When to Replace Your Washing Machine

When to Replace Your Washing Machine

It’s not often that a household appliance needs to be replaced, but when it does, it’s important to know when it’s time. Your washing machine is one of those appliances that may need to be replaced more often than you think. Here are some tips to know when to replace your washing machine.

Age of the Machine

Like every machine, a washing machine has its own expected lifespan. The required repairs and maintenance increases as the age of your machine also increases. A washing machine can last for upto 11 to 14 year, depending on how you take good care of it. No matter how much you care for it, once it reaches 14 years, it is time to get a new one. Maintaining equipment that is prone to breakdowns may be costly, especially if it has been in use for a long time. Furthermore, such a machine may be out of warranty, forcing you to cover the cost of repairs. If repairing your current machine is too costly — especially if the chances of it breaking down again soon are high — purchasing a new one from your preferred merchant is the better option.

The Damage

There are just certain damages that will cause you more to repair rather than just repairing. Although the technician’s diagnostic services may be charged, it’s a good idea to seek a second opinion before deciding whether to repair or replace your washing machine. If your washing machine has major problems, such as a fractured tub, a replacement may be your only option. It’s also less expensive to replace a broken washing machine than it is to repair one. The following are damages to you might want to look into and see if you are due for a new washing machine;

Excessive Leaking

A leaking washing machine is the most obvious sign that anything is wrong with it. Overflowing or a broken connection are the most common causes of this problem. If you have an older machine, it is probable that all load sizes use the same amount of water. A leaking may be minor which in that case, a simple repair would do the trick, however if the leaking is caused by a cracked tub then it is time for a new purchase. 

High Noise Levels

If your washer sounds like it’s going to take off anytime you use it, it’s probably simply imbalanced. Typically, this is a simple remedy that does not require you to hire a specialist. Contact a service expert to check whether it can be repaired and how much it will cost. You’ll be able to tell whether you need to start shopping for a new washer based on the expense of the repair.

No Longer Cleans Efficiently

The main purpose of a washing machine is to make cleaning your clothes easier, however an old one may not do the trick anymore. If your clothes no longer comes out of your washing machine clean, as for example, you start to notice some detergent stains of your clothes, then, it is definitely time for you to get a new one. 

The Best Time to Buy a New One?

You’ll have the most luck discovering year-round savings if you shop online. In fact, several of these websites offer significant discounts around the holidays. If you do enough research on the type of washing machine you want to have as well as the design and the features, it can actually get fairly easy to purchase the perfect washing machine for you online. 

Wait until September or October to purchase a washer at a physical store. Because these are the two months when appliance manufacturers often introduce new models, existing models are likely to be on sale to make room for the newer models.

Bottom Line:

If your washing machine is older than 14 years, it is time to get a new one. If your washing machine is damaged, or if it is no longer cleaning your clothes efficiently, it is time to replace it. You can find significant savings on online websites if you shop for a new washing machine at the right time. Wait until September or October to purchase a washer at a physical store. These are the two months when appliance manufacturers often introduce new models, and existing models are likely to be on sale.


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