Make your Washing Machine Last Longer

Make your Washing Machine Last Longer

Are you tired of spending money on a new washing machine every few years? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find that their washing machines don’t last as long as they’d like them to. But there are some things you can do to make your washing machine last longer. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips for making your washing machine last longer. So read on to learn more!

Before going into how to make your washing machine last, let us first get into the average life span of a regular washing machine. In general, a washing machine can last for up to 14 years. If you do a load of laundry every day (or seven loads per week on average), 5,100 loads will take 14 years to finish. No matter how much you want to prolong the life of your washing machine when it hits its 14th year, among other factors, it is crucial to just get a new one. 

How to Care for your Washing Machine?

Check the Hose

The hoses of the washing machine are usually places at the back, however they should not be overlooked at all! Make sure to check them every few months if they already have cracks and/or bulges. Ensure that the fitting is also secured. Oh, when installing your washing machine, ensure that you hose has enough space, never force to squeeze them at the back, this would cause more harm than good. 

Don’t Overload

Every washing machine as its indicated maximum load, don’t ignore this! Overloading and heavy weight can easily damage the motor of your washing machine. If you have a heavy load, then take the time to divide them into smaller loads, it might be time consuming but this would be better for your machine, but it is also smarter to wash full loads rather that underloading too much. Find that sweet spot!

Use Appropriate Amount of Detergent

Take note of this, excess detergent ≠ cleaner clothes!

There is a reason why there is a recommended amount of detergent for every load. In the washing machine, the clothes rub against each other and this friction helps remove the debris, but the detergent might become a lubricant which prevents this friction which might sound harmful, but is actually beneficial to the clothes.  Excess detergent can get trapped in your machine too which will eventually damage the said appliance.

Maintenance Washing

You might be thinking, “what even is maintenance washing?” don’t worry I did to. Once a month, a maintenance wash is advised. To do this, set the temperature of your machine at around 60 °C add water with about half a cup of detergent with bleach, let that run a full cycle (without clothes). After the first full cycle your machine should smell like new, but if it doesn’t, just run another round.

Leave the Door Open

No, I don’t mean play that one song by Bruno Mars. After running a load keep the door open for a while to avoid the build up of the soap smell which can turn unpleasant overtime. Another important part is wiping the door down after your laundry session.

Clean the Inside

Even if the inside of your washer looks to be clean, there might be a lot of dirt within. Clothing dirt, detergents, and minerals in hard water all add to filth and grime buildup on the rubber door seal. Hoses, filters, and other moving pieces fall under this category. Check for dirt and clean it up before it becomes a major problem.

Empty every after use

After you’re done, never keep the clothes inside the tub for a long time. This will encourage molds to form which can severely damage your clothes and even machine. 

Place in an Even Surface

If your machine in not placed in an even surface, this could rock around when a cycle is running. The vibrations cause by the cycle can rock the washing machine around causing internal damage and even damage the things around it. 

Check the Pockets

This might sound random, but this is very important. Rings, coins and other object in the pockets of the clothes inside the washing machine can get out of the pocket and get stuck in different places of your washing machine. This would disrupt the cycle unwantedly, causing damage to the machine. 


It is important to take care of your washing machine if you want it to last longer. Check the hoses, don’t overload, use the appropriate amount of detergent, and run a maintenance wash once a month. You should also leave the door open after running a load, clean the inside of the machine, and empty it every time you’re done. Finally, make sure the machine is sitting on an even surface.

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