10 Best Toners for Oily Skin in Malaysia – 2022 Reviews

best toners for oily skin

If you’re looking for a way to bring down your shine, we’ve got the perfect solution: facial toners. Toner is one of those products that should not only cleanse the face but also balance and tone it. If you have oily skin, finding the right facial toner can be a difficult task. You spend hours trying to find a toner that will help balance out your skin and remove oils without making it feel dry or tight, but they all seem to either make it worse or not do anything at all.

There are many reasons why toners can be helpful. It’s not just about clearing up acne or making your skin look cleaner. Toning is also useful if you have an oily complexion and want to keep it under control throughout the day (or night).

These 10 best facial toners for oily skin are sure to suit your oily skin’s needs!

10 Best Toners for Oily Skin in Malaysia 

1. [ONE THING] Houttuynia Cordata Extract Toner

Best for acne-prone skin 

The perfect way to perk your skin up is with this toner! Made especially for those who suffer from all sorts of skin troubles, the Herb Farm Toner Antimicrobial functions by cleansing and moisturizing. The soothing formula will help to reduce any inflammation that may be present on your troubled skin along with helping to make it feel softer and smoother.

On top of having a calming effect on the face, this product also helps keep acne in check, as well there are some great ingredients such as houttuynia cordata extract that works wonders at solving scalp problems.

All things considered, we would say that our Herb Farm Toner Antimicrobial is about 90% effective when it comes to assisting you in keeping your complexion looking healthy.

Why buy this:

  • Contains a variety of helpful ingredients that are effective in battling acne
  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Made from nourishing plant extracts
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2.  The Olive Tree Natural Damask Rose Floral Facial Toner

Best for thorough cleansing 

Witch hazel is a skin care secret weapon. This gentle astringent has natural purifying properties that help unclog pores and shrink them without harming your sensitive skin or leaving it feeling dry and irritated.

The Olive Tree Natural Damask Rose Floral Facial Toner provides perfect hydration for your skin. Capture the sweet scent of this floral garnish in every spritz. Though best known as a luxury food, damask rose was also used ancient times to relieve headaches, and heal stomach troubles. Rich with antibacterial properties, it is excellent for acne-prone skin – wetting the face and applying or spraying generously on areas with issues helps eliminate bacteria that causes breakouts!

Why buy this:

  • Cleanses without leaving skin dry or irritated
  • Can be used as a toner, spray, and mask! (Get rid of acne-prone oily skin with just one product!)
  • Reduces shine without overdrying
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3. BREYLEE Rose Water Toner

Best scented toner

 Crisp and pure, with the fresh scent of dewy roses in full bloom. Imbued within every droplet is a history that spans the globe, from traditional farming techniques to modern botanical research. Hand-picked rose petals are steeped naturally overnight and then steam distilled for maximum purity before being UHT treated to assure you want for nothing but goodness when it comes to your skin’s needs.

Rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin A, C & E which go on working long after your moisturizer has dried off because its penetrating formula can get deep into pores thanks to its mild foaming base made up of purified waters rich in mineral content – just what you need to deal with aging skin or dryness.

Why buy this: 

  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Produced in a certified organic environment in small batches without any preservatives or animal by-products
  • Great for women and men

What we don’t like. 

  • Some customers find the rosewater scent a bit too strong for their liking
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4.  Tea Tree Plant Acne Treatment Solution AHA BHA PHA Skin Toner

Best soothing toner

Get ready for smoother, softer and brighter skin with this triple-action plant acne treatment solution. This product contains 30% AHA, BHAS, and PHAs to shrink pores and repair skin.

AHA from citrus peel, lemon juice, and kiwi fruit helps in removing dead skin cells while also moisturizing the surface of the skin with vitamin C acid; meanwhile BHA dissolves sebum buildup in pores for a clean face. PHA prevents moisture loss by maintaining natural oils on the skin’s surface too. Tea Tree extract soothes irritated acne-prone skin as it quickly improves issues without irritation for healthier looking skin that is more youthful too!

Why buy this:

  • Can easily be used in a regimen with other acne products without causing any issues
  • Relieves irritation, redness, and inflammation while boosting the appearance of healthy looking skin
  • Does not stop new break outs from forming right away but it does help to keep them under control over time
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5.  [ONE THING] Artemisia Capillaris Extract Toner

Best for sensitive skin

[ONE THING] Artemisia Capillaris Extract Toner is made with naturally occurring, plant-derived ingredients to provide the best skin benefits. It has no added alcohol or fragrances so it’s gentle and safe to use on sensitive skin.

It refreshes your complexion while improving your skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance. The powerful formula features natural ingredient toner that cools down hotspots on the face by eliminating redness and relieving tightness due to humidity or traveling. This refreshing toner adds luster back into dry and dehydrated complexions.

