Vacuum Cleaner Malaysia Review - 14 Best Picks for Clean House in 2020

14 Top Vacuum Cleaners In Malaysia for Clean House – 2020 Review

A vacuum cleaner might not be at the top of your list when it comes to buying new appliances when you move into a new home. But, you will soon realize that owning one of the best vacuum cleaners can make it a lot faster and easier to keep your home clean and hygienic.

A vacuum cleaner offers a much more thorough clean of your home, and you can even use it to get into difficult to reach places, and even on your mattresses and your couches. Here is a list of the top-rated vacuum cleaners that we have tried and tested in Malaysia.

1. PerySmith Handheld Cyclone Series PS8520 Vacuum Cleaner

If you are interested in upgrading from a heavy, traditional vacuum cleaner, you are going to love the portable and bagless PerySmith Cyclone Series.


  • Unmatched Suction Power
  • New Revolutionary Design
  • 0.3 Micron HEPA Filter and Cyclone Cleaning Technology
  • Multi Filtration System
  • 4.8 Meter Insulated Power Cord
  • BUNA Body Smart Overheat Protection

This vacuum cleaner operates quietly, which includes all its accessories. You can order your vacuum cleaner online right now at a fantastic price (limited-time offer).

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2. ALL NEW 2020 MODEL Corvan Cordless Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is one of our top choices due to the features below.


  • Super light weight Brushless Digital Motor
  • 100,000RPM
  • Ultra strong suction power at more than 17,000pa
  • Long run time of more than 40min to clean large space
  • USA engineered
  • Cyclonic dust separation system
  • User replaceable Li-ion battery pack
  • High brightness LED headlight – cleaning dark area is a breeze
  • 2-speed Normal and Turbo suction mode – to suit various need
  • 3-stage HEPA filtration – stainless steel, HEPA and sponge filter
  • Washable 3-stage filter set
  • Ergonomic handle and grip – stress free vacuuming
  • 1 press operation – no more continue pressing the trigger to vacuum
  • Lowest profile among cordless vacuum at 11.8cm – to clean under tight space
  • 4 cleaning head:
    • Anti-tangle soft fluffy floor brush – no more hair wind up on the brush
    • Bed and fabric cleaning tool – for mattress, sofa, soft toys
    • 2-in-1 crevice tool – for car, narrow space and corners
    • Swivel head dusting tool- swivel for wall and ceiling
  • Light weight – Machine weight only 2.15Kg

You can get this vacuum cleaner at here.

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3. DIBEA Handheld Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner D18

This is an extremely user-friendly vacuum cleaner. The LED lights make it fun to use, and it comes with 3 different nozzles making it perfect for just about any space (large and small).


  • Perfect for high-traffic areas and larger homes
  • Large Capacity Vacuum Cleaner With A Brush Attachment
  • 9000 PA Suction
  • 45 Minutes Of Uninterrupted Use

If your family is large, you need the type of vacuum cleaner that can quickly and efficiently eliminate dirt and debris that quickly builds up when many people are living in one home. The DIBEA Cordless Handheld vacuum cleaner is the perfect appliance to get the job done. This product comes with free local shipping if you live in Malaysia and you purchase it here.

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4. Airbot iRoom Cordless Handheld Cyclone 17KPa 45 Mins Vacuum Cleaner

Airbot is among the favourite brand names in Asia right now, especially when talking about vacuum cleaners. We loved the stylish and cute design, along with its high-power cleaning capacity. This cleaner comes in different colours, making the task of cleaning a lot more exciting and choosing a colour that matches up to your personality.


  • Can operate for up to 45 mins
  • Charge Time: 4 Hours
  • Only weighs 2Kgs
  • Operating Mode: High Spin/ Low Spin

When you receive your Airbot package you will immediately notice that this vacuum cleaner features high-quality materials. This is the type of vacuum cleaner that will last for many years, and you can order your own one right here.

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5. Airbot Supersonics Turbo Cordless 17KPa 2-In-1 Mode 45Mins Vacuum Cleaner

With this vacuum cleaner, it is easy to reach into the tightest corners of your home. We also enjoyed the compact and stylish design along with its high-powered cleaning capacity. There are various colours to choose from to match up ideally to your home.


  • 45 Mins of Full Operation
  • Only weighs 2Kgs
  • Charge Time: 4 Hours
  • Two Operating Modes: High Spin or Low Spin

As is expected with the Airbot brand, these vacuum cleaners are made from the highest-quality materials. This guarantees that you are investing in a product that will last for many years to come.

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6. PerySmith Handheld Storm Series 700W PS7000 Vacuum Cleaner

If you live in a small condominium or apartment, you need a compact vacuum cleaner that is easy to store away. The PerySmith Storm Series is a compact, handheld, portable vacuum cleaner ideal for smaller spaces.


  • BUNA® Advanced Durable Body Filtration System
  • 700 W Cyclonic Motor
  • Storm Cleaning Technology
  • Handheld Portable Design
  • Noise: 68dbA
  • Suction Power: 10000PA
  • 4.2M Insulated Power Cord

This compact yet powerful cleaner can filter as much as 0.3 microns at an incredible 10000 suction power. This product offers value for money, and you can get one for yourself right here at the lowest price offer around.

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7. REDBUZZ New 700W 2-In-1 Powerful Suction Handheld Portable Vacuum Cleaner

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you need a fast working and powerful vacuum cleaner to clean your home in less time. With this REDBUZZ model, you will use far less effort and much less time to get your home spic-and-span due to the high-powered suction and the dual cyclone.


