Hitachi Washing Machine Malaysia – 5 Best Washer for Busy Mum (2021 Reviews)

Washing machines are among the best home investments when it comes to electronic appliances. The last one we had lasted more than a decade with most years not having any trouble at all. The washing machine market is also more stable in terms of innovation, so you will not find yourself needing or wanting a new one every two years.

Hitachi is one of the favourite brands of washing machine that you will see in most Malaysia appliance store. Now, a lot of online shopping sites also carry the brand at almost the same prices.

Check out these 5 best Hitachi washing machines in Malaysia:

5 Best Hitachi Washing Machines in Malaysia

1. Hitachi 16KG INVERTER Washer Automatic SF-160TCV

Energy Efficient

This one is best for a larger household or even if you are starting a small laundry business. This automatic washer is highly energy efficient so whether you’ll be using this for commercial or residential use, you do not have to worry about high electricity bills.

Why buy this

  • Dynamic Stream Wash
  • Energy Saving
  • Soak Function
  • Blanket wash

When you buy this online, you can also avail of the instalment promotion being offered. The washer has an auto-clean feature making it really convenient to use.

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2. Hitachi BD-80CE  8KG Front Load Fully Auto Washing Machine

Time Saver Program

A highly recommended Hitachi washer model for those who are looking to upgrade from their top load and manual washer. You will find laundry less of a burden by having this machine.

Why buy this

  • 16 Washing Program
  • 90°C Tub Cleaning
  • Time Saver Programs
  • Selectable Stain Level

Enjoy free delivery and installation within KL when you buy this online.

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3. HITACHI SF-110XAV Top Loading


These days though even top load machines are equipped with features that are meant to make your laundry day easier. This large capacity yet the sleek model is space-efficient enough to fit in your usual laundry corner.

Why buy this

  • 11-kilogram capacity
  • 4-button control for easier operation
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Auto-off

This is one of the most innovating top load washers we’ve seen online. The best part is, despite its large capacity, it does not consume significant energy.

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4. HITACHI Top Loader Washing Machine SF-95XA

Sturdy and Secure

One of the first things we noticed about this Hitachi washer is its sturdy stand. You no longer have to buy or make your own washing machine stand because this is already securely elevated.

Why buy this

  • 9-kilogram capacity
  • Beat Wave Wash system
  • Tub clean and dry program

Unlike older top load washers, this one is gentler on your clothes because of its innovative washing technology. It also comes with button functions for easier operation.

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Large Capacity

Another large capacity model from Hitachi that promises nothing but durability and convenience.   

Why buy this

  • Inverter Control
  • Washing Function Washing Process: 4-Step Wash
  • Shower: Dual Jet
  • Water Level Selector
  • 3-Step Eco sensor

If you have been so used to extra tangled or wrinkled clothes after taking them out from the washer, you will be extremely pleased with the Tangle-free finish of the Hitachi washing machine.

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Online Buying Guide for Hitachi Washing Machines

All these products features are already available to buy online. However, since the whole experience of buying any appliance online comes with risk, here are important guides before buying a Hitachi washing machine:

  • Check their delivery coverage – not all sellers may deliver to your district
  • Best to choose those that offer free installation – newer models of washers are more complicated to install by yourself
  • Choose authorized Hitachi dealers – this is to ensure that you get customer support and legit warranty coverage.

Hitachi is a Japanese brand known for practicality and durability. Majority of the products in Malaysia already come with local customer support, so you can be assured to enjoy your Hitachi washing machine for a decade or more. As a matter of fact, Hitachi offers a 10-year warranty for their motor parts so that’s an assurance enough of their dedication to quality appliances.

Check out the best Hitachi washers in Malaysia today:

  1. Hitachi 16KG INVERTER Washer Automatic SF-160TCV
  2. Hitachi BD-80CE  8KG Front Load Fully Auto Washing Machine
  3. HITACHI SF-110XAV Top Loading


What are the best Hitachi models of washing machine in Malaysia?

Hitachi 16KG INVERTER Washer Automatic SF-160TCV
Hitachi BD-80CE 8KG Front Load Fully Auto Washing Machine
HITACHI SF-110XAV Top Loading

Is Hitachi a good brand for washing machine?

Hitachi is a Japanese brand known for practicality and durability. Majority of the products in Malaysia already come with local customer support

Can I buy washing machine online?

Yes, however make sure that they offer delivery within your district, and ideally with free installation services, too. Only buy from verified brand resellers/dealers.

How much does Hitachi washing machine cost?

Hitachi washing machine costs around RM 800.00-1,200.00

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