Tips On How To Deal With Autogate Maintenance And Repair

If you have an autogate system on your property or have decided to have one installed, then you most likely have experienced the security and convenience these gates have to offer. However, like any technological addition to your home, and any part of the house, your autogate will inevitably experience some problems after several years with continued use. But, unlike manual gates, autogates are generally a bit more complicated to fix since they use different types of motors to operate.

When an autogate starts to act up, the problem could be with either the motor, transmitter or the wiring. Before you go out of your way and spend a good amount of money on repairs, it could help to get acquainted with autogates and how they operate. Understanding how your gate works will help you avoid some costs considering that most autogate issues are usually minor and can be fixed or avoided with the right knowledge. For problems you cannot handle, knowing how automated gates operate could come handy when looking to see if the problem is one that can be fixed at the least expense.

Here are some maintenance tips and things you should consider doing before calling in an autogate expert for repairs:

Look for Blockages That Could Be Hindering the Gate’s Path

Since everything about an autogate is automated, there is a tendency to forget to perform the typical maintenance we do on manual gates, and that included keeping the gate’s entrance path free of any obstruction. Debris could cause issues with your safety beams and rolling gates, so it is vital that you check if there’s any blockage that could be causing the autogate to malfunction.

Check The Gate’s Power Supply

One common reason why your automated gates act up is that it might not be getting power due; something that could be brought about by main switch problems, a faulty transmitter battery, defective wiring or issues with the gate’s peripheral equipment. Start by identifying everything that’s working properly; that way, it will be easier to pinpoint the problem. Check the main switch and ensure that it is turned on as this could be the reason why the gate isn’t getting any power. If that is not the problem, look at the gate’s wiring to see if it is damaged. If you do find that it is damaged, the best and advisable thing to do is to contact your autogate installer or an electrician and have it changed.

Get Familiar With The Gate’s Motor

Autogate motors are responsible for the gate’s overall function and can sometimes be faulty. Interestingly, a lot of people do not think to look at the motor when they encounter issues with their gates. It’s safe to open your autogate’s motor as long as you switch off electrical supply before tinkering about with it. Gate motors will sometimes malfunction because of accumulated moisture and dust so remember to clean the motor every once in a while to avoid inconveniences.

If your autogate is broken or you can’t seem to identify where the problem is, it is advisable that you contact an autogate specialist and have them come in and check it out for you. Some of the issues could be system-wide and will need a professional to solve them. When it comes to that, take the time to research the different autogate services providers on the market before hiring any. Things to look for include experience, certification, cost of repair or maintenance, and reliability – what do other people say about the company? This will help ensure that you hire the best and most suitable person for the job.

Are you having trouble with your automated gate even after basic maintenance? Call an autogate specialist today.

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