  • Energy-Efficient
  • Washable Dust Filter
  • Multi-Stage Filtration System
  • Low-Noise Design
  • Convenient And Easy Operation

The dust bags also make this vacuum cleaner a less of a hassle thanks to its ability to hold up to 1.2 litres of dust and debris, which means fewer disposal cycles. This product is on a limited-time discount offer right here.

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8. REDBUZZ Dual Cyclone Spandy Aux Design 850W Strong Suction Handheld Portable Vacuum Cleaner

If you are always on the go and you have minimal time to clean your home, you need a fast-working, high-power vacuum cleaner to get the job done. The REDBUZZ can clean your home within less time and with less effort with the strong suction and dual cyclone capabilities.


  • Washable Dust Filter
  • Multi-Stage Filtration System
  • Low-Noise Design
  • Convenient And Easy Operation

The dust bag on this vacuum cleaner can hold up to 1 litre, which means fewer disposal cycles. This vacuum cleaner is on offer at a limited-time discount.

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9. PerySmith Wet and Dry 1000W Vortex Series PS1200 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

PerySmith has turned the task of vacuuming into a breeze since this machine is easy to move and highly effective at eliminating allergens and dust.


  • Multi Filtration System
  • 0.3 Micron HEPA Filter
  • Vortex Cleaning Technology
  • Low Noise Design: 70dBA
  • 1000W Cyclonic II Motor
  • Smart Overheat Protection

This is one of the best vacuum cleaners if you are looking for a quieter operation. You can buy this PerySmith model in Malaysia at the very best price right here.

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10. HETCH Handheld And Upright Stick HVC-1404-HC Vacuum Cleaner

For simple use and storage, the upright vacuum cleaners are the preferable choice. HETCH is a portable vacuum cleaner that provides a variety of features and comes in a range of fun colour combinations.


  • Stylish Metallic Orange Color
  • Use either at full-length or for handheld-cleaning (without the extension tube)
  • Handheld and Upright 2 In 1 Design
  • Easy to Remove 1.3 Liter Dust Container

The larger capacity container for dust guarantees less maintenance and makes it perfect for large spaces. You can buy this product here.

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11. DEERMA Steel Powerful Steel Cyclone Filter 2-In-1 DX600 Vacuum Cleaner

Reach into hard to access areas and every corner in your home, while enjoying dust-free air with this incredible power and efficient vacuum cleaner.


  • Stainless Steel Duct
  • Handheld And Upright
  • Side Spin Filter
  • Long-Lasting Suction

There is a distributor for Deerma vacuum cleaners right here in Malaysia, which makes it easy to purchase one and have the machine services. Take advantage of this discounted price right here.

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12. Xiaomi EcoSystem Deerma VC20/VC20S Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi is a brand that provides the very best cleaning with the anti-winding feature, which is one of the most common issues with many vacuum cleaners. This is an upright vacuum cleaner that takes up very little space.


  • Auto-vertical Convenient Placement
  • 30 Min Battery Life
  • Smart Battery Management For Very Low Consumption
  • HEPA Filtration and 0.6 Liter Dust Tank
  • Built-In Cyclone Filtration
  • Compact and Portable Design

You could also use this model to clean your car due to its lightweight and compact features. Buy the Xiaomi in Malaysia here.

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13. PerySmith Cyclone Series PS1000 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Not much beats the portability and efficiency of a handheld vacuum cleaner for people living in small apartments and condominiums. This vacuum cleaner stores away easily and takes up very little space.

  • 1000W Motor
  • Overheat Protection
  • Dry and Wet Use
  • Vortex Cleaning Technology

The low-noise operation associated with this model means you can clean peacefully without worrying about your neighbours. Buy your PerySmith right here in Malaysia at the best price now.

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14. MVC-SC861B Midea Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is among our top choices due to its sleek design, which makes it compact and easy to pack away.


  • 2 In 1 Handheld And Stick Design
  • Power: 600W
  • Detachable Dust Cup and Transparent HEPA Filter

We really enjoyed the transparent dust cup, which allows you to see how much dirt and debris the vacuum cleaner is picking up. You can get this vacuum cleaner at an incredible discounted price here.

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How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

You may be impressed by the different and powerful features of a few models on sale in Malaysian appliance stores, yet a choice in a vacuum cleaner should match up the available space and cleaning needs of your home.

Try to avoid the heavy and bulky models that may take up valuable space in your home. If you are interested in the multi-functional cleaners, go for the stick and handheld models, that you can use for both your car and your home. If you wish to be fully automated, you can check out the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Choose from our top picks on this list to secure the best prices.

  1. PerySmith Handheld Cyclone Series PS8520 Vacuum Cleaner
  2. NEW 2020 MODEL Corvan Cordless Vacuum
  3. DIBEA Handheld Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner D18


What are the popular vacuum cleaner brands in Malaysia?

Some of the popular brands in Malaysia are PerySmith, Midea, Dibea, Airbot, Redbuzz, Hetch, Deerma, and Xiaomi.

Why should I buy a vacuum cleaner? 🤔

Vacuum cleaners helps you clean hard to reach places and even the mattresses and couches

How much does a vacuum cleaner cost?

Depending on the brand and model, a vacuum cleaner cost usually ranges from 100 – 300 RM