 40NAMB77
Alliance BankRM15 ms RM 40NABMB77
Bank IslamRM15 ms RM 40NBI77
CitibankRM15 ms RM 40NCITI77
MaybankRM15 ms RM 40NMBB77
RHBRM15 ms RM 40NRHB77
UOBRM15 ms RM 40NUOB77
BigPayRM15 ms RM 40NBIGPAY77
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Existing Customer Vouchers (Valid on 7 July)

Aeon CreditRM15 ms RM150AEONCR77
AffinRM20 ms RM180AFFN77
AmBankRM10 ms RM100AMB77
Alliance BankRM15 ms RM150ABMB77
BSNRM10 ms RM100BSN77
CitibankRM10 ms RM100CITI77
MaybankRM10 ms RM100MBB77
(Co-brand card)
RM10 ms RM100MSCC77
Public BankRM10 ms RM100PBB77
RHBRM10 ms RM100RHB77
UOBRM10 ms RM100UOB77
BigPayRM10 ms RM100BP77
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What is The Shopee 7.7 Mid Year Sale?

The 7.7 awesome sale is a monthly promotion that takes place in July each year, and Shopee happens to be one of the leading participants with mega product discount deals every July! To discover more, click here.

What Are The Most Popular Products To Check Out In The Shopee 7.7 Mid Year sale?

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What Discounts Are Available ✅ At Shopee During The 7.7 Sale?

Sellers provide buyers discounts ranging from around 20% to as high as 66%. Click here to learn more about discounts at Shopee.

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