Why buy this:

  • Elegant packaging
  • Vegan formulation but equally effective as other non-vegan counterparts
  • Cools skin down quickly to reduce redness, tighten pores, and calm inflammation
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6. Axis-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner

Best for anti-bacterial properties

 Axis-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner clears acne causing bacteria, removes dead skin cells from your pores, and gently exfoliates. Your skin is a filter for all the junk in the world. Protect it with Axis-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner to remove bacteria, pollution and acne-causing bacteria from your pores, so you can have clearer, healthier skin.

Using 0.5% Salicylic acid to gently exfoliate dead cells on the surface of your face and a healing complex that reduces inflammation, this toner naturally removes all the gunk in between your face and whatever lies outside of you. Don’t leave toxic elements literally sitting under or around clown (that’s what some people call “your nose) – clear them away with thoughtful purification every day!

 Why buy this:  

  • Great for acne-prone skin. Results in clearer, healthier looking skin with one application
  • Smells amazing and is very moisturizing
  • Gentle yet exfoliating

What we don’t like

The salicylic acid might dry out the skin a little if used too frequently.

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7.  Cosrx Refresh AHA BHA Vitamin C Daily Toner

Best all-around toner

Ready for radiant and refreshed skin? This alcohol-free toner is formulated with vitamin C, AHA, and BHA to leave you with a plump and supple complexion. Don’t let the light watery texture fool you—this formula contains both low (AHA) or high pH (BHA) ingredients which work synergistically to maintain an acidic balanced state of your skin surface. The light formulation also absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving behind any stickiness or greasiness for a gentle touch during cleansing.

Formulated with GOLDEN-RX COMPLEX™, it contains AHA, BHA, and Vitamin C to revitalize the skin’s texture and tone for fresh, vibrant results. Ideal for all skin types, from sensitive to oily! Don’t settle for anything less than this go-to toner from Cosrx.

Why buy this:

  • Great for acne-prone skin. Results in clearer, healthier-looking skin with one application
  • Gentle yet exfoliating
  • Pleasant smell and lightweight consistency make this product easy to use regularly
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8.  [ONE THING] Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma Yuen Seed Extract Toner

Best for all skin types

This naturally-preserved Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma Yuen Seed Extract Toner is perfect for dry skin types. It tones, moisturizes and refreshes the skin using plant extracts and essential oils. Fun Fact: The white dots make it look like a cotton pad!

In addition, this product is formulated without any artificial ingredients and offers a gentle application with immediate results. It can be used morning or night (optional) and is great for sensitive skin types too!

Why buy this:

  • Great for oily skin
  • A lightweight and quick-absorbing formula that delivers immediate results
  • Alcohol-free, essential oil-free
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9.  [MIXSOON] Centella Asiatica Toner

Best for irritated skin

Used to soothe and protect skin for smoother, brighter-looking skin. This water-like essence is a great daily moisturizer and leaves your face feeling refreshed after use.

Centella Asiatica Toner helps to restore skin tone, elasticity and moisture levels. It also prevents the formation of new spots and stimulates cell renewal. It is free from artificial fragrance, alcohol or dyes which can irritate sensitive skin.

Why buy this:

  • Great for acne-prone skin. Results in clearer, healthier-looking skin with one application
  • Smells amazing and is very moisturizing
  • Gentle yet exfoliating
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10. Thayers Facial Toner Lavender Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera 

Best clean ingredients 

Thayers Facial Toner is made with a proprietary Witch Hazel distillate and natural aloe vera extract. It’s ideal for removing excess oil, beautifying the skin, and keeping your pores clean. The soothing lavender essential oils provide calming and relaxing aromatherapy while brightening up dull or tired skin.

This gentle toner has been around for decades so you can also be assured of its quality and effectiveness. All Thayers toners are formulated with the simplest and cleanest ingredients making it a great toner for all skin types. The witch hazel content is particularly useful in reducing your face shine with consistent use without over-exfoliating the skin.

Why buy this:

  • Trusted brand for effective yet affordable toners 
  • Subtle smell
  • Huge bottle for less, one of the few toners that do not have a short expiry date 
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What to look for in toners for oily skin

Toners are great for balancing out your skin’s pH level after most of the impurities have been washed off from cleansing. However, for those with oily skin, toners are also great in helping reduce shine by being a lightweight and refreshing layer of product for your entire routine. As a matter of fact, if you are living in a humid country like Malaysia, you can rely on a moisturizing toner to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day.

Avoid toners that contain essential oil or mineral oil as this may only worsen the condition of your skin. Reserve the heavier for the last step of your routine to avoid over-clogging your skin.


Should I still use toner if I have oily skin?

Yes. Toner will help rebalance your skin's pH level and will deep-cleanse your pores, which can help in regulating your sebum production.

How often should toners be used for oily skin?

Toners for oily skin can be used twice a day (morning and night).

Can toners help with my acne?

Some toners are formulated to have anti-acne properties. So regular use of toners that are perfect for your skin type will help.


 In the end, you will want to find a toner that is gentle on your skin but also can help control oil and keep it healthy.

Check out the best toners for oily skin below:

[ONE THING] Houttuynia Cordata Extract Toner

The Olive Tree Natural Damask Rose Floral Facial Toner

BREYLEE Rose Water Toner

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